Reflection customers' e-trade change on the CPI.

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UNECE/ILO Meeting on Buyer Value List Reflection buyers' e-business change on the CPI Kyunghee Kim, Measurements Korea (KOSTAT) Substance Korean CPI plot Web advancement in Korea E-trade in Korean CPI Conclusion I. Korean CPI diagram Utilization Expansion estimation
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UNECE/ILO Meeting on Consumer Price Index Reflection consumers’ e-trade change on the CPI Kyunghee Kim, Statistics Korea (KOSTAT)

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Contents Korean CPI layout Internet improvement in Korea E-business in Korean CPI Conclusion

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I. Korean CPI plot Usage Inflation estimation Expenditure emptying at current costs or wage Indexation of standardized savings advantage Pension, pay, reparation

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I. Korean CPI plot Scope Households Exclude families whose essential movement is cultivating or angling Geographical zone 7 metropolitan territory and 31 vast urban areas Outlets The PDS gathers costs of a thing in 150 nearby stores.

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I. Korean CPI plot Items and Weight Items and weights are gotten from the Household Income and Expenditure Survey (the HIES) led in 9000 family units Revision in at regular intervals finishing 0 or 5 Items, weight , and urban areas are changed The PSD gets ready 2010 modification

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I. Korean CPI diagram Price Collection Conduct routinely consistently Agricultural item, gas, brilliant ring Three times each month Manufactured merchandise and administrations Once every month

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II. Web advancement in Korea 8 out of 10 family units get to the Internet 6 out of 10 persons encounter the Internet shopping

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III. E-trade in Korean CPI For 19 things, the PSD has gathered costs through the Internet shopping centers and produces the CPI since 2005. The PSD readies the amendment of 2010 rebase Three criteria for e-commerce’s things Transaction percent Survey accessibility Different value pattern

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III. E-business in Korean CPI Transaction values E-trade and digital shopping overview Ad hoc review in the HIES family units Items : Households apparatuses, Cosmetic, Books, Computers and different machines

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III. Exchange Value by item (Unit : billion won)

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III. E-business in Korean CPI Survey Availability Items and Internet shopping centers Each item has its own prevalent shopping centers Pretest for 6 months and check review accessibility

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III. E-business in Korean CPI Different value pattern T-test of the methods and difference between the Internet\'s costs shopping centers and neighborhood stores Exclusion things which have the same pattern

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III. E-business in Korean CPI Weight Households Income and Expenditure Survey couldn\'t give data the merchandise are bought by the on-line or disconnected from the net The PSD figures the weights of things for e-trade by Wholesale and retail exchange review and E-business and digital shopping overview

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(Unit : billion won) A : Wholesale and retail exchange study B : E-business and digital shopping study

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III. E-business in Korean CPI Index The PSD weights the two relative costs to create the thing record Internet shopping centers & neighborhood stores Refrigerator list Internet shopping : 120.5 Local stores : 130.4 =120.5*0.135 + 130.4*0.875

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IV. Conclusion Finalize the things and weights for e-business in December 2010 E-commerce’s sway on the CPI will be expanded in 2010 rebase as a result of more things and weights

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