Protection Instruments and Timberland Accreditation.

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Process by which a woods proprietor willfully asks for an examination of a woodland to figure out whether pre-characterized administration guidelines are being met. ...
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´╗┐Preservation Tools and Forest Certification B. Bruce Bare College of Forest Resources University of Washington, Seattle November 9, 2000

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OUTLINE What is affirmation? General methodologies? Who sets the rules? Expenses and advantages? Relationship to other protection instruments?

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OUTLINE What is confirmation? General methodologies? Who sets the rules? Expenses and advantages? Relationship to other protection devices?

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IN GENERAL? A 1990\'s drive that urges landowners to rehearse manageable ranger service and to give buyers confirmation that timberland items originate from feasible woodlands. Incorporates both timberland accreditation and chain-of-guardianship segments.

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WHAT IS CERTIFICATION? Process by which a timberland proprietor willfully asks for an examination of a woodland to figure out whether pre-characterized administration guidelines are being met. Process for evaluating if a woods is overseen reasonably. An approach to convey ecological data about backwoods to buyers.

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WHAT IS A SUSTAINABLY MANAGED FOREST? A backwoods figured out how to meet every single existing control such that ecological , social and financial elements are adjusted to address the issues of the present without trading off the capacity of future eras to address their issues.

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WHAT IS A SUSTAINABLY MANAGED FOREST? An area stewardship ethic that coordinates reforestation, developing, and gathering trees for valuable items while saving soil, air, and water quality, untamed life and fish natural surroundings and feel, and shielding the asset from flame, vermin, and ailments. Assurance of terrains of extraordinary essentialness.

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A SUSTAINABLY MANAGED FOREST INCLUDES Consideration of key qualities : biodiversity natural surroundings security and upgrade riparian/wet area assurance insurance of gainful limit insurance of jeopardized plants and creatures security of social, profound, and chronicled locales

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FOREST CERTIFICATION AND SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY Forest confirmation isn\'t important to ensure maintainability and it may not be adequate. Accreditation best saw as: 1) essential "strategy driver" for enhancing woodland administration principles and practices 2) fulfilling purchaser gatherings and customers of backwoods items.

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OUTLINE What is accreditation? General methodologies? Who sets the rules? Expenses and advantages? Relationship to other preservation apparatuses?

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TWO GENERAL APPROACHES? Execution based Use criteria, execution measures and markers to screen execution after some time (on-the - ground) Management framework based (EMS) Generic rules and gauges (ISO 14001) Forestry-particular (SFI, CSA)

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TWO GENERAL APPROACHES Systems are developing to be a blend of both methodologies

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OUTLINE What is affirmation? General methodologies? Who sets the rules? Expenses and advantages? Relationship to other preservation apparatuses?

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WHO SETS THE GUIDELINES? Government UNCSD (IPF, IFF, Helsinki and Montreal Processes, Santiago Declaration). Establish criteria and markers. Private AF & PA (SFI , 1994), PEFC (Europe, 1999) ATFS (1945), Green Tag (NFA, 1998) NGO FSC (1993) ISO 14001 (1996), CSA (1995)

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WHO DOES THE CERTIFYING? Initially party - the area proprietor or firm Second gathering - an industry or affiliation Third gathering - an autonomous certifier Rainforest Alliance (SmartWood, FSC) Scientific Certification Systems (FSC) Voluntary Verification (SFI, PEFC)

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IS CERTIFICATION NECESSARY? Numerous trust that reasonable ranger service is as of now being polished in the created nations where around 75% of the ensured timberlands are presently found. Interest being driven by vast purchaser bunches who are being compelled to offer guaranteed items. Little proprietors might be compelled to consent - non-intentional .

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IS CERTIFICATION NECESSARY? Furthermore, in states, for example, Washington, extreme timberland hone directions guide ranger service operations on state and private woodland land.

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QUESTIONS? Should Washington State timberland grounds be guaranteed? Assuming this is the case, which confirmation framework to utilize? Must consider the relationship between the conceivable confirmation frameworks and the objectives, destinations, and necessities that guide state timberland land administration.

