Reed canary grass as a vitality crop H.

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Reed Canary Grass research. at SLU/BTK. Building up harvest. Crop treatment ... Deferred harvest of Reed Canary Grass. 1. Washing by winter downpour gives lower K and Cl ...
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Reed canary grass as a vitality crop Håkan Örberg Unit of biomass innovation and science

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Reed Canary Grass research at SLU/BTK   Establishing Crop treatment   Harvesting and transport   Storage   Upgrading to Briquettes and pellets   Combustion

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Perennial rhizomatous Grass Reed Canary Grass A high return crop in damp territories Resistant to infections and harm by creepy crawlies Establishing by seeding Agricultural apparatuses can be utilized by reaping and seeding

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Delayed harvest of Reed Canary Grass 1. Washing by winter downpour gives lower K and Cl substance 2. Harvest in early spring time gives dry material . 12-15 % water 3.High misfortunes

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Regions in screening trails

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Yield of postponed collected RCG in Northern Europe

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Fertilizing kg/ha Year 1+2 N P K 150 40 150 Year 3-10/year 80 10 Based on a yield of: 7500 kg/ha

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Harvesting concentrates on Harvesting strategies Combination of hardware Capacity estimations Defining period length of harvest Defining yield and misfortunes Defining d.m.values

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Storage thinks about Different spread techniques Different stacking strategies Time utilization Cost ascertaining

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Upgrading to pellets or briquettes Capacity and quality estimations Electrical utilization estimations Optimizing preparing parameters: - Grinding, sieving, steam molding - Die sort System investigation

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Bio fuel pilot plant

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Conveyor and shredder

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Briquette machine

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Pellets press

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Combustion tests Emission estimations Ash dissolving attributes Combustion effectiveness

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Boiler 150-600 kW

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