PSYC 2290 A04 Lecture 3 .

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PSYC 2290 A04 Address 3 . Perused Part 3 in Berk, 5 th release Natural Premise of Advancement Qualities, Phenotypes and Disarranges Pre-birth Improvement Film: Riddle of Conception Upgraded Pre-birth Learning Film: Overcome New Infants. PSYC 2290 A04 Address 3 . Class Business
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PSYC 2290 A04 Lecture 3 Read Chapter 3 in Berk, 5 th release Biological Basis of Development Genes, Phenotypes & Disorders Prenatal Development Film: Mystery of Birth Enhanced Prenatal Learning Film: Brave New Babies Lecture 3

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PSYC 2290 A04 Lecture 3 Class Business Read Berk Chapter 3 & web assets:,1144,020542063X,00.html >Companion Website>Welcome>Select Chapter at V along top > Go > Activities, and so forth Notes: for Assignment 2 Lecture 3

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Biological Basis of Behavior Genetic Foundations Human improvement can be depicted as the procedure by which an individual\'s genotype comes to be communicated as the phenotype . Address 3

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Genetic Foundation GENOTYPE: Genetic constitution of an individual Genetic material acquired from precursors No two individuals have a similar genotype Exception? Address 3

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Genetic Foundation PHENOTYPE: Expression of genotype in noticeable attributes of an individual We watch the phenotype , not the genotype . A few cases of phenotypes? Address 3

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Genetic Foundation GENES are fundamental units of legacy in a roundabout way impact conduct by means of proteins and physiological frameworks are situated on chromosomes at a particular area called a locus a large number of qualities on every chromosome Lecture 3

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Genetic Foundation CHROMOSOMES a jewelry of qualities situated in cell core Human cells contain 46 chromosomes. Containing 30,000 – 50,000 qualities The entire arrangement of qualities Comprise a people\'s genotype Lecture 3

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Chromosomes are in sets most chromosomes in body exist as sets (special case - conceptive/gametes) inside each match, a quality on one chromosome is coordinated by a quality at a similar locus on the buddy chromosome qualities at a solitary locus oversee similar marvels Lecture 3

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Homozygotes and Heterozygotes Alleles: A quality is made out of a couple of alleles So, tyke has 2 alleles for each quality one from mother, and one from father For that quality, if allele from each parent is same, tyke is homozygous at that locus If allele from each parent is distinctive, youngster is heterozygous Lecture 3

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Homozygotes and Heterozygotes EXAMPLE – "A" speaks to one allele (wavy hair) "a" speaks to one allele (straight hair), taking after mixes can happen: AA, aa, Aa, aA homozygous: AA (homozygous) will have ? hair (phenotype) aa (homozygous) will have ? hair (phenotype) Lecture 3

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Homozygotes and Heterozygotes What about the kid with Aa or aA? What happens when you have heterozygous alleles? eg, if a youngster has alleles to have wavy hair from both guardians would she say she is homo-or hetero - zygous for wavy characteristic? On the off chance that she has wavy allele from one parent and straight allele from other, would she say she is homo-or hetero - zygous? What is her phenotype? (straight or wavy hair) Lecture 3

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Homozygotes and Heterozygotes For an attribute controlled by a solitary quality match (the least complex case), There are 3 ways a heterozygous blend of alleles can be communicated in a man\'s phenotype: Lecture 3

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Homozygotes and Heterozygotes 1. Transitional phenotype has properties in the middle of the two individual alleles eg, an exceptionally tall parent and a short parent deliver an offspring of normal tallness. for our hair illustration, wavy haired parent and straight-haired parent have a kid with wavy hair. Address 3

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Homozygotes and Heterozygotes 2. Consolidated phenotype has properties conveyed by both alleles. in the hair illustration , a tyke with a wavy haired parent and a straight-haired parent would have some wavy hair & some straight hair . Address 3

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Homozygotes and Heterozygotes 3. Predominant/passive – the phenotype has characteristics related with just a single of the alleles. ie, One allele will be prevailing over the other and more probable be communicated phenotypically If "A" is a predominant quality, and "a" is a latent quality, then phenotype Aa will be the same as the phenotype AA. Address 3

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Dominant/Recessive Inheritance In the hair illustration, we know wavy hair (An) is overwhelming over straight hair (a); so somebody with genotype Aa will have ? hair and won\'t vary phenotypically from somebody with an AA genotype. In this way, when there is predominance among alleles, a man will just demonstrate the passive attribute when they are homozygous (aa) Lecture 3

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Table of understood prevailing and passive qualities Dominant Traits Recessive Traits Curly hair straight hair Dark hair light hair Rh+ blood type Rh-blood classification Normal vision near-sightedness Far-sightedness normal vision cheek dimples no dimples ordinary blood clotting hemophilia typical metabolism phenylketonuria (PKU) ordinary blood cells sickle-cell weakness Huntingdon\'s Chorea normal CNS N breath, digestion cystic fibrosis Lecture 3

