Reasonable Data Rehearse Standards and Security Laws.

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Reasonable Information Practice Principles and Privacy Laws Week 3 - September 12, 14

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More homework 1 audit Web cams Privacy in the news Issues security gatherings are taking a shot at Any inquiries regarding counterfeiting?

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Using Library Resources

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Research and Communication Skills CMU Libraries ( ) Engineering and Science (a.k.a. E&S) Location: Wean Hall, 4 th floor Subjects: Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Science, Technology Hunt (CMU\'s fundamental library) Location: Its own building (perhaps 2 nd ugliest on grounds behind Wean), amongst Tepper and Baker Subjects: Arts, Business, Humanities, Social Sciences Software Engineering Institute (a.k.a. SEI) Location: SEI Building (4500 Fifth Avenue), 3 rd floor Subjects: Security, Software, Technology

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Research and Communication Skills START HERE: Cameo is CMU\'s online library inventory everything CMU has: books, diaries, periodicals, sight and sound, and so forth. Look by catchphrases, creator, title, periodical title, and so on

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CAMEO: Search Result for "Cranor" Number of duplicates and status Library

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CAMEO: Search Result for "Solove" Due date

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Research and Communication Skills If it\'s not in Cameo, but rather you require it today: Local Libraries Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Two nearest areas Oakland: Practically on grounds (4400 Forbes Ave.) Squirrel Hill: Forbes & Murray (5801 Forbes Ave.) University of Pittsburgh Libraries 16 libraries! Data science, Engineering, Law, Business, and so on

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Research and Communication Skills If it\'s not in Cameo, and you can hold up: ILLiad and E-ZBorrow ILLiad and E-ZBorrow are inventories of assets accessible for Interlibrary Loan from different libraries across the nation (ILLiad) and in Pennsylvania (E-ZBorrow) Order things online (quite often free) Wait for conveyance – normal 10 business days Find connections to ILLiad and E-ZBorrow online lists at

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Research and Communication Skills Other Useful Databases Links to numerous more databases, diary accumulations Must be gotten to on grounds or through VPN Lexis-Nexis Massive index of lawful sources – law diaries, case law, news stories, and so on. IEEE and ACM diary databases IEEE Xplore and ACM Digital Library INSPEC database Huge database of experimental and specialized papers JSTOR Arts & Sciences, Business, Mathematics, Statistics

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Research and Communication Skills And obviously… Reference bookkeepers are accessible at all CMU libraries, and adoration to individuals discover what they require – simply inquire!

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OECD reasonable data standards Collection restriction Data quality Purpose determination Use constraint Security shields Openness Individual investment Accountability

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US FTC improved standards Notice and exposure Choice and assent Data security Data quality and access Recourse and cures US Federal Trade Commission, Privacy Online: A Report to Congress (June 1998),

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Privacy laws around the globe Privacy laws and controls change generally all through the world US has for the most part area particular laws, with moderately negligible assurances - regularly alluded to as "interwoven blanket" Federal Trade Commission has purview over misrepresentation and beguiling practices Federal Communications Commission manages broadcast communications European Data Protection Directive requires all European Union nations to receive comparable complete security laws that perceive security as central human right Privacy commissions in every nation (a few nations have national and state commissions) Many European organizations rebellious with security laws (2002 study discovered lion\'s share of UK sites resistant)

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US law rudiments Constitutional law represents the privileges of people as for the administration Tort law oversees question between private people or other private substances Congress and state governing bodies embrace statutes Federal offices can embrace directions which are identical to statutes, the length of they don\'t strife with statute

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US Constitution No unequivocal security right, yet a zone of security perceived in its penumbras, including first alteration (right of affiliation) third correction (disallows quartering of warriors in homes) fourth amendment (forbids outlandish hunt and seizure) fifth revision (no self-implication) ninth revision (every other right held by the general population) Penumbra: "periphery at the edge of a profound shadow made by an article remaining in the light" (Smith 2000, p. 258, refering to Justice William O. Douglas in Griswold v. Connecticut )

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Federal statutes and state laws Federal statutes Tend to be barely engaged State law State constitutions may perceive unequivocal right to protection (Georgia, Hawaii) State statutes and basic (tort) law Local laws and directions (for instance: laws on requesting secretly)

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Four parts of security tort You can sue for harms for the accompanying torts (Smith 2000, p. 232-233) Disclosure of really cozy certainties May be honest Disclosure must be across the board, and hostile or questionable to a man of conventional sensibilities Must not be newsworthy or genuine open intrigue False light Personal data or picture distributed outside of any relevant connection to the issue at hand Misappropriation (or right of attention) Commercial utilization of name or face without authorization Intrusion into a man\'s isolation

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How does the law direct security? Law may require deferring security intrigues Law may authorize security intrigues Typically, the law distinguishes applicable security interests to ensure, recognizes significant interests supporting exposure, and tries to adjust both arrangements of issues in a solitary determination

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Difficult lawful issues Can an individual "own" (and along these lines offer) his or her own protection rights? Should the default presumption be "secure the protection intrigue" or "constrain waiver of the security interest"? At the point when ought to the law concede to casual or social standards, or to mechanical hindrances or arrangements?

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Some US security laws Bank Secrecy Act, 1970 Fair Credit Reporting Act, 1971 Privacy Act, 1974 Right to Financial Privacy Act, 1978 Cable TV Privacy Act, 1984 Video Privacy Protection Act, 1988 Family Educational Right to Privacy Act, 1993 Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 1994 Freedom of Information Act, 1966, 1991, 1996

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US law – late augmentations HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, 1996 ) When actualized, will ensure therapeutic records and other separately identifiable wellbeing data COPPA (Children\'s Online Privacy Protection Act, 1998) Web s ites that objective youngsters m ust o btain p arental c onsent before c ollecting p ersonal i nformation from c hildren less than 13 years old GLB (Gramm-Leach-Bliley-Act, 1999) Requires security approach revelation and quit systems from monetary administration establishments

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Safe harbor Membership US organizations self-confirm adherence to prerequisites Dept. of Commerce keeps up signatory list must give notification of information gathered, purposes, and beneficiaries decision of quit outsider exchanges, pick in for delicate information access rights to erase or alter erroneous data security for capacity of gathered information implementation systems for individual dissensions Approved July 26, 2000 by EU maintains authority to renegotiate if solutions for EU residents end up being lacking

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Data insurance offices Australia: Kong :… And some more

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Writing a Literature Review

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Research and Communication Skills Writing a writing survey What is a writing audit? A basic rundown of what has been distributed on a point What is as of now thought about the subject Strengths and shortcomings of past concentrates Often part of the presentation or a segment of an exploration paper, proposition, or postulation A writing survey ought to be sorted out around and related straightforwardly to the theory or examination question you are forming combine comes about into a synopsis of what is and is not known recognize ranges of contention in the writing define questions that need further research Dena Taylor and Margaret Procter. 2004. The writing audit: A couple tips on leading it.

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Research and Communication Skills Literature audit do\'s and don\'ts Don\'t make a rundown of article synopses or quotes Do bring up what is most important about every article to your paper Do thoroughly analyze the articles you survey Do highlight debates brought up or issues left unanswered by the articles you audit Do investigate a few case of writing surveys or related work areas before you attempt to make one yourself For a case, of a writing survey in a CS meeting paper see segment 2 of

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Homework 2 Privacy laws Technologies that raise protection concerns

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Homework 3

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Announcements Don\'t overlook that venture conceptualizing is expected by Monday

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