Regenerative and General Wellbeing Results and Their Monetary Outcomes for Family units in Accra, Ghana.

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Conceptive and General Wellbeing Results and Their Financial Outcomes for Family units in Accra, Ghana. Allan Slope and Günther Fink Harvard Community for Populace and Advancement Considers Ernest Aryeetey and Isaac Osei-Akoto Foundation for Measurable, Social and Financial Examination
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Regenerative and Overall Health Outcomes and Their Economic Consequences for Households in Accra, Ghana Allan Hill and Gã¼nther Fink Harvard Center for Population & Development Studies Ernest Aryeetey and Isaac Osei-Akoto Institute for Statistical, Social and Economic Research Third Annual Research Conference on Population, Reproductive Health and Economic Development Dublin, Jan 16-18, 2009

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Research Questions Broad inquiry: What are the monetary results of sick wellbeing? Unique Research Questions: How do spells of sick wellbeing influence family unit wage and utilization in urban Sub-Saharan Africa? How does family unit piece influence the ways of dealing with stress picked by the family unit in the short run? How does sick wellbeing influence family unit sythesis in the short and medium run?

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Empirical challenges… Identifying the causal impact of sick wellbeing on monetary results in the vicinity of imperceptibly heterogeneity Distinguishing “reproductive” horribleness from general sick wellbeing Measuring the aberrant impacts of women’s RH bleakness Childhood ailment and women’s work Other grown-up diseases in the family “Openness” of family unit support (e.g. Ga non-living arrangement of mates; more distant family exchanges; national wellbeing protection) Capturing the co-occurrence of an arrangement of independently “minor” RH conditions which are in any case additive….

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Baseline Sample Women’s Health Study of Accra 2003: Representative specimen of 3200 ladies matured 18+ from the Accra Metropolitan Area Over-examining of elderly Stratification by social class taking into account enumeration information Detailed home meeting with spotlight on general and conceptive wellbeing Blood tests and clinic visit for a sub-test of the ladies (Korle Bu Teaching Hospital)

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Original Sampling Framework

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Findings from 2003 Heavy weight of non-transferable maladies – solid relationship with age Obesity Cholesterol levels Diabetes Depression and dysfunctional behavior Women of regenerative age in great general wellbeing TFR=2.1 Clustering of minor conceptive wellbeing conditions (co-morbidities c.f. Giza Study) RH conditions additive…

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Health points secured in the home meeting

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Physical examination Measurement of tallness, weight and circumference Measurement of visual keenness Measurement of circulatory strain, heart rate and temperature Complete physical examination: head to toe

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Microeconomic Study 2008/2009

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Study Design Sub-test of 1000 families recorded to ladies talked with both in 2003 and 2008 (in advance) Each families is taken after more than 12 weeks with no less than one visit for every week Rolling specimen to ensure local scope of every one of the four financial habitation sorts in every season

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Accra Metropolitan Area Total populace gauge 1.6-2.9 Millions (around 10% of aggregate populace) 1741 list zones (EA) in 6 sub-metros – 200 arbitrarily chose

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Rolling Sample Time Line 12 weeks Week 1 IV 1 cycle 1 Week 2 IV 2 cycle 1 Week 3 IV 3 cycle 1 Each “cohort” comprises of 20-25 family units 3-5 unique EAs IV 11: cycle 4 IV 12: cycle 4 Week 52 IV 13: cycle 4 December 09 October 08

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Background Information Collected Household structure and courses of action (week 1) Detailed educating data for all kids in the houshold (week 7) Detailed employment data for all grown-up family unit individuals (week 10) Detailed wellbeing history of list lady and her family (WHSA II)

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Main Health Information Collected Health Module : During each of the 12 week by week visits, a log about affliction spells in the family is kept. On the off chance that any intense affliction happened in past 6 days, the accompanying data is collected:uration of infection Health office name and area Medication utilized Direct cost to the family unit: remedies & specialist expenses Indirect private expense: number of hours/days not ready to work Indirect HH expense: number of hours other HH individuals stayed home to deal with wiped out individual

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Additional Health Information Collected Daily time utilization and wellbeing journals : chose family unit individuals are prepared to round out every day journals containing: Principal action for every 30 moment time piece Overall self-wellbeing evaluation every day

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Daily Diary Example

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Discussion Diary Data Main advantages: permits to confirm family reaction from wellbeing modules: how does day by day routine change for people amid wellbeing issues of any HH part? Gives intriguing picture of regular life in an advanced African urban environment – how do people invest their energy? Permits constrained danger component investigation: work separation, driving and wellbeing; work/relaxation equalization and wellbeing Concerns: Large potential slip in self-reports Major specimen choice issue: proficiency!

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Data Collection: Status and Projection More coming soonâ

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