Quincy, Illinois Regional Partnership for Sustainability .

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Quincy, Illinois Regional Partnership for Sustainability. Norman Christopher Executive Director Sustainable Community Development Initiative Grand Valley State University Corky Overmyer Community Sustainability Manager United Water Environmental Services, Contract Segment. March 24, 2010.
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Quincy, Illinois Regional Partnership for Sustainability Norman Christopher Executive Director Sustainable Community Development Initiative Grand Valley State University Corky Overmyer Community Sustainability Manager United Water Environmental Services, Contract Segment March 24, 2010

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What Lies Ahead for Our Communities We confront numerous difficulties yet what are the arrangements? How do groups rally bolster? How would we encourage open, private, scholastic and administration division working connections? By what method ought to our group improvement endeavors be composed? By what means would it be a good idea for us to work and work? In what capacity would we be able to convey all the more viably and enhance understanding? How would we get input, remarks, and new thoughts? What are Community Sustainability Partnerships, e.g. "CSP\'s"? Where do we begin and core interest?

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Why Focus on "Group"… Grass-Root Change! Illustration Activities Consumption Durable Goods Recycled Products Local Food Minimum Packaging Conservation Natural Resources Energy & Water Efficiency Education Attainment Higher Degrees of Education Professional Training Purchasing Green Certified Products Renewable Energy Alternative Fuels Locally Produced Goods Waste Reuse Recycle Eliminate Minimization Stakeholders Volunteerism Reinvestment Democratic Process Community Health and Wellness Exercise and Nutrition Balanced Lifestyle Disease Prevention Building Design Restoration Green LEED Certification We have all put outrageous weights on this world and we as a whole need to figure out how to cooperate to settle it!

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What are Sustainable Communities? Supportable people group are spots where individuals need to live, learn, work, and play. They meet the various needs of existing and future inhabitants, are touchy to their surroundings, and add to a high caliber of life. Feasible people group grasp the standards of manageable improvement by being: dynamic, comprehensive, and safe well run earth touchy all around planned and constructed very much associated flourishing all around served reasonable for everybody Source: www.communities.gov.uk

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Sustainable Communities Have… A Vibrant Economy Local, provincial financial reasonability Opportunities for job Reduction in the hole amongst rich and poor Innovation and innovativeness Advanced advances and financial aspects Long-term see, not transient accesses offices, administrations, and products New business improvement A Healthy Environment Living inside biological points of confinement Protection and conservation of common assets Responsible utilization designs; re-utilize and reusing Limitations on contamination Design for normal manufactured environment Source: Adapted 5E\'s Unlimited

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Sustainable Communities Have… A High Quality of Life Connection to put Inclusiveness Cooperation and correspondence Education: deep rooted learning Accessible mass transportation frameworks Health & wellbeing Link occupations to lodging and groups Intra/between generational value Honor culture and differing qualities Compassion Safety and security Access to full range accessible administrations Source: Adapted 5E\'s Unlimited

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How We Began… The Community Sustainability Partnership (CSP) www.grpartners.org 5 establishing Members Over 190 Endorsing Stakeholder Partners Today and Growing Measure and Report Triple Bottom Line Activities and Progress ~10+ Formal and Informal Workgroups Student Service Learning Sustainable Development Best Practices National/Global Recognition Creation of the Community Sustainability Partnership—Grand Rapids, MI, August 2005

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Community Sustainability Partnership www.grpartners.org Mission The monetary, social, and natural frameworks are adjusted and make and support a constructive balance of life now and for future eras. Character The Community Sustainability Partnership is a various system of group associations in West Michigan who grasp and bolster manageability standards in their arranging and operations and are endeavoring to have a beneficial outcome in our group. Individuals from the Partnership are resolved to cooperate to reestablish natural trustworthiness, enhance financial thriving, and accomplish social value. Reason Through multi-partner joint effort, sharing of encounters and regular desires, and activating nearby assets, change the more noteworthy Grand Rapids territory through the improvement of maintainable neighborhoods and groups by: Restoring and saving ecological uprightness Increasing monetary thriving Advancing and accomplishing social value Improving the personal satisfaction Elevating the estimation of training

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Community Sustainability Partnership Values moral conduct magnificence in work stewardship responsiveness comprehensiveness long lasting learning connections respectability straightforwardness Guiding Principles supportability best practices benefit introduction possession common responsibility advancement

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Community Asset… Stakeholders Regulatory Agency Banks Insurance Companies Media Customers/Clients/Consumers City and Municipal Government Competitors Schools, Colleges, Universities Suppliers/Partners "People group" NGO\'s Institutional/Pension Fund Managers Local Neighborhoods Hospitals and Healthcare Providers First Nations Employees/Labor Unions Investment Community Trade/Professional Organizations Credit Rating Agencies Shareholders/Private Investors

