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Payment Workflow Automation with the rule based SWIFT Payment Router (SPR). By:. Topics . Introduction IBIS Management Associates Inc. Experience and Client Projects Straight Through Processing with SPR. Introduction IBIS Management Associates Inc. IBIS Management Associates Inc.
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Installment Workflow Automation with the run based SWIFT Payment Router (SPR) By:

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Topics Introduction IBIS Management Associates Inc. Experience and Client Projects Straight Through Processing with SPR

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Introduction IBIS Management Associates Inc.

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IBIS Management Associates Inc. Our identity and what we do … IBIS Management Associates Inc. (IBIS) is a Financial Systems Solutions supplier and Consulting firm. We consolidate our insight in center saving money frameworks (business, utilitarian & specialized) with the idea of Straight Through Processing. We are pros in enhancing proficiency of installment preparing divisions (Back-Office) of Banks.

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IBIS Management Associates Inc. For those of you who don\'t have any acquaintance with us … We work with our customers to lessen operational cost by applying end-to-end installment work process computerization. We utilize Straight Through Processing as the reason for all frameworks that we plan and actualize. We open-up new income openings and enhance benefit connected with computerized installment handling (STP). All IBIS advisors are ex investors, with critical Banking and installment preparing information & encounter.

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IBIS Management Associates Inc. Our experience and information is the way to achievement… Our solid STP concentrate dependably brings about financially savvy arrangements that enhance handling effectiveness and benefit . Our venture approach is to dependably convey turnkey end-to-end STP answers for our customers. Throughout the years we have assembled an arrangement of arrangements that grasp STP and enhance productivity. Our lead item is the control based: SWIFT Payment Router (SPR)

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IBIS Management Associates Inc. We have framed key associations with … . DATASPHERE , a SWIFT Solution Partner situated in Geneva Switzerland. Datasphere gives in SWIFT network center product. SwallowTech , a UK based organization worked in coordinated answers for computerized account compromise and thing coordinating. S.W.I.F.T., IBIS Management Associates Inc. is a confirmed SWIFT Solution Partner. Best Systems, a supplier of top of the line customer profiling frameworks for AML IBM , IBIS Management Associates manufactures STP arrangements on the IBM i/arrangement and works intimately with IBM to convey turnkey arrangements.

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IBIS Management Associates Inc. Our items and administrations portfolio… IBIS Management Associates offers an extensive variety of STP arrangements & related administrations : IBIS Straight Through Processing arrangements SWIFT Payment Router (our Flagship item) Net_B@nk (AS/400 based Internet Banking) E-correspondent (Daily Statement e-mailer) SMART Suite (Swallowtech) DAC/400 & BALI (Datasphere) TOPAZ TRACE (TOP Systems AML programming) IBIS STP administrations STP & Profit Improvement Scanning, SD & PM SWIFT Training and Helpdesk Support administrations

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Some of our STP encounters and customer references.

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IBIS Management Associates Inc. Articulation of experience... A few execution of our Straight Through Processing arrangement SPR, for the STP handling of inside, residential and remote installments. A few executions of STP interface answers for preparing of the approaching and active neighborhood clearing exchanges ACH, Development and usage of STP answers for handling installments from and Electronic Banking System and Internet Banking Systems straightforwardly into the center managing an account framework. A few charge and Visa settlement interfaces for ongoing posting inside the customers saving money framework (CIRRUS, MAESTRO, VISA+, FDMS, CREDOMATIC, and so forth)

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IBIS Management Associates Inc. Explanation of experience... Advancement and usage of an AS/400 based Internet Banking framework and design (NET_B@NK) Project administration and key parts in a few managing an account frameworks executions and keeping money movement ventures Various others anticipates… Additional venture points of interest on demand.

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IBIS Management Associates Inc. Our customers are among others... Our customers incorporate real Banks: ABN AMRO Bank (Curacao) GIRO Bank (Curacao) Banco di Caribe (Curacao & Aruba) Royal Bank of Trinidad & Tobago ( Curacao, Aruba, Trinidad, Surinam ) Maduro & Curiel\'s Bank (Dutch Antilles)

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Straight Through Processing The way to STP is to think end-to-end...

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Straight Through Processing (STP) … is a street not a goal… ! Why do Banks take after this street ? : REDUCE COST and IMPROVE PROFIT ! Dispense with manual RE-entering of installment requests ELIMINATE blunders identified with manual installment preparing ! Enhance QoS to the customer ! Enhance installment preparing compliancy ! Streamline whole installment handling operation ! What\'s more, more …

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Straight Through Processing (STP) Definition… Straight Through Processing or STP can be characterized as: A procedure whereby money related data is caught electronically at the source , and imparted through each phase of the exchange procedure with negligible or no manual mediation , permitting it to go "straight through" to the end of the preparing cycle, being settlement and bookkeeping.

