Provista Overview: The Coalition for College Cost Savings .

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Provista Overview: The Coalition for College Cost Savings. Paul Frazier, Director of Sales Michael Schwalm, Director of Sales Matt Fallin, Director of Sales July 17, 2008. Agenda/Discussion Topics. Who is Provista? How Can Provista Serve You? Our Programs Customer Support and Online Tools
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Provista Overview: The Coalition for College Cost Savings Paul Frazier, Director of Sales Michael Schwalm, Director of Sales Matt Fallin, Director of Sales July 17, 2008

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Agenda/Discussion Topics Who is Provista? In what capacity Can Provista Serve You? Our Programs Customer Support and Online Tools Next Steps Q&A

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Webinar Overview Provista is eager to offer The Coalition for College Cost Savings: National/Local Commitments & Pricing Competitive offer process Devoted assets Issue determination An engaged portfolio group Customer business surveys Power of gathering buying ~ $33Billion Over 900 maker understandings Provide bolster & coordination Program reporting and checking Supplier reviews (conveyance and producer) Maintain respectability of existing connections

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Who is Provista? Provista is a multi-industry assemble acquiring (GPO) and business arrangements association committed to bringing down and controlling supply costs for more than 12,000 clients Through Novation, the industry driving contracting administrations organization, Provista gives clients the most aggressive, broad portfolio accessible

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Who is Provista? Connections

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Who is Provista? Assemble Purchasing Services Contracting administrations Implementation and use administrations Business Services Focus on center skills Access the most recent aptitude and advances Minimize client hazard Provista\'s Core Services

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Who is Provista? Participation Sales 1996 - 833 1997 - 2,473 1998 - 3,501 1999 - 4,600 2000 - 5,200 2001 - 5,900 2002 - 6,200 2003 - 8,811 2004 - 9,637 2005 - 9,070 2006 - 9,974 YTD - 12,041 1996 - $39K 1997 - $440K 1998 - $628M 1999 - $966M 2000 - $1.4B 2001 - $1.7B 2002 - $2.1B 2003 - $2.2B 2004 - $2.25B 2005 - $2.5B 2006 - $3.0B 2007 - $3.4B

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Who is Provista? Yale University Duke University Baylor University of Oklahoma University of Texas Tech University Georgia Southern University of Southern California Villanova University Southern Methodist University Texas Christian University Provista has more than 12,000 Customers (Below are a couple of our advanced education individuals.) Private/Independent Association Membership State Associations - 12

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How Provista Can Serve You How Provista Measures Up Against Competition Multi-territorial, constrained national Scale National Local, state, specialty Combination arranged & open Public, Competitive Bid Process Negotiated Compatible sections just Specialization Sole-portion Multi-fragment Moderate specialization (teams) Segment Commitment Dedicated concentrate No specialization

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How Provista Can Serve You Contract support is deliberate Value through responsibility Product particular contracts Single-source and multi-source contracts Manage dissemination costs isolate from item costs Private mark methodology: NOVAPLUS ® Competitive offer process (oversaw by Novation) Contracting Philosophy

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Our Programs Program Areas Business and Office Products Building Services and Maintenance Repair Operation (MRO) Furniture Service Agreements Dining Services Program Medical and Student Health Laboratory Program

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Our Programs Business and Office Products Wireless Telecommunications * Sprint PCS = 23% rebate NEXTEL = 13% markdown Document Management Solutions Ricoh Americas Copiers – once in the past Lanier Office Products * OfficeMax and Corporate Express Shipping * FedEx and DHL Batteries * Duracell Custom Printing and Forms The Relizon Company

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Our Programs Building Services/Maintenance Repair Operation Laundry Chemicals, Bleaches and Specialty Cleaners * Ecolab, Xpedx; Network Services; 3M; Johnson Diversey; Dial; Medline and U.N.X. Paper Products (Paper Towel, Tissue and wipes) * Kimberly-Clark and Georgia Pacific HVAC/Chillers Carrier Corporation Building Maintenance (Filters, Bulbs, Parts and Service) * GRAINGER and SEXAUER

