Psychological wellness Authority Services .

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Mental Health Authority Services. Jennifer DeCubellis, LPC, LPA Mike Taylor, LPC. Authority-Provider Split. Department of State Health Services. Other Funding Sources. Authority Services. Provider Services. Data Interface. Authority Services. Funding Oversight/Utilization Mgmt
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Emotional well-being Authority Services Jennifer DeCubellis, LPC, LPA Mike Taylor, LPC

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Authority-Provider Split Department of State Health Services Other Funding Sources Authority Services Provider Services

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Data Interface

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Authority Services Funding Oversight/Utilization Mgmt Eligibility Determinations Inpatient Authorizations Outpatient Authorizations Continuity of Care Consumer Benefits Applications

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Authority Services (proceeded with) Quality Management Network Management Contracting Credentialing Claims installment

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Authority Services (proceeded with) Crisis Services Mobile Crisis Outreach Psychiatric Emergency Services 23 hour Observation Crisis Stabilization Unit Crisis Residential Unit Crisis Counseling Unit

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Authority Services (proceeded with) Crisis Services-Unique Needs every minute of every day administrations need day in and day out programming Alerts to different frameworks is basic to organize care

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Provider Services Outpatient Doctor & Nurse Services Scheduling w/Pre-Requisite Alerts Multiple Funding Sources = Multiple Elig., Auth., Documentation & Billing Selective Sharing of Treatment information. Solution of Medications Inpatient Services Cont. of Care with State & Local suppliers. Multi-variable enumeration administration

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Provider Services (proceeded with) Rehabilitation, Casework and Case Mgt. "Guided" administration arranging and conveyance Rehabilitation Services Caseload Management Service Delivery Management Billing and Collection

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Provider Services (proceeded with) Pharmacy Services Conditional Formularies Internal & External Adjudication PAP & Sample Management Conditional Data Collection and Reporting Linkage to outside administrations

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