Reasoning of Religion.

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My remarks and your inquiries regarding the substance of this course ... Wicca. Skepticism or Science? Logic and Truth. Aquinas: confidence is better than reason and ...
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Logic of Religion Welcome and Orientation Dr. Elizabeth Shadish

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Orientation Session Roster and Adds If space licenses, I will include toward the end of class today Review of Handout: getting to and utilizing ETUDES-NG My remarks and your inquiries concerning the substance of this course A brief take a gander at our class site

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While the Roster is Called… Read through specifically the "Exploring the Course" segment of your present. It gives you a decent feeling of how the course functions. For a decent semester - be set up to talk transparently, judiciously and consciously with each other.

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Navigating our Course Website The Syllabus Link Contains our conclusive wellspring obviously data Scroll down for course targets, arrangements, grade scale, and other such critical course data The Modules Link Coordinated with our Syllabus Topics Contains assets to help you approach and comprehend your readings and assignments

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Online Learning – Personal Readiness Technical necessities for achievement Reliable PC access Firefox and a couple of other programming needs Comfortable with email, connections and exploring the Internet Personal Requirements for achievement Independence and activity An ability to make inquiries Self-coordinated and capable

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Online Learning – Course Content Our two required course readings Kessler – Philosophy of Religion: Toward and Global Perspective Judd – Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Religion Instructor-created and Internet-open bolster materials Research access to materials past reference books (either paper or online)

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Assignments and Grading Discussions – led in little gatherings, in a Discussion Board Forum. You will be relegated to your little gathering soon after the include period is over. Tests and Exams (non-aggregate) - taken in the "Test Center." These are coordinated, yet might be "entered" twice. Singular papers - submitted through the "Computerized Dropbox."

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Thinking Philosophically about Religion We are not: Systematically covering world religions Promoting or exposing religious convictions and practices We are: Questioning and examining religious convictions and practices For their sensibility For their truth

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Deals with principal issues Is worried with the importance of life __________________ Questions all suppositions Seeks insight with regards to discerning request Deals with major issues Is worried with the significance of life __________________ Accepts key suspicions Seeks shrewdness with regards to profound development Philosophy and Theology

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Philosophy and Meaning If you don\'t comprehend an idea or conviction, you can\'t start to question it decently. Deciding importance = giving a workable and sensible definition Example: "What is the way of religion?"

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Consider: Religious Diversity Taoism Buddhism Judaism, Christianity and Islam Ba\'hai Unitarianism Wicca Atheism or Science?

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Philosophy and Truth Aquinas: confidence is better than reason and contention (with respect to religious principles) Three motivations to look for confirmation that religious teachings are in certainty genuine: We are balanced creatures who actually try to practice our psyches Many contend that in any event a few parts of religious regulation can be bolstered by reason The contemporary claim of evidentialism

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Your Resources You will have a lot of Class Modules Professor openness SOCS 213B – MW, 12 – 1 pm Online (moment email) – Th, 4 – 5 pm Website join: http://pieces

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Your Login Information User ID: first_last. Watchword: birthday month and year in numeric configuration Go to ECC\'s site to survey login data for ETUDES-NG: Under "scholastics," click on the Distance Education join Scroll down to "Pieces Login Directions"

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Troubleshooting your Login If you can\'t login utilizing the methodology depicted on the Distance Ed page, backtrack to the ETUDES-NG gateway. Click "reset secret key" Provide your email address (most likely your ECC email address) NG will let you know your endeavor was effective; check your email for your new watchword.

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After Logging In… Stay in "My Workspace" on the off chance that you need to: Change your watchword Change the email address NG will utilize. Click on your class tab at the highest point of the page to enter our class landing page.

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So – Let\'s Get Started! Make certain that you get some information about anything that confounds you right on time in the class. Utilize the Student Lounge in the Discussion region to raise intriguing issues or difficulties identified with pondering religious convictions and practices. Who knows – perhaps we can work them into our class discourses!

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