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SFIS PRINCIPLES (1-5) Practice reasonable ranger service Engage in capable practices Protect woodland wellbeing and profitability Continually enhance backwoods administration hones Protect unique destinations

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FSC PRINCIPLES (1-5) Compliance with laws and FSC standards Tenure and utilize rights and obligations Indigenous individuals\' rights Community relations and laborer\'s rights Benefits from the timberland

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FSC PRINCIPLES (6-10) Environmental effect Management arrangement Monitoring and evaluation Maintenance of high preservation esteem timberlands Plantations

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SFIS OBJECTIVES (1-3) Employ a variety of deductively, naturally, and financially solid practices being used of timberlands (4 PM) Ensure long haul timberland profitability (6 PM) Protect water quality by utilization of riparian assurance measures (4 PM)

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SFIS OBJECTIVES (4-7) Manage untamed life living space and save biodiversity (3 PM) Manage visual effect of harvest operations (4 PM) Manage terrains of uncommon essentialness (1 PM) Promote proficient utilization of assets (1 PM)

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SFIS CORE INDICATORS For every execution measure an arrangement of center SFI pointers must be fulfilled to pick up confirmation For instance, under goal #5 ( visual effects ), one PM is to utilize green up necessities to plan clearcuts on contiguous harvest units. A center pointer is to have a composed green up arrangement or approach.

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SFIS CORE INDICATORS Under goal #2 ( long haul efficiency ), one PM is to utilize woods chemicals wisely. A center marker is to prepare every single timberland laborer utilizing chemicals and to utilize prepared individuals as administrators.

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FSC PRINCIPLES Under rule #5 ( profits by the timberland ), the rate of harvest might not surpass levels which can not be for all time maintained. Under guideline #6 ( natural effect ), environmental capacities and qualities should be looked after in place, upgraded, or reestablished.

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FSC PRINCIPLES Under standard #6 ( natural effect ), woods change to manors might not happen with the exception of in constrained ranges but rather not in high preservation esteem woodlands Under guideline #9 ( high protection esteem timberlands ), choices should dependably be considered with regards to a safety oriented methodology.

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FSC DEFINITIONS High preservation esteem woods : 1)possess comprehensively, territorially, or broadly critical species, or huge scenes contained inside, or containing, the administration unit where feasible populaces of most if not all actually happening species exist in regular examples of conveyance and wealth.

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FSC DEFINITIONS High protection esteem backwoods : 2)contain uncommon, undermined or imperiled biological systems, 3)provide essential administrations of nature in basic circumstances (i.e. disintegration control), or 4)are major to addressing essential needs of neighborhood groups.

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FSC DEFINITIONS Precautionary methodology : device for executing the standard of woods stewardship

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FSC PRINCIPLES Under rule #10 ( estates ), ought to advance the rebuilding and preservation of regular timberlands. Manors in zones changed over from regular backwoods after November 1994 typically should not fit the bill for affirmation.

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AREA CERTIFIED FSC 19.1 million ha overall 2.5 million ha in USA (9.0 ha in Sweden) .021 million ha in Canada SFI 27.9 million ha in No. Am. Around 68% autonomously checked by outsider (2001) SFI licensees 5.7 million ha in No. Am. Both open and private. 1.3 million ha in USA.

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AREA CERTIFIED ATFS 10.1 million ha in USA Green Tag 18,000 ha in USA (starting late 1999) PEFC 23.5 million ha in Europe (15 million ha in Finland)

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AREA CERTIFIED ISO 14001 21 million ha in Canada

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OUTLINE What is affirmation? General methodologies? Who sets the rules? Expenses and advantages? Relationship to other preservation devices?

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HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Expenses of accreditation: Direct cost of introductory timberland appraisal in addition to required yearly review and re-evaluation. Roundabout expense of enhanced timberland administration rehearses (i.e., decreased gather or expanded consumptions). Expense of chain-of-guardianship review

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HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Economies of scale demonstrate that some little land proprietors will be hit harder (rate insightful) than vast proprietors. Evaluation costs shift broadly however may not be high - from at least $.50 - $1.50/section of land for little properties to $.10 - .25/section of land for bigger properties.

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HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? One study appears: Increase in COGS because of FSC accreditation was <10% for 84% of review respondents. For half, the expansion was < 3% . Normal was 5-6%.

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HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Expect that underlying appraisal expenses are $0.15/section of land for a 2 million section of land maintainable backwoods property (i.e., $300,000) on a 50 year turn, and a harvest volume of 35 MBF/section of land is acknowledged every year for a long time, then the cost/MBF/section of land gathered is about $.04/MBF . Overlooks yearly review cost and collect decrease from surplus stock.

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HOW LARGE ARE THE BENEFITS? The destinations of timberland confirmation are to: increase (keep) access to business sectors that craving earth touchy items advance feasible woodland administration Producers may pick up piece of the pie and might encounter a cost premium for ensured wood items.

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HOW LARGE ARE THE BENEFITS? One study appears: For buyers

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