Report European Barrenness Union.

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Report European Barrenness Collusion. Working Gatherings : Database EU Promotion Correspondence More Kids For Europe Wage Eras Statutes Conrad Engler, Secretary EIA. Working Gathering Database: First aftereffects of the survey . What and Why ? . 2 sections :
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Report European Infertility Alliance Working Groups : Database EU Advocacy Communication More Children For Europe Income Generations Statutes Conrad Engler, Secretary EIA

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Working Group Database: First consequences of the poll

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What & Why ? 2 sections : Members’ Questionnaire Clear technique on the best way to turn into a part Overview of “content” of our individuals, straightforwardness To be included : 1 focal contactperson per gathering (name, tel nr, email address) Law and Regulation To comprehend YOUR circumstance inside European setting Strong apparatus for national/EU anteroom work Possible medicinal extension, ESHRE Overview book as Alzheimer Europe (EU subsidizing)

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Who on 28/06/2007 ? Belgium , De Verdwaalde Ooievaar (The Lost Stork – Fertility Network Belgium) Spain , Genera (Help to Fertility Association) Italy , Associazione (Mammeonline Association) The Netherlands , Freya (Asociation for individuals with richness issues) Slovakia , Bocian (Civil Association “Stork”) France , Maia (Association Maia) Sweden , private individual : Lena Gimbergsson Germany , Wunschkind e.V. (Wishchild, Charitable Organization) Finland , Lapsettomien Yhdistys Simpukka ry (Finnish Infertility Association) Switzerland , Verein Kinderwunsch (Association Child Wish) and 12 England and Ireland not integretated plane (in light of specialized reasons)

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What to expect today Results are first draft Open for development What to enhance, extend working gathering Interpretation to be checked by every nation/gathering Results are named per nation

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Status part associations (1) Website all have one Newsletter all have one, not Spain Between 25 000 ( Italy & Slovakia) and 500 (Belgium) duplicates Members Patients : all Family and companions : all, not The Netherlands Nurses/birthing specialists : just Belgium, Spain, Germany Medical Doctors : just Belgium, Spain Psychologists : just Belgium, Spain, Germany, Finland IVF focuses : just Finland

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Status part associations (2) Number of individuals Between 220 (Switzerland) and 25 000 (Italy) Number of boardmembers 5, 6 ,7 up to 15 in France and 200 in Italy Kind of boardmembers Patients : all Professionals : just Belgium, Spain, Slovakia, Germany

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Status part orgnizations (3) Date of begin Between 1985 (The Netherlands) and 2006 (Belgium) Advisory Board Have one : Belgium, Spain, Slovakia, Switzerland Who is part : as a rule every single therapeutic master Membership charges Only Belgium : free participation Most gatherings have distinctive expenses for people and couples/experts Between 7,7€ (Slovakia) and 150€ (Italy)

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Status part associations (4) Yearly spending plan Between 12 000€ (Spain) and 215 000 (The Netherlands) Where does the cash originate from ? Enrollment charges : between 0% (Belgium) and 80% (France) Government : just Spain, The Netherlands (40%), France (20%) and Finland (60%) Hospitals : just Belgium and Finland Pharmaceutical organizations : Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland Fundraising : just Belgium, Spain and Finland Donations : just Belgium, Italy and The Netherlands

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Status part associations (5) Number of volunteers Between 2 (Slovakia) and 70 (The Netherlands) Paid staff Secretary : Spain, The Netherlands (9h/wk), France, Germany The Netherlands has likewise Chief official (32h/wk), Policy officer (20h/wk), Communications officer (20h/wk)

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What & Why ? 2 sections : Members’ Questionnaire Clear strategy on the best way to turn into a part Overview of “content” of our individuals, straightforwardness To be included : 1 focal contactperson per gathering (name, tel nr, email address) Law and Regulation To comprehend YOUR circumstance inside European setting Strong device for neighborhood/EU anteroom work Possible restorative development, ESHRE Book Alzheimer Europe, EU subsidizing

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Legal circumstance

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Number of cycles/populace

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Fill out the poll !

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EU promotion European Commission in Brussels Active part in European Patients’ Plattform Direct contacts to the European Commission Influence EU by means of national wellbeing powers Joint endeavor with ESHRE Patient associations and ART experts cooperate European Parliament Direct contacts with individuals from parliament Show the impact of diverse regulations in the nations for the ART tourism through Europe with negative effects for concerned couples and the contributors in poorer nations

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Communication Internal Improove inward correspondence and counseling of the individuals E-Mail-Newsletter for individuals and intrigued partners Internal and outside New landing page Key reality on the site Background data about tasks External Media relations on European level, support for national level Create news esteem with great human touch stories, studies and outlines about distinctive enactments (poll, IVF tourism)

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The future: Proud to be a piece of the ICSI family, yet ... Inward talk in the EIA about vote based system, races, straightforwardness of choice making and account with resulting counseling of part association, including correction or new statutes and also new name and case Open procedure of exchange and choices relying upon the criticisms of part associations Strong feeling in the Coordination Committee of EIA to stay in the ICSI family and to reinforce the relationship to ICSI, yet to build up another methodology towards an in number European Coalition

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