Re-designing of the business insights A learning database.

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Re-designing of the business measurements A learning database Recognizing the requirements : which data for whom Yield Include Needs Establishments Register Regulatory Information Profiling Studies Variables Applications or insights A coordinated methodology Measurements EU Business
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Re-designing of the business insights A learning database

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Identifying the needs : which data for whom Output Input Needs Institutions Register Administrative Data Profiling Surveys Variables Applications or measurements

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An incorporated methodology Statistics EU Business Statistics Indicators Micro-information Variables Statistics OECD Statistics UN Statistics FSO Others

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Harmonizing the metadata Vertical blending Sources of data Format Observation Unit Definitions VARIABLES Reference Year Dimensions (Geography, time, and so forth..) Periodicity Quality Methods (e.g. Missing qualities) Other groupings Economic Activity even orchestrating

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How to run further with these metadata : Clustering Periodicity Definitions Variables Observation unit Economic Activity

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Collecting the information Clusters Sources of data Blocks for gathering the information Optimizing the utilization of registers the utilization of regulatory information the procedures of information accumulation the consistency and nature of information Minimizing the measurable weight on ventures the expenses of insights

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Data Model

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