Registration OF MARINE LIFE All System Meeting Mapping and Representation Pat Halpin November 2007 Auckland, New Zealand.

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Accomplice: Google. Google Maps (program) Google Earth (application) OBIS ... conceivably empower dissemination of the guide or maps to every one of the 113,000 K-12 schools ...
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Enumeration OF MARINE LIFE All Program Meeting Mapping & Visualization Pat Halpin November 2007 Auckland, New Zealand

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Partner: National Geographic Society Print Publications Print Mapping Internet Mapping

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Partner: Google Maps (program) Google Earth (application)

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Ocean information from NASA - JPL Marine creature information from SEAMAP Listed in Layers box with custom question popup windows Oceanographic SST SSH Chlorophyll Current OBIS-SEAMAP Datasets Species Custom Query MEBM DSS Sample popup window from SEAMAP Online Mapper (a work in progress) at

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Mapping Census Activities - Census of Marine Life Portal Google Map For undertaking locator/joins

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CoML Activities How would we be able to better speak to the majority of the exercises of the Census? How would we consolidate different sorts of exercises in a straightforward way? Could we build up a dynamic sequence of the initial 10 years of the Census?

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A Common Technical Guide A typical manual for improvement of visual and mapped items will give auspicious specialized documentation, programming utilization proposals/help, principles, conventions and in addition particular layouts for mapping and perception advancement. The website will serve content on: particular mapping guidelines and conventions, aggregate web mapping and web-administrations, shared devices and scripts, steady base-map information, advisers for cartographic principles (computerized/print), and normal formats, shading palettes, realistic libraries.

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Technical workshops Fall 2008 Census mapping and representation workshop will likewise be reported to occur at Duke University. This workshop will include outer specialists and inward Census pros for preparing, rousing and talking about methods with welcomed agents over the Census ventures. Spring 2009 Follow-up association will be directed in Long Beach, CA to concur with the "Joint Assembly" to guarantee visual consistency of the 2010 last reports. This workshop will prepare on utilization of gave formats and regular visual components, particularly those cartographic in nature.

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Surveys to evaluate needs and aptitudes Site visits to work straightforwardly with Census research groups Online correspondence with email, web talk and desktop offering Technical improvement administration to bug following, guides, code forming and on-line documentation Direct Project Interaction

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NGS: Wall Map of Census Activities The National Geographic Society Product 1 Title: Census of Marine Life: Exploring Ocean Life, Past, Present, and Future Format: Wall map – 2 x 3 feet Release date: Late 2008 Description: Double-sided World guide delineating the study degrees and advances utilized by various examination gatherings to enumeration the seas in the over a significant time span and to model future sea life. The guide will demonstrate the spatial impressions of the overviews with content and photographs of the species studied and the advancements utilized, with inset maps and charts of real discoveries. Reverse side portrays the Census exertion, with profiles of the exploration projects and patrons, extra photos, logos and web joins. Appropriation: ~100,000 duplicates the Society\'s topography instruction organization together system; neighborhood dialect versions of National Geographic magazine; future versions of EarthPulse

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NGS: Wall Map of Census Discoveries The National Geographic Society Product 2 Title: Biodiversity of the Oceans: Past, Present, and Future Format: Wall map – 2 x 3 feet Release date: October 2010 Description: Double-sided World guide portraying the most magnetic species that were found, followed, and displayed in the Census, alongside the significant discoveries with respect to past, present, and future populaces. The guide will indicate Large Marine Ecosystems (LME) or Marine Ecoregions of the World (MEOW), with photos of the species occupying them. Reverse side recounts stories of the biological system administrations gave by marine biota, populace and environment patterns, and dangers to marine species and environment administrations. Circulation: ~100,000. A noteworthy corporate sponsorship could conceivably empower appropriation of the guide or maps to every one of the 113,000 K-12 schools in the U.S.

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NGS: Internet Atlas of Marine Life The National Geographic Society Product 3 Title: Atlas of Marine Life Format: Rich Internet Application Launch date: October 2010, with Biodiversity of the Oceans divider map Description: Map-driven site permitting clients to zoom to wherever on Earth and switch map subjects between physical oceanographic variables, huge marine biological systems, marine ecoregions, species assorted qualities, CoML studies and discoveries (gathered by past, present, and future), marine secured regions, dangers, environment administrations values, and so on. Maps are interactive to give portrayals, stories, photographs, video, sound, and charts connected with guide highlights. There will be connections to CoML programs, supports, Encyclopedia of Life, and content. Dissemination: The site would be available to an overall crowd, and could be advanced, connected to, and/or facilitated by National Geographic, the Census of Marine Life, or other accomplice associations.

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Announce Mapping & Visualization program Refine the extent of "mapping and exploratory perception bolster administrations" crosswise over CoML ventures Distribute review of necessities and abilities Identify more particular needs of CoML and tasks Goals during the current Week

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