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It is the ideal opportunity for you to choose whether you need keep on staying here or NOT ? ... US organizations and International organizations. It is free membership however meeting expectations paper ...
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College of Arizona Department of Finance Research Databases By: Andrew Zhang

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What is Covered? Database Introduction What is it? Where is it? How to get to it? Where to get information documentation? Where to get help? Online assist and bolster records How to get test codes? SAS, Fortran, and C++? Unix Introduction WRDS Data Retrieving Techniques

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What is NOT secured How to force information? How to program SAS or Fortran 77 or 95? How to order program in Unix? It is the ideal opportunity for you to choose whether you require keep on staying here or NOT ??? On the other hand !!!

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Database Resources Compustat CRSP Stocks Others TAQ CRSP Mutual Fund ExecuComp IBES Berkeley Options SDC M&A information FISD altered pay database Thompson Mutual Fund information Global Insight

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Compustat Annual, Quarterly, and Segment Financial Statement Data: Active and Inactive Files North American Public Firms Updated every year moving window of 20 years 40 years information on WRDS

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How to Access Compustat Z drive: 2000-2004 Unix of UA: Fortran or SAS No redesign accessible any more WRDS: web questioning Unix of WRDS: Fortran or SAS

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CRSP Stock Provides securities exchange information for NYSE, AMEX, and Nasdaq firms Prices, Return, and so forth. Month to month and Daily How to Access ts-print Unix of UA: Fortran or SAS No overhauling accessible any more WRDS: web questioning Unix of WRDS: Fortran or SAS

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NYSE Trade and Quoting (TAQ) Data Intraday exchanges information for all securities recorded on NYSE, AMEX, and Nasdaq. Information accessible 1/93 – 1/04 Access through TAQ2.exe No membership in WRDS

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CRSP Mutual Fund Provides open-finished common asset information 1962 to 2005 Equity Funds Bond and cross breed stores Money market reserves Tax free supports How to get to Z drive SAS or Microsoft Access

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Standard & Poor\'s ExecuComp Executive and Director Compensation Including choice and stock holding by insiders Dates of scope 1992 – 2004 Updated yearly How to Access: Z drive with MSFT Access WRDS Web Querying Unix of WRDS

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Institutional Brokers Estimates System ( IBES) Monthly investigator gauge on profit 1987 to 2004 Maintained by Accounting dept US organizations and International organizations It is free membership yet working paper submitted to Thompson Documentation Password required/fa/finacct/passwords.txt

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How to Access IBES Unix of UA: Finacct client bunch Where is information? /fa/databases/ibes/2004/us/point of interest/fa/databases/ibes/2004/us/outline SAS system to get to it Where is test SAS program? /fa/finacct/ Intl versus us Copy it to your own particular index and sas it cp document/fa/fa4/andrew/

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Berkeley Options Data Derived from the CBOE\'s Market Data Retrieval tapes Data starts August 1976 – 1994. Verifiable record of exchanges and quotes, time-stamped to the closest second, for institutionalized contracts exchanged on the CBOE. Instructions to Access Z drive Database position

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SDC M&A information Our membership consent Merge and Acquisition Only 1962-show How to get to Install SDC setup document Access online just Txt and Excel group accessible

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FISD database Fixed Income Transaction Data Real security purchase and offer exchange Not quote or network value Issuer and Issue particular data 1994-2004 How to get to Z drive Access or SAS

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Thompson Mutual Fund Data Mutual assets holding information 1992-2002 Annually, semi-every year, or quarterly Stock possessions just Quantity and measure of stocks held by common assets with 13f SEC filings Maybe fragmented How to Access Z drive Txt or Excel design

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Global Insight Macroeconomics Datasets gives information on national wage accounts, parity of installments, remote obligation, trade rates, cash supply and vocation - among other national level classifications. Likewise gives information on the IMF arrangement and the OCDE arrangement. XLS position Up to September 2004

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Getting acquainted with information Go to fund database site Go to back server Z drive Get database manual

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Where to get help? WRDS: CRSP, Compustat and IBES documentation UA: WRDS: Unix Programming UA: WRDS: SAS programming Fortran 77 or 95 programming

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Unix of UA and WRDS How to get account finacct bunch Email Mark at bookkeeping office Each record: 12 MB WRDS: same username and watchword Each record: 750 MB Where to download SSH for programming in Unix

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WRDS Request account Our membership CRSP Compustat ExeuComp A great deal of free information: Fama French variables, and so forth

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Data Not Available Through WRDS Finance server Z drive Trade and Quote (TAQ) Data Fixed Income Securities Database (FISD) Global Insight (month to month and quarterly documents) SDC Mergers and Acquisitions Data Unix of UA IBES

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Some Common Data—Nowhere to Get CRSP/Compustat Merged Database Thomson Financial Institutional Ownership and Insider Trading Data Compustat Bank and Utilities Data

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Database in WRDS How to get to? Web Querying? On the off chance that documents are too vast, you may need to part Unix of WRDS Where is the information in Unix of WRDS/wrds/crsp/sasdata (fortran C++ and so on) How to get to information in Unix? Download specifically SSH record exchange Program to recover information SAS Fortran and C++

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Database in WRDS — Contd. Where is test program codes? Unix of WRDS/wrds/compustat/tests Free SAS viewer

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How to SAS in WRDS? Three Ways: PC SAS Remote Submit Remote Library Services (RLS) SAS in Unix of WRDS Where to get help?

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PC SAS– Remote Submit Where to get help? Use WRDS server to remote execute SAS Good for inept old PCs Easily get disengaged Not generally so quick

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PC SAS—Remote Submit Sample Codes %let 4016; choices comamid=TCP remote=WRDS; signon username=_prompt_; rsubmit; libname comp \'/wrds/compustat/sasdata\'; information mydata; set comp.compann; where yeara=2002; proc print data=mydata (obs=30); run; endrsubmit;

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PC SAS—Remote Library Services (RLS) To utilize neighborhood libraries and remote libraries in the same time SAS dataset in WRDS server and the dataset in your own PC Your PC can\'t be excessively old It is in actuality utilizing your PC CPU and memory to execute program

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Sample Codes—RLS %let wrds = 4016; alternatives comamid=TCP remote=WRDS; signon username=_prompt_; choices linesize=72 nocenter nodate; libname crsplib remote \'/wrds/crsp/sasdata\' server=wrds; libname locallib \'c:\sas\'; information a; set crsplib.msi; where \'01JAN2000\'d <= date <= \'31DEC2000\'d; run; information b; set locallib.msi_local; where \'01JAN2001\'d <= date <= \'31DEC2001\'d; run; information c; set a b; run; proc print data=c; var date vwretd ewretd; run; signoff;

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SAS in Unix of WRDS Write program and accumulate it Use WRDS server, and is quicker than UA Unix Personal record: 750 MB Nearly boundless impermanent limit/wrds/sastemp01-09 Only 48 hours or much shorter

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Sample SAS—in Unix of WRDS cp/wrds/crsp/tests/ sas How to peruse the outcomes? SAS viewer File exchange to download to your neighborhood PC

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