Race: The Force of A Hallucination Considering Race and Ethnicity: What are Barack Obama and Tiger Woods? Why race does .

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Race: The Force of A Fantasy Contemplating Race and Ethnicity: What are Barack Obama and Tiger Woods? Why race does not exist… with the exception of as a social develop IV. Part 9's Hypothetical Toolbox V. Clarifying the Determination of Racial and Ethnic Imbalance
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Race: The Power of An Illusion Thinking about Race and Ethnicity: What are Barack Obama and Tiger Woods? Why race does not exist…except as a social build IV. Part 9’s Theoretical Toolkit V. Clarifying the Persistence of Racial and Ethnic Inequality

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Discussion of Film: Race: The Power of An Illusion Episode 1: The Differences Between Us Did this film test or change the way you consider race? What is the film saying in regards to the idea of race? What is its principal contention What is the issue of “concordance” about? Why is it critical to the idea of race? Is the understudy Noah right when he finishes up: “Every single one of us is a mongrel?” Does the film deny that race is genuine?

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What race are these men?

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dd Paternal Grandparents 1 White 1 Native American 2 Black dd Maternal Grandparents 2 Chinese 2 Thai Mother Father Why hasn’t Tiger Woods’ endeavor to characterize himself as “Cablinasian” succeeded?

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What presumptions lie behind the assignment of Tiger Woods and Barack Obama as “African Americans”? These are social , not organic thoughts

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U.S. Statistics “Race” classifications have changed profoundly after some time

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The US Census Bureau declined to include a “multiracial” class for the 2000 evaluation. Rather it permitted people interestingly to pick more than one race. Question: Why do you think this is? Will this change under another U.S. President?

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Recent DNA Evidence: 90% of human hereditary variety exists inside “racial groups” - no predictable hereditary contrasts exist between individuals from distinctive gatherings Less than 1/100 of 1% of our qualities is identified with what society calls “race” We all share a typical family in Africa

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“Race is a social idea, not an exploratory one.” - Dr. J. Craig Venter, Celera Genomics Corp. "Race has no exploratory defense in human biology.” - American Anthropological Association

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Race does not exist ….except as a social develop At the individual level, racial and ethnic classifications are a result of chance, connection and decision (Ferrante, p. 239)

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Chance, Context and Choice How have these variables played out for: Hispanics U.S. natives and outsiders of Arab or Middle Eastern family line Tiger Woods and Barack Obama What does Ferrante mean when she says that in many cases, “context trumps choice”?

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The humanism of race and ethnicity is to a great extent an investigation of how these distinctions come to fruition

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Key Elements of Ch. 9’s Conceptual Toolbox Race and ethnicity Minority bunches Absorption digestion versus Blend Assimilation Prejudice, Stereotypes and Discrimination Institutionalized (or Institutional) Discrimination Stigma and its results

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Sorting out Race versus Ethnicity

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Minority bunches What are their sociological attributes?

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Possible Societal Outcomes of Intergroup Interaction: Putting Assimilation in Context Assimilation - Absorption - Melting Pot Unequal Separation (Segregation, Apartheid) Accommodation (Cultural Pluralism) Discuss: In which heading in U.S. society heading today? What components are prone to be deciding ones?

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Barriers to Assimilation/Accommodation Prejudice and Stereotypes Individual and Institutional Discrimination The relationship in the middle of race and class

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Merton’s Typology Discrimination + _ + Prejudice -Social setting is regularly the key variable

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Institutionalized Discrimination Definition: p. 258 Cracker Barrel eatery case: quiet submission to neighborhood standards redlining racial guiding “at-large” races socially one-sided testing Redlining in Philadelphia, 1936

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Is Racial Inequality Declining? A Question of Measurement

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A Different Operationalization: 2007 Census Data: Family Income Median % of White Income Median Income White $54,920 - - Black $33,916 61.8% Hispanic $38,679 70.4% Note: Black middle pay was 55% of white middle wage in 1960

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Further 2007 Data The destitution rate was 8.2% for whites 24.5% for blacks 21.5% for Hispanics Discuss: How is the ingenuity of U.S. racial imbalance to be clarified?

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What do these two diagram let us know about some piece of the clarification of racial and ethnic disparity?

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A Sociological Debate Are the reasons for racial disparity today principally ones of race or of class ? Dialog William Julius Wilson If race is the primary driver, what are the key components? Also, what might be the arrangement? In the event that class is the fundamental driver, what are

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