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Our Programs Furniture Agreements Herman Miller (Modular Casework, Office and Medical, Sleep Chairs and Lounges) Steelcase (Dining/Cafeteria Seating, Office, Modular Case and Workstations) Corporate Express Business Interiors (Multiple Manufacturers – Allsteel, Hon and Gunlocke) Haworth (Modular Case Goods, Tables and Task Seating) Kimball (Systems Furniture and Office and Lounge Seating) Teknion (Office Systems, Cafeteria and parlor seating) Kruger/KI (Record Management Solutions and Seating) Durfold (Sleeper Chairs, Sofas and Lounge Seating) Neutral Posture (Ergonomic Seating and Chairs for Office)

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Our Programs Service Agreements Elevator and Escalator Service Kone Relocation Services Allied – Transfer and Storage Staffing – Permanent and Temporary Spherion Atlantic Enterprises (Clerical and General Administrative) Document Management, Mailroom and Print Services IKON Office Solutions IT Staffing K-Force

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Our Programs Dining Services Program Agreements are with Manufacturers Sole-Source Distribution Agreement US Foodservice Market focused increase plan Volume motivations Benchmarking administrations Wide assortment of items and administrations guarantee aggressiveness

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Our Programs Medical and Student Health (Pharmaceuticals) More than 11,000 details NOVAPLUS ® More than 180 details and up to 60% reserve funds Distribution Multi-source grant takes into consideration decision Items incorporate Antibiotics; Birth Control; Ointments; Vaccines; Needles and Syringes Maintenance meds are accessible for scatters, for example, diabetes, sensitivities and asthma.

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Our Programs Medical and Student Health (Medical Supplies) Comprehensive program covering more than one million details from right around 800 makers Tiered evaluating rewards volume and responsibility NOVAPLUS ® Distribution Commonly Used Items Include: Latex Exam Gloves; Hot & Cold Packs; Linen; Splints; Braces; Lab Equipment/Supplies; Compression Devices; Hand Sanitizers; Bandages and Tapes

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Our Programs Medical and Student Health (Athletic Supplies) Sanitizers Laundry Supplies/Equipment Anti-Fungal Agents Ointments and Barrier Creams Ice Packs Ankle Braces and Sprain-Kits Gauze and Medical Tapes

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Secure Website and Customer Support Provista Customer Web webpage: Secure webpage for clients A brought together, merged online area lodging an abundance of instructive and esteem included things Contracted item data and bolster Publications Contract administration devices Contract Catalog (contracted items and administrations) Forms Manager and Bid Calendar Customer Support Differentiates Provista supply cost administration through the conveyance of significant worth priceless Respond to client asks for in an auspicious way sans toll client bolster number 888/538-4662 or email

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Next Step/Implementation Welcome Packet Distribution Logon ID and Password Setup Campus Site Visit PROVISTA Secure site introduction Program Implementation (Rapid Deployment Agreements) Batteries (Duracell) Food Service Chemicals (Johnson Diversey and Ecolab) Hand Hygiene Products (Ecolab; Medline; Dial and Gojo) Housekeeping Products (Xpedx; Network Services and Afflink) Laundry Chemicals (Ecolab and U.N.X.) Maintenance and Repair Operation (Grainger and Sexauer) Office Products (OfficeMax and Corporate Express) Paper Products (Georgia Pacific and Kimberly Clark) Shipping/Delivery Services (DHL and FedEx) Wireless Communications (Sprint PCS and NEXTEL) Follow-up Visit ~ 30 days

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Implementation Process Step # 1 Step # 2 Step #3 Step #4 Signed PA Complete Enrollment Form Obtain Online Logon ID Schedule Site-Visit Customer Membership DOS/AE DOS/AE DOS/AE Step #5 Step #6 Step #7 Maintenance Quarterly Review of Sales and Exploring New Opportunities Implementation RDP (On Site) Site-Visit Follow-Up Increased Penetration DOS/AE DOS/AE DOS/AE DOS/AE & Analytics (QBR) DOS/AE is at last mindful to guarantee ALL regions of the Implementation Process are Complete.

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Thank you for your enthusiasm for Provista Paul Frazier, Director of Sales 859.625.0020 Matt Fallin, Director of Sales 317.582.0093 Michael Schwalm, Director of Sales 717.763.7266 Visit our Web webpage at:

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