Representative Advantages Brevard Area Leading group of Region Officials.

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Advantages Specialists: Rita Chrzaszcz, Employee Benefits. Sam Bailes, Employee Benefits ... Division Staff and/or Employee Benefits will be accessible to help ...
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Representative BENEFITS Brevard County Board of County Commissioners Effective January 1, 2008

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Your Employee Benefits Staff Insurance Director Jerry Visco Employee Benefits Manager Cathy Jaskiewicz Benefits Specialists: Rita Chrzaszcz , Employee Benefits Sam Bailes , Employee Benefits Kathy Patterson , HR Benefits Health & Wellness Officer Glory Bennette, RN 321-633-2103

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2008 ANNUAL ENROLLMENT On-line Enrollment Starts 10/15 and Ends 10/26 October 2007

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2008 PLAN HIGHLIGHTS 9.5% Rate Increase for Medical; No Plan Design Changes Tricare Supplement No Longer Offered American Pioneer Medicare HMO No Longer Offered Delta Dental New Dental Provider

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"Grounds" ON-LINE ENROLLMENT How Does The Process Work? In the event that you wish to roll out improvements to your present advantages, you should utilize the CAMPUS on-line enlistment framework before October 26, 2007 User ID: "brevard" trailed by your government disability number Example: brevard987654321 Password: Your secret word will be the primary letter of the main name + the principal letter of your last name (your initials) + your date of birth (mmddyy) Example: Jane Doe, January 1, 1957 would be jd010157 Don\'t Have a Computer? PCs with Internet access are in all County libraries and in the Employee Benefits/HR Office at the Viera Government Center (Bldg B, second Floor). Not Up On The Latest Technology? Office Staff and/or Employee Benefits will be accessible to help you in the enlistment procedure Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

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WWW.ENROLLMENT.COM NOTE: Immediately after you sign on interestingly, you will be required to make another secret word. It must be four or more characters (letters and/or numbers just, no spaces)

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WWW.ENROLLMENT.COM Click here to take in more about your advantages. Click here when you are prepared to start.

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SCHEDULE OF BENEFITS *Out of Network is paid at the rate of "sensible and standard" charges. **Requires earlier approval This is a synopsis of advantages just; allude to the Summary Plan Description for subtle elements, restrictions and rejections.

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HEALTH PLAN OPTIONS OPEN ACCESS PLANS; no referrals required for master visits (in-system)

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MEDICARE PART D Important Notice About Your Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare Part D got to be accessible in 2006 to everybody with Medicare through Medicare physician endorsed drug arrangements and Medicare Advantage Plans that offer professionally prescribed medication scope. Brevard County Government has confirmed that the doctor prescribed medication scope offered by the County is, by and large for all arrangement members, anticipated that would pay out as much as the standard Medicare physician endorsed drug scope will pay and is viewed as Creditable Coverage .

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MEDICARE PART D Because of this, you can keep your scope and not pay additional on the off chance that you later choose to enlist in Medicare doctor prescribed medication scope. You can enlist in a Medicare physician recommended drug arrangement when you first get to be qualified for Medicare, and every year from 11/15 – 12/31 * You ought to look at your present scope, including which medications are secured, with the scope & expense of the arrangements offering Medicare professionally prescribed medication scope. In the event that you do choose to select in a Medicare doctor prescribed medication plan and drop your Brevard County Government physician endorsed drug scope, know that you and your wards won\'t have the capacity to recover this scope.

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PHARMACY CO-PAYMENTS The Brevard County Government arrangement gives complete physician recommended drug scope through retail and mail request suppliers. The Brevard County Government doctor prescribed medication advantage will incorporate a one-time $50 deductible, and afterward co-installments will be:

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HOW TO CHOOSE A PLAN Review Monthly Premium Review Plan Design BlueCare, CIGNA Basic EPO Plans are In-Network Only BlueChoice and PPO Plans have Out-of-Network Option Office Visit Co-pays Co-protection Deductibles Maximum Out-of-Pocket Cost Extra Services (Healthy Rewards/Blue Compliments) Review Networks Parrish Hospital not in BCBSFL Indian River Memorial Hospital not in BCBSFL HMO Plan Find Your Physician(s) in the Network

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FINDING YOUR PHYSICIAN Access On-line Provider Directories BlueCare HMO BlueChoice PPO Basic, EPO & PPO Plans all utilization the PPO Directory Contact Your Physician\'s Office Contact BCBSFL or CIGNA

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2008 DENTAL PLANS New Dental Carrier - Delta Dental

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DELTACARE USA DHMO PLANS DeltaCare USA Plans are Pre-Paid (DHMO Type) Plans Member MUST Select a Dental Facility Benefit Schedule Shows Exact Co-pay Provider Will Charge For Each Procedure Code No Annual Maximum Benefit Limit No Out-Of-Network Benefits

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DELTA DENTAL LOW PPO PLAN Maximum Allowable Charge (MAC) Plan In-Network PPO Dentist Cannot Charge More Than Scheduled Amount Members Are Not Required to Select a Dental Facility You Receive the Best Benefit When You Use a Network Dentist Limited Out-Of-Network Benefit w/Delta Premiere and Out-of-Network Dentists Annual Maximum is $1,000 per logbook year

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DELTA DENTAL LOW PPO EXAMPLE Utilizing an In-Network Dentist: Utilizing an Out-of-Network Dentist:

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DELTA DENTAL HIGH PPO PLAN Three Provider Options: In-Network, Premiere, Out-of-Network In-Network PPO Providers Agree Not to Charge More Than Discounted Amount – No Balance Billing; dental specialists under contract Premiere Network dental specialists not in PPO organize but rather have consented to a higher expense plan Out-of-Network Providers Charge Normal Fee and Balance Bill Member. Out-of-Network Provider Charges are Paid to 90th Percentile – 9 Out of Every 10 Dentists Won\'t Charge More Annual Maximum is $1,500 per timetable year

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VOLUNTARY BENEFITS Vision Care Plan – CompBenefits Optional Voluntary Benefits – disease, doctor\'s facility escalated care, mishap, handicap insurance, healing center reimbursement and long haul care approaches (Aflac, Allstate)

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WHAT\'S NEXT? Try not to wish to roll out any improvements You require not do anything . Your 2007 advantages will move over into 2008. Your dental arrangement will be mapped into the relating Delta arrangement beneath: CompBenefits PPO to the High Option PPO CS150 will be moved to DeltaCare USA High DHMO C250 will be moved to DeltaCare USA Low DHMO arrangement If you DO wish to choose an advantage not quite the same as the move over alternative, you should go online to make your determination.

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HEALTH & WELLNESS WIN Brevard site Provider joins Wellness Events – wellbeing fairs, instruction arrangement, weight administration, pipe shots, biometric screenings, wellness rebates Wellness Learning Center Health Risk Assessment Annual Senior Health Expo First Annual Senior Health Fair – November 9 th !

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POINTS TO REMEMBER 9.5% Increase In Medical Premiums New Dental Plans Tricare Supplement No Longer Available Open Enrollment Ends at midnight (11:59 p.m.) on October 26 th . Select EARLY!!!!

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