Remote retail – upward pattern.

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Remote retail – upward pattern Arranged by Petr Palicka, Overseeing Executive Substance Retail showcase review Europe x Czech Republic Market circumstance diagram – by and large, year 2005 Property ventures Retail advertise desire in the following 2-3 years Retail advertise investigation and examination
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Remote retail – upward pattern Prepared by Petr Palicka, Managing Director

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CONTENT Retail advertise review Europe x Czech Republic Market circumstance diagram – by and large, year 2005 Property speculations Retail showcase desire in the following 2-3 years Retail advertise investigation & research Bovis Lend Lease retail extends

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Retail showcase outline - Europe The region of Shopping Centers in 34 European nations in consistent growth Total shopping area 100 mil sqm average 166 sqm/1,000 occupants New shopping area 2005 - 5,5 mil sqm 2006 - 7 mil sqm Countries with the biggest shopping range UK 14 mil sqm (232 sqm/1,000 occupants) France 13 mil sqm (220 sqm/1,000 tenants) Germany 11 mil sqm (132 sqm/1,000 tenants) Countries with the most minimal standard of shopping Bulgaria, Malta, Bosnia

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Retail showcase review - CR – General outline Market circumstance is firmly affected with hyper & grocery store chains High measure of hypermarkets & general stores available Highly focused environment, cost expand stagnation Continuous increment of shopping mallsâ\' notoriety 10 SCs with more than 100 inhabitants, more than 30 SCs with more than 50 inhabitants Hypermarket occupant in CS still as the fundamental fascination for the clients Increase pattern of amusement zone in shopping centers (Cinemas, wellbeing, ice - rings, pools, and so forth.) Customersâ\' conduct Insist more on goodsâ\' quality and solace amid shopping, shopping turning into a period of happiness and associated with stimulation, additional time spent in individual BU than in hyper & grocery stores Significant change of the suppliersâ\' structure Goods imported from EU nations  Czech makers fare to EU nations

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Retail showcase diagram - CR - year 2005 The region of Shopping Centers expanded up to 20% (212,000 sqm) Total shopping territory is 1,35 mil sqm = 132 sqm/1,000 tenants CR is still behind c. 20% in correlation to EU nations Prague itself over-ascents the EU normal of 40% (32% of aggregate region in CR) Each local City has no less than one SC in EU standard New Shopping Centers opened, others experienced range amplification 3 new SCs in Prague (OKC Eden, Gal e rie Butovice, Centrum Chodov) Not every one of them must be fruitful – area is an imperative figure New pattern SCs situation Instead of citiesâ\' fringe (to draw in additionally non-city tenants) the City focuses again needed (eg. new SCs Vankovka in Brno, Palladium in Prague to be opened in 2007)

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Property interests in Retail – CR - 2005 The retail property business sector keeps on being extremely dynamic Retailer interest stays solid, specifically for key high road areas, expanding interest for new Shopping Center space – particularly for BU in shopping centers various new nearby SC advancements are expected for finishing in the following two years. Away SC to be modernized to contend. Appeal on venture trusts, yields 7-6,5 % Region speculation split Investments are not focused on just to Prague district Prague – high road, more extensive downtown area, outskirts of City focus Regions – Bohemia (Middle, North, West), Moravia (North, South)

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Property interests in Retail – CR - Major speculations/bargains 2005 Sestka, Prague 6-Ruzyne size 32,000 sqm price € 70 mil yield 7,50% AGY Centrum, Ceske Budejovice size 30,000 sqm price > € 45 mil yield 7,50% Arcady Pankrac, Prague 4 size 36,000 sqm price c. € 72 mil yield confidential Nove Butovice, Prague 5 size 46,000 sqm price € 100 mil yield 8,25 %

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Retail advertise desire for the following 2 - 3 years Expectation of the new global retail chains entering the business sector Successful entrances to the business sector expected a) Non-sustenance fragments fashion, shoes, furniture, and so on b) Food segment mostly in little urban areas, non Prague district Expansion method option new items & designs sensitive methodology with nearby changes Increase of shopping range to accomplish EU normal New SCs to be develop and opened – to 160,000 sqm in 2006

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Number of retail units in SC in CR – Top 12 Books Clothes/style/material Shoes/calfskin merchandise Sport/Toys Jewellery/Watches/Presents Electronics/PC tech Food Flowers Furniture/floor coverings/delicate outfitting Tobacco/daily papers Hypermarkets Drugstore/beautifiers Product classification split , information from January 2006

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Customersâ\' visit of BU at the shopping centre Hypermarket M all Restaurants Cinemas/Fitness Services

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Raising prominence of the Shopping Centres > 5 hrs 3-4 hrs 2-3 hrs 1-2 hrs < 1hr Time spent in the most loved shopping centre amid the last visit (hours)

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The most went by Shopping Centres in Prague regularly uncommon Myslbek Globus Zlicin OC Letnany Metropole Zlicin Novy Smichov C. Cerny Most Hypernova Pruhonice Avion Zlincin Palac Flora Park Hostivar Share of Prague families (%), Explanation – uncommon x regularly visits

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Top 10 Retail chains as far as turnover, information from 2004)

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Area in sqm/1,000 occupants 50 70 90 110 130 Hypermarketsâ\' Shopping range - Regional split

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Development of hypermarkets in CR Number of super and hypermarkets, information from January 2006

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Bovis Lend Lease – Retail & Leisure ventures Olympia Shopping Centers - € 162 mil. all out for 6 focuses Asko Furniture – Brno, Teplice MIXED USE Slovansky D um, Prague - € 36.7 mil. SC Centrum Chodov – € 106 mil.

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Bovis Lend Lease – Retail & Leisure ventures Tesco Stores , 4 stores, Czech Republic Ster Century Cinemas, 6 ventures, Czech Republic CentroZlin SC, Zlin Ahold Hypermarkets – 7 stores, Czech & Slovak Republic

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Bovis Lend Lease – Centrum Chodov Completion 06/04 - 11/05 Lease-capable region 55 000 m2 # BU

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