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Sustainable Development Capital Formation Planet/Environment Natural Capital People/Equity Human Capital Social Capital Community Capital Cultural Capital Knowledge Capital Political Capital Profit/Economy Financial Capital Asset Capital Shared Capital

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Our Community Sustainability Formation of the CSP Development of CSP Website (www.grpartners.org) Establishment of Sustainability Guiding Principles Around the "Triple Bottom Line" (TBL) Sustainability Terms and Buzzwords CSP "Triple Bottom Line" Summit Meetings Sharing of Sustainability Best Practices Public, Private, Academic Service Sectors Importance of Sustainability Assessments West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum LEED Building and Design US Mayor\'s Climate Protection Agreement UNU Regional Center of Expertise (RCE) in Education for Sustainable Development Clean Cities Initiative Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer\'s Association (www.BIFMA.org) CSP Workgroup Areas Sustainability Reporting e.g. City of Grand Rapids, GVSU, Cascade Engineering, West Michigan Strategic Alliance, Suez Environnement New City of Grand Rapids Sustainability Website (www.sustainablegr.com) Rapid Growth Media Daily E-News (www.rapidgrowthmedia.com) West Michigan Sustainable Purchasing Consortium (www.wmspc.org) Regional Sustainable Development Leadership Education for Sustainable Development Regional Centers of Expertise Transformational Change

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Sustainable Community Development Activities Health and Wellness Waste Minimization/Recycling Sustainable Business Best Practices MSU Extension Muskegon Farm to School David Hunting YMCA Spectrum Health Metro Health City of Grand Rapids CompRenew Valley City Environmental Services Waste Management Energy Conservation www.wmsbf.org www.bifma.org City of Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce Education for Sustainable Development Grand Rapids Community Sustainability Partnership www.grpartners.org Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Calvin College GVSU Aquinas College WMU GRCC GRPS Economicology UNU RCE Designation Clean Cities activity Green and LEED Buildings Sustainable Purchasing Consortium West MI USGBC Chapter GVSU WM Habitat for Humanity City of Grand Rapids www.wmspc.org GVSU GRCC City of Grand Rapids VAI Steelcase Delta Institute Water Conservation Renewable Energy Climate Mitigation City of Grand Rapids Cascade Engineering GVSU Aquinas College Calvin College City of Grand Rapids Great Lakes St. Lawrence Cities Initiative City of Grand Rapids Progressive AE GVSU Sustainable Research Group

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What "CSP\'s" Can Accomplish… Examples Greater Grand Rapids Partners GVSU—Top 25 "Green Schools" BIFMA—Furniture Sustainability Manufacturing Assessment Standards Kent County Waste To Energy – Renewable Energy Technologies Regional CSP Leadership – 5 CSP\'s in West Michigan West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum (www.wmsbf.org) Education for Sustainable Development – GVSU, GRPS, Aquinas, Calvin, GRCC and Others Sustainable Purchasing (www.wmspc.org) Healthy Homes Coalition – Get the Lead Out! Michigan "Clean Corporate Citizens" – 9 in Grand Rapids West Michigan USGBC – 114 LEED Certified Buildings in West Michigan Seeds of Promise™ (www.seedsofpromise.net) Metro Health Complex City Renewable Energy—20% Purchased/100% Goal by 2020 LEED Buildings—Rank 4 th Nationally UN University Recognition—(UNU RCE Grand Rapids) Alternative Fuels—WM Clean Cities Initiative Energy Efficiency—Midwest Cities Grant/EECBG Grant Waste—Free Residential Recycling/Regional Biosolids Facility City Zoning Code—LEED ND Framework Lighting—LED Traffic/Street Lights Water—Great Lake St. Lawrence Cities Initiative Climate—Michigan Climate Action Council; US Mayor\'s Climate Protection Agreement Green Space – Green Grand Rapids Sustainability Plan and Indicator Report

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The Future of Regional Sustainability… Leadership Think Globally Globalization Trends Build Regionally Sustainable Grand Rapids and West Michigan De-Globalization Trends Act Locally Neighborhoods Communities Townships

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West Michigan Regional Sustainability "Triple Bottom Line" (TBL) Initiatives Infrastructure: Michigan DNRE Grand Valley Metro Council Michigan Municipal League West Michigan Strategic Alliance Cities Chicago, IL Toledo, OH Detroit, MI Oak Park, IL Quincy, IL Houghton,

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