Range OF STUDY: Uncommon Occasions.

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Range OF STUDY: Uncommon Occasions GCSE MUSIC FOR AQA Exceptional Occasions MUSIC CAN BE: From the past From the present Global/National Neighborhood Commending something-conception, wedding, rivalry Honoring something-life of somebody, commemoration Unique Occasions MUSIC IS Formed FOR:
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SPECIAL EVENTS MUSIC CAN BE: From the past From the present International/National Local Celebrating something-conception, wedding, rivalry Commemorating something-existence of somebody, remembrance

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SPECIAL EVENTS MUSIC IS COMPOSED FOR: Something specifically For a crowd of people to react to emphatically Events, for example, Coronations/Royal occasions Weddings/Funerals Openings of Parliament Political , Aristocratic and Celebrity philanthropy occasions Sports occasions – Commonwealth amusements/Olympics/Rugby, Football, Cricket occasions Pop social affairs for world gathering pledges.:

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BACKGROUND TO SPECIAL EVENT Composers rely on upon individuals to pay them to compose music for particular occasions By the 18 th century, authors were appointed by PATRONS - Monarchs, Aristocrats, Church pioneers & Politicians Patrons can manage the cost of the cost to form music for a particular occasion

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10 SPECIAL EVENTS FOR GCSE MUSIC ARE: Idyll Masque Anthem Fanfare Ode Oratorio Overture Pop song of devotion Opera Funeral music

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Idyll Greek = “Little picture” Describes a quiet peaceful scene Sung in verses Invented by Wagner Contains Leitmotiefs – a paramount thought speaking to a character

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Masque 17 th century musical show for state events Lavish vocals, instruments, costumes,dancing,scenery and acting Melodic inflections compare with talked accents in English

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Anthem Piece of Choral music with a Biblical content Sung at each British Coronations of a Monarch Composers are Handel and Elgar Famous Anthem = Pomp and condition walks

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Fanfare Ceremonial metal music Announces rulers Patriotic ballyhoos are to welcome troops once again from war; have percussion band nearby the metal instruments 2000 = exhibition to open the Millennium span over the Thames waterway; incorporated a vocal tune

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Ode Piece of verse Praises somebody of significance Set to stylized music Simple or passionate tributes Instruments = strings, woodwind, harpsichord, harp, recorders

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Overture Music composed toward the start of musical drama, play, move, suite, orchestra 1 st suggestion was composed by Beethoven in 1811

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Oratorio Has a sacrosanct subject Performed in show by soloists, outfits and tunes Also instrumental troupes 1 st oratorio written in 1600

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Pop Anthem Raising world consciousness of particular issues like: Famine Aids Olympics World glass Rugby/Football/Cricket cinders 1 st pop hymn was in 1985 with Sir Bob Geldoff and Live Aid Used as a method for raising stores for philanthropy associations

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Opera Dramatic combination of words, music, moving and acting Birthplace is Italy in the 17 th century 1 st Opera is Euridice Written for a regal wedding

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Funeral Music for any persons’ burial service Famous imperial memorial service music for Princess Dianna of Wales : Elton John-Goodbye England’s rose .:tslides

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