Receptor Site Theory .

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Autonomic Nervous System. Made up of:Sympathetic or AdrenergicAndParasympathetic or Cholinergicsystems. Autonomic Nervous System and the Lung. Thoughtful (Adrenergic) and Parasympathetic (Cholinergic) each have contradicting impacts. . ORGAN SYMP. PARASYMP.Airway Dilates Constricts Smooth MuscleBronchial Dec Inc Gland SecretionsMast Cells Inhibits
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Receptor Site Theory RC 195

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Autonomic Nervous System Made up of: Sympathetic or Adrenergic And Parasympathetic or Cholinergic frameworks

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Autonomic Nervous System and the Lung

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Sympathetic (Adrenergic) and Parasympathetic (Cholinergic) each have contradicting impacts

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ORGAN SYMP. PARASYMP . Aviation route Dilates Constricts Smooth Muscle Bronchial Dec Inc Gland Secretions Mast Cells Inhibits Degranulation

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Mast Cells: Basophils that have relocated into the aviation routes and under the skin. They contain histamine and discharge it when they degranulate bringing about provocative impacts.

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Sympathetic (Adrenergic) Receptor Sites

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Adrenergic (Sympathetic): Alpha Receptor Locations Bronchial Mucosa Blood Vessels and Systemic Blood Vessels (Primarily) Some are found in Mast cells and Bronchial smooth muscle

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Adrenergic (Sympathetic) Receptors: Alpha Effects Constriction of bronchial veins and systemic veins May bring about some bronchoconstriction or pole cell degranulation

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Adrenergic (Sympathetic) Receptors: Beta-1 Locations Primarily found in the heart There might be some in fat tissue and the G.I. Tract

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Adrenergic (Sympathetic) Receptors: Beta-1 Effects: Positive chronotropic and inotropic impact Increased heart rate and expanded stroke volume Increased cardiovascular yield and coronary blood stream May build Oxygen necessities for the heart!

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Adrenergic (Sympathetic) Receptors: Beta-2 Locations Primarily on bronchial smooth muscle and on pole cells Also on systemic and skeletal muscle A couple in the veins

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Adrenergic (Sympathetic) Receptors: Beta-2 Effects Bronchial smooth muscle unwinding (Bronchodilation) and diminished pole cell degranulation These are exceptionally attractive impacts!

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Intracellular Events with Adrenergic (Sympathetic) Stimulation: Beta-2

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Adrenergic (Sympathetic) Receptors: Alpha Decreases c-amp as a result of incitement of ATPase Decreased c-amp causes choking of veins Not a lot of an impact on bronchial smooth muscle or pole cells since they normally have more beta-2 receptors

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Parasympathetic (Cholinergic) Receptor Sites Also found in aviation route smooth muscle and pole cells Stimulation has the inverse impact of adrenergic!

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Adrenergic (Sympathetic) and Cholinergic (Parasympathetic) activity in aviation route smooth muscle and pole cells

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Adrenergic (Sympathetic) locales are animated by: Neurotransmitter: Norepinephrine Adrenergic (Sympathetic) medicates Also known as SYMPATHOMIMETICS or CATECHOLAMINES Epinephrine is an actually happening sympathomimetic

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Parasympathetic (Cholinergic) destinations are empowered by: Neurotransmitter: Acetylcholine Cholinergic (Parasympathetic) drugs: Methacholine

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Many Respiratory Care Drugs Are Designed to Stimulate the Adrenergic (Sympathetic) Sites They more often than not are made to be as beta-2 as well as alpha particular as could reasonably be expected!

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Desired Effects of Adrenergic (Sympathetic) Stimulation Bronchodilation (or bronchodilatation) Decreased Mast cell degranulation Vasoconstriction of mucosal veins, ie, decongestant impact

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Side Effects (Undesired) of Adrenergic (Sympathetic) incitement Beta-1: Tachycardia, Palpitations, Increased Blood weight, conceivably N & V, and cerebral pain Always screen beat while overseeing! Alpha: Increased circulatory strain and perhaps bounce back clog Beta-2: Tremors, fomentation, potentially N & V

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