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Readings November Breadths Appraisals Accentuation on aggregate viewers, 18-49 Accomplishment for CBS (more youthful viewers, five specials) NBC: Superstar Dread Component Fox: Male viewers through games Readings CBS Wins CBS attempting to shed picture as "more seasoned" system Readings NBC and alcohol promotions
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Readings November Sweeps Ratings Emphasis on aggregate viewers, 18-49 Success for CBS (more youthful viewers, five specials) NBC: Celebrity Fear Factor Fox: Male viewers through games

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Readings CBS Wins CBS attempting to shed picture as “older” system

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Readings NBC and alcohol promotions Effort to build incomes Network evasion; neighborhood stations just Efforts to manage pundits Threat to magazines? Upgrade

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Readings TV Plot Placement (Week 6) Revlon and “All My Children” Concerns

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contemporary TV why you see what you see

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I. demographics: youthful viewers

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looking for youthful viewers MTV: Real World, Celebrity Death Match WB: Dawson, Gilmore Girls CBS: Murder She Wrote, Touched by an Angel, Survivor I and II. Fox: Temptation Island, X documents ABC’s Millionaire

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Other Reality Programming Reality? Unscripted Costs Demographics Not all fruitful

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II. looking for guys NBC: Seinfeld, XFL CBS: Dr. Quinn, Martial Law sports

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TV Ratings, Feb. 16-22, 1998

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Broadcast TV evaluations, Feb 18-23, ‘02

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appraisals, Jan 25-31, 1999

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games and TV evaluations Football: expenses, consequences of expenses (pre diversion, postgame, ads) Nascar NCAA Olympics wrestling (WWF, UPN’s Smackdown!) Murdoch

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Jerry Springer: wrestling and youth markets

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III. Ladies 60 % telecast viewers ladies stars: Dharma, Ally, Felicity, Sally still a battle: Dottie Dartland, essayist for Dharma and Greg Cable: Lifetime, Oxygen

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different sections more seasoned viewers gays, lesbians: Ellen, Birdcage , Will and Grace

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TV and non-white individuals NAACP challenges, system understandings, progress? Asian Americans on TV Latinos on TV Black Entertainment Television (BET)

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TV today Friends, Temptation Island, Big Brother, Survivor 1, Burger King, UPN appears/Moesha, Will and Grace, Touched by an Angel, MTV/Old Navy, Ally McBeal, MTV/Super Bowl, Smackdown!, Dawson, Survivor 1, Super Bowl promos for CBS, EDS, Bud

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Friends Youth Market Salaries of stars Network responsibility for White TV

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Temptation Island Reality show Reluctance of sponsors Key demographic Cross advancement

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Big Brother Reality, not all fruitful CBS exertion : youthful groups of onlookers

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Survivor 1 Potential of unscripted television, minimal effort, stopping different appears, more youthful gathering of people

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Burger King Advertising: 15 minutes/hr prime time Youth: fast food, music, garments

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Moesha Targeting African Americans Limited assorted qualities on TV

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Will and Grace NBC possessed appear: perfect stream/night Popular Not disputable Sanitized?

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Touched by an Angel Older gathering of people, lower rates in spite of size of group of onlookers “edgier topics”

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MTV/Old Navy Success of MTV: modest generation, perfect promoting vehicle to achieve 12-24

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Ally McBeal Fox methodology to achieve young ladies, young fellows New style of appear: dramedy (dramatization, circumstance satire) Fox’s decay

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MTV Super Bowl/CBS Synergy (same guardian organization) Effort by CBS to pull in more youthful crowd

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Smackdown! UPN show Reaching subtle 12-24 male gathering of people Desired by sponsors (yet restricted) XFL venture

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Dawson WB Young ladies, young fellows Conglomerate cross-advancement (e.g., Warner music)

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Survivor 1 Product Placement Increasing in TV demonstrates to

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Super Bowl Promos Proper methodologies to make the best of to a great degree costly games programming – plug whatever remains of your appears

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EDS, Bud Super Bowl 2001 advertisements $2.3m/30 se

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