REPCO Establishment FOR Small scale CREDIT.

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REPCO Establishment FOR Miniaturized scale CREDIT FORMAL and Casual LINKAGES IN INDIAN Lodging Division Presentation by G. Manickasundaram Venture Chief Development OF THE INDIAN Lodging Part – Sway Engine of local development Backward and forward linkages with more than 269 ancillary businesses
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GROWTH OF THE INDIAN HOUSING SECTOR – IMPACT Engine of local development Backward & forward linkages with more than 269 ancillary commercial ventures Second biggest job generator in the country Growth sought after is driven by enhanced reasonableness Lower premium rate Fiscal motivating forces Stable property costs Rising salary levels Increasing lodging needs

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FORMAL AND INFORMAL LINKAGES Informal Non institutional Private sources Money loan specialists Traders Relatives & Friends NGOs SHGs Formal Banks Financial Institutions Capital Market Cooperatives NBFCs

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SOURCES FOR FINANCE FOR HOUSE CONSTRUCTION (% of money related expense on development) Source: NSSO (2004)

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THE REPCO GROUP Headed by Repco Bank-a multi-state Cooperative Sector Institution co- promoted by GOI and Southern States of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Kerala. Head quartered in Chennai, it began operation in 1969 with the principle target of rehabilitating repatriates. The Bank is represented by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India. Repco Home Finance Limited (RHFL), a lodging account backup of Repco Bank began its operation in May 2000 and as of now having a housing advance portfolio of Rs.1200 crore with 35 branches crosswise over Southern India. Repco Foundation for Micro credit (RFMC), a NGO advanced by Repco Bank was enrolled, under Companies Act 1956 (Section 25). It is a not revenue driven entity for stretching out supporting administrations to SHGs financed by the bank exclusively with a view to expanding the income level and in the long run enhancing the standard of life of the target bunch. Repco Infrastructure Development Company Limited (RIDCL), subsidiary of Repco Bank & RHFL appeared in July 2008 with the fundamental target of actualizing PPP ventures with Southern State Governments. 5 28-10-2009

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Low Income Housing-Repco Experience 6 28-10-2009

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Low Income Housing-Repco Experience… 7 28-10-2009

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Low Income Housing-Repco Experience…

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Low Income Housing-Proposed REPCO Model Based on our experience so far in managing lodging for low wage, disorderly segment family units, the most striking disclosure is that inferable from customarily non-salary creating nature of venture for lodging (for this strata especially where rental/hypothesis is not applicable) there is absence of inspiration on a recipients\' piece. It is felt that the arrangement lies in advancing a Group Housing Concept through SHG Mode . Henceforth, REPCO advanced a coordinated model for sanctuary cum wage era for these family units through the guardian Bank and its 3 auxiliaries RHFL, RFMC & RIDCL. The center standard of the model would be to some degree like NHB’s PHIRA Scheme with executing organizations taking greater and more dynamic part in usage. With gathering surety, even without satisfactory security, home loan could be made and reimbursement ensured subsequently tending to the issues of non-accessibility of property title and wage evidence. 9 28-10-2009

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Low Income Housing-Proposed REPCO Model Working of the Model Activity Role Effectiveness Organizing SHGs included in comparable movement Promoting SHGs Vocational Training Marketing of SHG Products Income could be evaluated in view of the overall business sector rates of SHG items and deals volume There would likewise be credit linkages. Subsequent and recuperation at lower expense Construction of Shelter cum work shed Assessing the haven zone necessity and work zone prerequisite Providing specialized bolster Planning the format Construction & conveyance Preparing evaluations/consumption spending plan, maintaining a strategic distance from deferral in development or forsaking development , giving innovation bolster, ease lodging Financial Assistance Providing subsidizing Arranging for renegotiating from concerned foundations Taking consideration of starting edge prerequisite through family work and locally accessible materials of recipient 10 28-10-2009

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BENEFITS OF THE SCHEME Provides safe house to the poor discouraged. Gives open door for the disorderly workers to possess houses. To advantage Women Self Help Group individuals to redesign their homes. Safe house credit enhances manageability and the relationship among their individuals.

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