Recording a Representation Petition.

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Recording a Representation Petition What is a Representation Request Handles and determines all issues concerning the representation of workers by a Work Association Prepared by the Government Work Relations Power (FLRA) for Elected representatives
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Recording a Representation Petition

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What is a Representation Petition Handles and determines all issues concerning the representation of representatives by a Labor Organization Processed by the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) for Federal workers National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for Private Sector and DC Government workers.

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Types of Representation Petitions Election Petition (RO) Clarification of Unit (CU)/Amendment of Certification (AC) name change growth successorship Unit Consolidation (UC) Decertification

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Standing to File a Petition A work association Two or more work associations An organization An individual

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What to File Petitions are recorded utilizing the FLRA Form 21 Download from:

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Purposes of a Petition Election Petition To ask for a decision to figure out whether workers in a fitting unit wish to be spoken to for aggregate bartering by a selective delegate A race to figure out whether representatives in a unit no more wish to be spoken to with the end goal of aggregate haggling by an elite agent

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Purposes of a Petition (cont’d) Clarification of Unit Petition To clear up and/or alter an acknowledgment or accreditation as a result. Unit Consolidation Petition To combine two or more units in an office

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Completing FLRA Form 21 #1 Statement of Purpose (Consolidated Unit Election) – AFGE is asking for a race to speak to and add-on all [professional/nonprofessional/nurses] of the [VAMC, Nashville, TN] to its current across the country merged bartering unit. [(Ref # - ) (uc), (date)]

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Completing FLRA Form 21 (cont’d) Statement of Purpose (CU) Clarification of Unit – to clear up the haggling unit status of all workers of the [VA OPC, Boston, MA], to be incorporated in the current AFGE merged dealing unit. To clear up the current AFGE dealing unit, to incorporate every single Human Resource Assistant, of the [VAMC, Boston, MA].

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Completing FLRA Form 21(cont’d) Statement of Purpose (Name Change) Requesting to correct the confirmation essentially, for the unit some time ago perceived as [unit depiction ], to mirror the accompanying unit portrayal: [new unit name/description]. Mission statement (Unit Consolidation) To solidify ( #) units of expert and nonprofessional workers of the Dept of Economic Development, spoke to by the AFGE and its Locals, and affirm AFGE as the selective delegate.

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Completing FLRA Form 21 (cont’d) #2-Description of Unit(s) Included: All expert/nonprofessional] workers of the [name and area of unit]. Avoided: All chiefs, administration authorities, and workers as depicted in 5 U.S.C. 7112(b) (2) (3) (4) (6) and (7).

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Completing Form 21 (cont’d) #3 – Number of workers in influenced unit Currently Proposed #4 – Petition bolstered by no less than 30% appearing of interest 10% proof of enrollment

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Completing Form 21 (cont’d) #5a – Petitioner AFGE (for new units) AFGE/Local Petitioner Contact [Your name, address & telephone #]

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Other Contents of Form 21 Name & postage information of office and office contact Other Labor association, and contact data Date of Recognition/Certification and close of current understanding (if appropriate) Signature of solicitor, and date of request

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Where do I File With Regional Director (RD) of FLRA area where unit is situated For across the country units document with FLRA district of the office base camp

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Service Requirement A unique and two duplicates of request w/connections to the RD Petition just to office and other work association, if relevant *30% Showing of Interest *Alphabetical Listing of demonstrating Certificate of Service * for race petitions just

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Common Mistakes Statement of Purpose indistinct Missing or hazy unit depiction Missing size of present or proposed unit Wrong candidate Missing action contact data Unsigned appeal to Not sent to M&O for survey and assignment of rep.

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Defective Petitions No appearing of interest No mission statement No unit portrayal Missing size of proposed unit No influenced gatherings recog

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