Pump and Treat Involvement with the NECCO Park Landfill Niagara Falls, New York.

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Niagara Falls, New York. Paul F. Mazierski, PG. Senior Project Leader ... Predictable with other Niagara Frontier cures. Current spotlight on meeting RD/RA Order ...
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Pump & Treat Experience at the NECCO Park Landfill Niagara Falls, New York Paul F. Mazierski, PG Senior Project Leader

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BFI Sanitary Landfill Carbide-Graphite Group SGL Carbon NECCO Park CECOS SCMF1-3 CECOS Phase 2

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Bedrock Geology Fractured dolomite bedrock (Lockport Formation) even sheet material arrangement break zones (high K) vertical cracking (moderate to low K) vertical and level K diminish with profundity eight zones recognized: upper bedrock (B and C zones) center bedrock (D,E, and F zones) lower bedrock (G1,G2, and G3 zones)

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Bedrock Stratigraphy

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Groundwater Flow Bedrock Flow administration overwhelmed by high conductivity of flat crack zones Regional stream: impacts of bedrock sewers and NYPA courses Flow heading : south for shallow zones (B/C) west for D,E,F, and G zones

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Regional Groundwater Flow

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Aquifer Response to Pumping Individual break zones go about as semi-bound aquifers Efficient transmission of changing water driven weights all through crack when focused Although conductivity of crack shifts along the side, use of permeable stream conditions suitable on expansive scale

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RW-3 RW-1 (D-12) RW-2 (52) LEGEND 1978/79 - CLAY CAP 1982 - UPPER BEDROCK PUMPING 1988/89 - BEDROCK GROUT CURTAIN 1993 - LOWER BEDROCK PUMPING Response Action Chronology

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B zone: Pre-SFR B zone: Post-SFR

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C zone: Pre-SFR C zone: Post-SFR

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Pumping System Effectiveness Increased drawdown , increment in pressure driven catch zones taking after establishment of grout shade (SFR) Concentration changes at RW-1 Decrease in fluid fixations at a few upper bedrock wells straightforwardly downgradient of source range All progressions reliable with site applied model for stream and transport

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Technologies Implemented Groundwater Pump & Treat powerful for source region control Physical Barrier - bedrock grout window ornament viable at upgrading catch zone for pumping framework Landfill Cap take out direct contact lessen penetration DNAPL Recovery expulsion from wells were watched

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Other Technologies Evaluated Accelerated Anaerobic Bioremediation - lessen source all the more productively reductive dechlorination distinguished through field testing numerous questions for viable circulation of substrate absence of trust in long haul funds Circumscribing physical obstructions - assumed advantage to control portable NAPL high capital cost no field proof for unmonitored versatile NAPL mass development grouting could bring about more mischief than great

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Summary Detailed portrayal of crack zones is basic Necco wells screen discrete individual break zones, no long open rock gap wells Fractured stream in the Lockport is sufficiently unsurprising that pump & treat is viable/proficient strategy for source regulation. Water powered & science transforms all steady with site calculated model Consistent with other Niagara Frontier cures Current spotlight on meeting RD/RA Order necessities for source range control. TI waiver conceded for source range

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