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Straight Through Processing (STP) NON-STP handling environment… Significant manual preparing (Item preparing) Elaborate controls Increased blunder rate Unsatisfied customers High cost per exchange

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Straight Through Processing (STP) STP handling environment… Limited manual intercessions ( special case thing preparing) Limited mistakes Improved controls Better support of the customer Reduced cost per exchange

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Straight Through Processing (STP) the main issue … The BOTTOM-LINE is: Straight Through Processing will increment operational productivity and lower the cost of handling installments. It will make your Bank more beneficial !

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Our STP Solution Intelligent lead based Payment Workflow Automation

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Our Payment Solution SWIFT Payment Router (SPR)… .grasping genuine STP SWIFT Payment Router (SPR) A smart, completely incorporated installment work process administration framework that mechanizes the ENTIRE installment work process and accomplishes TRUE - STP. SPR deals with ALL the parts of Internal, Domestic and Cross-outskirt installment preparing.

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Our Payment Solution SWIFT Payment Router (SPR)… .grasping genuine STP SPR\' directing motor deals with all associated money related systems and procedures a wide range of installments, Incoming and Outgoing with the advantages of Straight Trough Processing (STP)

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Our Payment Solution SWIFT Payment Router (SPR)… .grasping genuine STP Key advantages of the framework are: Standard constant interfacing with ICBS and different stages; Fully programmed lead driven journalist bank steering; Fully programmed govern driven booking passages era for all installments, GL sections, charges, commissions and duties; User amicable one window installment section for ALL installment sorts (inner, residential, cross outskirt); Real-time special case thing taking care of elements;

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SWIFT Payment Router (SPR) (cont\'d)… Key advantages… Automatic installment information improvement and approval Integrated BIC and National Clearing codes database Built-in Payment and Bank Routing insight Automatic era of MT103 and MT202 messages STP abilities for approaching and active installments User isolation through various lines for the Entry, Verification and Authorization of installments

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FP – ORDER 1 FP – ORDER 1 FP – ORDER 2 FP – ORDER 2 FP – ORDER 3 FP – ORDER 3 SWIFT Payment Router (SPR) SPR Payment Queue Segregation of Functions Queue 1 Queue 2 Queue 3 Queue 4 System handle Entry/Validation Authorization Fiat Segregation of client capacities Data passage Supervisor Fiat SPR ORDERS Processed Post to Alltel Sent to SWIFT STP FP-ORDER Route FP – ORDER 3 FP-ORDER Paper trail Source doc. Source doc. Source doc.  O.K.  O.K.  O.K.  O.K.  O.K.  O.K.

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SWIFT Payment Router (SPR) (cont\'d)… Key advantages Real-time interface with the S.W.I.F.T organize Integrated Standing Order/Recurring installment module Interface with ACH based local clearing systems Integrated Central Bank Foreign Exchange reporting Integrated Nostro Position & OCP observing module

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THE SWIFT PAYMENT ROUTER Create an active client installment… User well disposed ONE WINDOW installment section for ALL installment sorts (inner, local, cross fringe);

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Beneficiary BIC Code Look-up Integrated BIC and National Clearing codes database

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SWIFT Payment Router (SPR) Intelligent installment steering and considerably more… Integrated Routing Rules database Bank Identification Codes (BIC) table (programmed import include) Bank Identification Numbers (ABA/Fedwire) table BIC/Currency journalist table BIC/Bank directing guidelines table (BKE definitions) BIC/Nostro account table BIC/Currency cut-off time table Intelligent tenets construct installment work process mechanization Based in light of recipient bank (BIC) Based on senders and collector cash journalists Based on SWIFT BKE connection (programmed MT202 era) Based on yield sort (SWIFT, Local Clearing, Internal Transfers, other outside Networks) Based on other client determinable installment steering rules

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SWIFT Payment Router (SPR) Flexible meaning of your charges and assessments… Automated clients expenses and duties Default expenses can be characterized on a few levels: Payment Type (Swift, Clearing, Internal, Check installment) Input Type (Manual, Internet saving money, Standing Order, and so on) Account Product Type (Consumer, Corporate, Employees) Specific Customer/Account number Transfer sum go Fees can be characterized in any coin Calculation in view of level expense sum and rate with least and most extreme sum Fees can be characterized per expense sort (Swift, taking care of, and so on) Automatic estimation of

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