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REG 265
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REG 265 – Infrastructure Technology Dr AHMAD HILMY ABDUL HAMID School of Housing, Building & Planning

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Parkings Parking as a major aspect of a general transportation framework is one of the essential issues of our circumstances. As the quantity of autos increments exponentially, the need to house them in closeness makes a testing plan issue

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Parkings Parking Lots ( Primarily Used via Automobiles) Parking parcels are cleared territories expected for vehicle stopping and can differ broadly in size, capacity and outline.

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Parkings Assumed Traffic Low speed vehicles and trucks.  Typically, cars may travel anyplace in the parking area while overwhelming trucks go to and from conveyance and get focuses only.  Thus, suggested parking garage auxiliary outline is partitioned into two classifications:

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Parkings Light loads .  Parking parcel zones anticipated that would encounter practically no truck activity can be intended for auto and light truck loads only.  Typically light load parking garage ranges envelop the stopping slows down and stopping slow down get to lanes.  Truck movement in these territories is constrained to a couple of medium trucks and the incidental substantial truck that may stray in the stopping slow down zone night-time.

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Parkings Heavy loads .  Parking territories anticipated that would encounter critical truck activity ought to incorporate a thicker asphalt structure to suit these heavier loads.  Typically, substantial load parking area ranges envelop the passage and leave paths from the parking area, the region straightforwardly before a store, truck stacking/emptying regions and get to courses to these areas.  The suggested least asphalt thicknesses appeared here are for run of the mill parking area overwhelming burden areas.  If it is likely a specific parking area will encounter unreasonable overwhelming burdens, it ought to be outlined utilizing an endorsed method .

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Parkings General Considerations Parking Stall Dimensions: Changes in the vehicle estimate have changed the parking spot measurements important to oblige vast autos and little autos. These vehicle changes have additionally lessened the path width necessities to get to a stopping slow down. Substantial autos commonly require around 9 feet of slow down width to give adequate entryway opening width, and little autos require roughly 8 feet of slow down width. The one-estimate fits-all plans are less demanding to execute for a few reasons: most drivers don\'t have the foggiest idea about the span of the vehicle or whether it is a substantial or little auto; most drivers take the most readily accessible space paying little respect to size; and huge autos stopped in little auto spaces make issues by infringing on nearby spaces and potentially on the abutting passageways. • The Parking rules use a one-estimate fits-all width of 8 feet 6 inches.

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Parkings Driveway Design: The security and effectiveness of a road relies on upon the sum and character of impedance influencing vehicles moving along it. Critical impedance is brought about on most streets by vehicles entering, leaving, or intersection at converging boulevards and garages. With a specific end goal to limit mischances and to guarantee best general utilization of the street by the overall population, it is important to manage vehicle developments all through adjoining improvements and cross boulevards.

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Parkings • The struggle impact of garages is an element of activity and person on foot stream along the road and at the carport. • A low volume garage causes moderately little clash on a noteworthy road, and a high volume carport causes little clash on a minor course. • In ranges of high passerby action, outlines for low speed vehicular passage and exit might be founded on radii and limited aggregate widths. • Driveways ought to be intended for control path access with negligible infringement on travel paths.

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Parkings • Design components of every garage (area, separating, locate remove, throat width, radii, points, and grades) ought to be founded on expected volumes and vehicle attributes. • For right-turn passage and leave, the carport span ought to be steady with the outline vehicles clear way prerequisites. • Most garage plan components are straightforwardly identified with the design of the stopping zone, measure of store space, sorts of stacking office, flow example, and building situation inside the site.

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Parkings Parking Area

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Parkings Parking Garage

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Parkings Parking Layout

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Parkings Robotic Parking – Vertical Stacking

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Parkings Robotic Parking – Vertical Stacking

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Parkings Robotic Parking Garage

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Parkings Eco Parking Area

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Parkings Motorcycle Parking

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Parkings Motorcyle stopping

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Parkings Bus Parking Area

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Parkings Bus station stopping

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Parkings Parking Guidance – Road Signs

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Parkings Parking Guidance - Underground

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Parkings Parking Guidance - Multistorey

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Parkings Congestion Reduction

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Parkings Parking – Recogniton Technology

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Parkings Parking – Occupancy Recognition

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Parkings Vehicle Clamp

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Parkings Parking Stunts

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Parkings Parking Oddity

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Auto Parking

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Robotic Parking

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Kerja kursus Anda dijemput oleh sebuah Pihak Berkuasa tempatan (PBT) untuk merangka garis panduan pembangunan di kawasan mereka. Tulis satu laporan ringkas untuk PBT berkenaan dengan memberi tumpuan kepada perkara berikut: i) Cadangan jalan -Hieraki -Kebolehsampaian -Isu Mobiliti -Jalan residensi ii) Peparitan & Pakir -Jenis2 pakir dan peparitan lestari iii) Sistem lampu jalan -Opsyen dan keperluan NOTA: 1.Sokong laporan anda dengan rajah, gambar dan jadual yang relevan 2.Laporan anda tidak harus melebihi 20 muka surat (penulisan sahaja)

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Coursework You have been welcomed by a Local Authority (LA) to set up an advancement rule for their area. Compose a short report for the LA by offering center to the accompanying things: i) Road proposition -Hierachy -Accessibility -Mobility issues -Residential streets ii) Parking & Drainage -Types of stopping and reasonable waste iii) Street light system -Options and prerequisites NOTES: 1.Support your report with the significant outlines, photographs and tables. 2.Your report ought not surpass 20 pages (composed words)

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Website Course accommodation: at the very latest 11 th Sept 2009 Place: HBP front office – please sign accommodation agenda

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Parkings Next Topic: Drainage & Street Lightings

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