" Research Collaboration and Financing Opportunities in the Netherlands".

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" Research Collaboration and Subsidizing Opportunities in the Netherlands" "Discussion Improving Global Participation" Daphne nook Hollander (Mama) Worldwide Relations NWO September 28, 2005 Exploration Financing: an assortment of sources Open financing sources : TNO NL colleges
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“ Research Cooperation and Funding Opportunities in the Netherlands” “Forum Enhancing International Cooperation” Daphne lair Hollander (MA) International Relations NWO September 28, 2005 Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

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Research Funding: a mixture of sources Public subsidizing sources : TNO NL colleges Association of Universities (VSNU) Nuffic NWO Private financing : excluded in presentation Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

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NL Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research TNO. (which can be contrasted with German Fraunhofer Gesellschaft) . Contactperson International Relations : Dr. Geert Schoch T +31 15 269 49 15 P.O. Boxâ 6080 2600 JA Delft, The Netherlands E: schoch@cjz.tno.nl Example worldwide participation: Sinotech & TNO Environment Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

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Universities in the NL 13 altogether - 175.000 Bacherlor+Master understudies Leiden University: www.leidenuniv.nl Utrecht University: www.uu.nl University of Groningen: www.rug.nl Erasmus University Rotterdam www.eur.nl Maastricht University www.unimaas.nl University of Amsterdam www.uva.nl Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam www.vu.nl Radboud University Nijmegen www.ru.nl Tilburg University www.uvt.nl Delft University of Technology www.tudelft.nl Eindhoven University of Technology www.tue.nl University of Twente www.utwente.nl Wageningen University & Research Centre www.wur.nl Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

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Universities and VSNU The VSNU or Association of Universities in the Netherlands is an association that speaks to the premiums of Dutch colleges. The primary objective of the VSNU is to reinforce the position of college training and exploration in the public eye. The VSNU speaks to the colleges\' hobbies vis-à-vis political, legislative and group associations; The VSNU is an employers’ association that arranges with the administration and with employees’ associations in regards to working states of college representatives; Contact individual International Relations: Mr. David Bohmert ( bohmert@vsnu.nl ), Tel: (+31) 70 30 21 400 Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

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NUFFIC For Scholars and Scholarschips Information on visa matters and so forth Grant plans, for Taiwan: DELTA Scholarschip DELTA ( Dutch Education: Learning at Top level Abroad ) is a program that empowers Dutch advanced education foundations to honor grants to understudies from Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan , Thailand or Vietnam, to assist understudies with coverring the expenses of examining in the Netherlands. Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

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Funding source NWO Our distinctive stipend plans for nonnatives Travel and guests awards; between 3-12 months Dutch Innovative Incentive Scheme (next page) NWO Divisions extraordinary gift plans NWO Institutes exceptional stipend plans Special gift plans for NL-Taiwanese participation: Funding for joint workshops under MoU Joint exploration ventures: first pilot in the field of supportable catalysis Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

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Dutch Innovative Incentive Scheme = biggest conceivable stipend for outside analysts (up to 1,2 mln euro) CRITERIA Track-record/nature of the analyst Scientific greatness (distributions, reputation) Best 10-20% of his/her populace International position Leadership, influence Innovative character of the proposed examination arrangement Originality Scientifically inventive substance: fronteers of science Quality of the exploration arrangement Challenging, compelling, global standing Embedding inside of college connection (Vidi and Vici) Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

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NWO establishments Institute for Dutch History (ING) Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR) Netherlands Institute for Space Research (SRON) Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy (ASTRON) Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) Sub Atomic Physics/National Institute for Nuclear Physics and High Energy Physics (SAF/NIKHEF) FOM-Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics (AMOLF) FOM-Institute for Plasma Physics ‘Rijnhuizen’ (FOM) Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

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Thank you for your attention More data: www.nwo.nl Email: hollander@nwo.nl International Relations Department NWO: +31– Netherlands Organization for Scientific Resea

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