Qualities of Living Things .

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What is science?. The investigation of living thingsAll living things share certain qualities. 1. Made of 1 or more cells. Unicellular (one cell) - ex. BacteriaMulticellular (numerous cells) - ex. Creatures, plants. 2. Need vitality to survive. Autotrophs - get vitality from sunHeterotrophs - get vitality by devouring supplements from their surroundings.
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Qualities of Living Things

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What is science? The investigation of living things All living things share certain attributes

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1. Made of at least 1 cells Unicellular (one cell) - ex. Microscopic organisms Multicellular (numerous cells) - ex. Creatures, plants

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2. Require vitality to survive Autotrophs - get vitality from sun Heterotrophs - get vitality by devouring supplements from their surroundings

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3. React to jolts in their surroundings Stimuli - figures the environment that living things respond to (ex. Light, temperature, sound, and so forth.)

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4. Every living thing replicate Sexual - two sex cells required (sperm and egg) Asexual - just a single parent cell is required

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5. Develop and build up Each cell partitions to make new cells (cell division) – brings about development Some phones get to be distinctly specific and perform diverse employments than others (separation)

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6. Keep up Homeostasis – a generally stable interior environment (inside a specific range) - (ex. Human body temperature (roughly 98.6 degrees F))

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7. Have an all inclusive hereditary code All living things have DNA passes on hereditary data starting with one era then onto the next

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8. Adjust and develop after some time Evolution - progressive change in a populace of living beings over the long haul Individuals DO NOT advance

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