Puerto Rico.

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chinese nourishment you. power like: Type. Subject 6 $300 Question. Here. Sort ... italian sustenance. since it is horrendous. An ellos no les. gusta la comida. italiana porque. es p simo ...
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Puerto Rico

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Chapter 2 Grab Bag

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Puerto Rico Vocab Articles Gustar De Chapter 2 Grab Bag $100 $ 100 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500

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What is the capital of Puerto Rico?

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San Juan

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What is the national game of P.R.?

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What is the name of the acclaimed frog?

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el coqui

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What is the name of the national woodland?

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El Yunque

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What sort of celebration is Casals?

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A Music celebration

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red hair

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How would you say in Spanish: What is she like?

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¿Cómo es ella?

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Ask: When is your birthday?

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¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?

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películas de fear

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comida mexicana

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I like pizza

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Me gusta la pizza

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I don\'t care for chess

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No me gusta el ajedrez

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She enjoys rock music

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An ella le gusta la música rock

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We don\'t care for ground sirloin sandwiches

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A nosotros no nos gustan las hamburguesas

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They don\'t care for gatherings

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An ellos no les gustan las parties

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I am from Virginia

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Soy de Virginia

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The young lady\'s gathering is fun

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La celebration de la muchacha es divertida

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The educator\'s book is red (rojo)

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El libro del profesor es rojo

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It\'s Ernesto\'s auto

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Es el carro de Ernesto

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Daily Double!!

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Robert\'s pizza is delectable

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la pizza de Roberto es deliciosa

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If you were timido what may dislike?

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las holidays

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If you are romántico you may like:

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libros/películas de love

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If you like chinese sustenance you may like:

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Type Subject 6 $300 Question Here

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Type Subject 6 $400 Answer Here

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If you are intelectual you may like:

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los libros

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Double Jeopardy!!

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Puerto Rico

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Chapter 2 Grab Bag

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Puerto Rico Vocab Articles Gustar De Chapter 2 Grab Bag $200 $400 $600 $800 $1000

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Name 3 sorts of sustenance

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Fried Chicken, tostones, rice beans and so on

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Name 2 gatherings of individuals that live in P.R.

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Taino Spanish American African

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What is the cash brought in P.R.?

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U.S. dollar

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What are the official dialects?

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Spanish English

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What city has a lovely shoreline and is known for colossal waves?

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Science fiction motion pictures

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las películas de ciencia ficción

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Pretty great

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bastante bueno

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Romance books are fascinating

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los libros de love child interesantes

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What are the vegetables like?

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¿Cómo child las verduras?

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estudiantes de español

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música mexicana

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libros de love

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parties mexicanas

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muchachas de Puerto Rico

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We like videogames on the grounds that they are fun

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Nos gustan los videojuegos proque child divertidos

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He loves sports since he is dynamic

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A él le gustan los deportes porque es activo

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They don\'t care for italian nourishment since it is terrible

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An ellos no les gusta la comida italiana porque es pésimo

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You don\'t care for chess since it is exhausting

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No te gusta el ajedrez porque es aburrido

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You (formal) like natural products since they are scrumptious

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A usted le gustan las frutas porque child deliciosas

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She is from the United States

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Ella es de los estados unidos

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Ms. Fletcher\'s auto is marvelous

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El carro de Sra. Fletcher es fenomenal

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It\'s Mrs. Fletcher\'s Dog

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Es el perro de Sra. Fletcher

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They are Paco\'s creatures

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Son los animales de Paco

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Daily Double!!

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They are the kid\'s books

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Son los libros del muchacho

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Ask, How old would you say you are?

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¿Cuántos años tienes?

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Ask somebody on the off chance that they like creatures

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¿Te gustan los animales?

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Say she is 13 years of age

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Ella tiene trece años

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Describe your closest companion

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answers will differ

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Sing the o/a melody that Abbey and Laura made up

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in case you\'re a él and you know it...

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Final Jeopardy Describe a man in your gathering including physical components, likes and aversions and why.

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answers will fluctuate

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