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RECESSIVE DISORDER Eg, PKU - phenylketonuria issue brought on by a latent quality ~ 1/20 individuals conveys the passive allele for PKU (p) chemical missing - important to process proteins found in drain Child has 2 passive qualities for PKU (pp) can\'t change over phenylalanine to tyrosine > amassing of phenylpyruvic corrosive in body. harms youngster\'s creating sensory system newborn child seems ordinary during childbirth, yet with slow develop brings about mental impediment Lecture 3

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Recessive quality transmission If heterozygote (Np) transporter of latent quality issue has a tyke with one who conveys two prevailing typical alleles (NN): Lecture 3

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PKU: Normal parent, Carrier parent If heterozygote (Np) bearer parent with passive quality issue has a kid with parent who conveys two overwhelming ordinary alleles (NN) The kids have a ____% possibility of being a bearer. Their kids will be unaffected by PKU. Address 3

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PKU: Both guardians bearers If two passive quality heterozygotes have kids, they will have a ______% possibility of creating a PKU (pp) tyke with the confusion. Address 3

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DOMINANT DISORDER Eg, Huntingdon\'s Chorea SINGLE-GENE DOMINANT DISORDER passing might be moderate 15 - 20 years Symptoms - in late stages - wild developments, amazing, falling, slurred discourse in the end - lose capacity to talk, swallow, review occasions, insight break down numerous sufferers are excruciatingly mindful of their decay Lecture 3

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Huntingdon\'s Chorea Usually such a deadly, overwhelming quality would vanish from the populace quality pool. influenced individual bites the dust before having youngsters. be that as it may, with H, impacts of quality don\'t appear until after the tyke bearing years for the most part between ages of 30 and 50 at this point individuals more often than not have kids & have passed overwhelming quality on to cutting edge Lecture 3

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Huntingdon\'s Children have a ___% possibility of having the ailment. Note: not at all like passive quality maladies, being a transporter of overwhelming quality issue implies you additionally have the sickness. Address 3

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Huntingdon\'s Chorea There is a test for this infection a hereditary marker can demonstrate who has quality before getting malady at John Hopkins Hospital - just 64 out of 349 at dangers made a request to have the testing done need to discover they don\'t have it, perplexed they do Question: in the event that you knew you were at hazard for Huntingdon\'s would you have the test to check whether you had the quality done? Address 3

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Huntingdon\'s Chorea Questions: If you knew you were at hazard for Huntingdon\'s, would you have the test to check whether you had the quality done? Would you need your youngsters to know? Address 3

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Raises moral predicaments Career decisions? Gloom? Suicide? Connections in the family? Blame, trouble Who ought to know? Insurance agencies? bosses? may not guarantee/enlist somebody who will get the ailment Should you have a privilege to protection? Note: Most qualities are dictated by numerous qualities not only one ( polygenetic), and most overwhelming qualities aren\'t totally prevailing Lecture 3

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SEX-LINKED CHARACTERISTICS Some passive qualities are on X chromosome as it were. appear all the more as often as possible as passive attributes in guys . Why? Male has just a single X chromosome, if the latent allele for a deformity is available on the X chromosome, the male will demonstrate the attribute no proportional allele on Y chromosome to balance impact Females have trademark just when both X chromosomes have the passive qualities ie on the off chance that they are homozygous for passive quality Lecture 3

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Affected father(XaY) Normal mother (XX) Xa speaks to influenced passive allele No proof of characteristic in phenotype of posterity Daughters are bearers. Children are typical. ♀ ♂ Lecture 3

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Normal father (XY) Carrier mother (XXa) ? % little girls are transporters. ? % children influenced. ♀ ♂ Lecture 3

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Affected father (XaY), Carrier mother (XXa) Daughters: __% influenced __% bearers Sons: __% influenced __% typical ♀ ♂ Lecture 3

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Normal father (XY), Affected mother (XaXa) 100% little girls transporters 100% children influenced Color visual impairment and hemophilia take after this example. ♀ ♂ Lecture 3

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Baby Xander Dolski two months Lecture 3

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Prenatal Development Text on fetal positions in utero – from medieval times Lecture 3

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Prenatal Development 17.01 sperm Lecture 3

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Prenatal Development 17.02 ovum Lecture 3

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Prenatal Development Conception starts when sperm enters egg to frame a zygote Prenatal advancement takes 280 days or 40 weeks from 1 st day of last menstrual period 3 times of improvement 1 st , 2 nd , & 3 rd trimester Lecture 3

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Prenatal Development 20.01 Ovum in Fallopian tube Egg cell enters fallopian tube at 9-16 days of menstrual cycl

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