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Diagram. The Status of Statewide Longitudinal information SystemsProjects Underway Using Statewide Data from FloridaChallenges to Using Statewide Longitudinal Data for ResearchWhat Lies Ahead. The Status of State Longitudinal Data Systems. Information Quality Campaign\'s
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Look into Using State Longitudinal Data Systems: Accomplishments and Challenges – The Case of Florida Tim R. Backtalk

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Overview The Status of Statewide Longitudinal information Systems Projects Underway Using Statewide Data from Florida Challenges to Using Statewide Longitudinal Data for Research What Lies Ahead

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The Status of State Longitudinal Data Systems Data Quality Campaign\'s "10 Essential Elements" A one of a kind statewide understudy identifier that interfaces understudy information crosswise over key databases crosswise over years Student-level enlistment, statistic and program cooperation data The capacity to match individual understudies\' test records from year to year to quantify scholarly development Information on untested understudies and the reasons they were not tried An educator identifier framework with the capacity to match instructors to understudies Student-level transcript data, including data on courses finished and grades earned Student-level school availability test scores Student-level graduation and dropout information The capacity to match understudy records between the P–12 and advanced education frameworks A state information review framework evaluating information quality, legitimacy and unwavering quality

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The Status of State Longitudinal Data Systems States That Can Track Student Gains and Match Teachers to Students Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming North Carolina scientists do this in a roundabout way through the character of the instructor overseeing exams in primary school Some states have just as of late procured the capacity to match understudies and instructors Kentucky (2006-07), Wyoming (2006-07)

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The Status of State Longitudinal Data Systems

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Research Projects Using Statewide Longitudinal Data From Florida School Choice "Contract Schools and Student Achievement in Florida" (Sass (2006)) Mature sanctions keeping pace with customary government funded schools in math and yield higher perusing scores than the normal conventional state funded school Charter school rivalry connected with little change in math accomplishment in customary state funded schools "Contract Schools and Educational Attainment" (Booker and Sass) Will examine the effect of sanction secondary school participation on secondary school graduation and school participation in Florida and in Chicago "Vouchers and Special Education" (Sass) Will dissect the choice to acknowledge a voucher and the impacts of vouchers on the supply of tuition based schools and the accomplishment of a specialized curriculum understudies who stay in state funded schools

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Research Projects Using Statewide Longitudinal Data From Florida Peer Effects "Classroom Peer Effects" (Burke and Sass) Preliminary proof recommends that associate impacts are noteworthy and the impacts are non-straight Low-accomplishing (most reduced quintile) understudies more awful or no happier in classes with all the more high-accomplishing (best quintile) peers Mid-level understudies by and large more regrettable off with all the more low-accomplishing companions and happier with high-accomplishing peers High-accomplishing understudies happier with all the more high-accomplishing associates and more terrible off with a more prominent division of low-accomplishing peers

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Research Projects Using Statewide Longitudinal Data From Florida Teacher Training "Educator Training, Teacher Quality and Student Achievement" (Harris and Sass (2007)) Experience matters, particularly over the initial five years Pedagogical substance learning matters, both pre-benefit and in-administration Other types of planning don\'t appear to effect educator viability No critical relationship between\'s an instructor\'s school placement test scores and later adequacy as an instructor Teacher Preparation Programs In conjunction with analysts from New York, Louisiana and Ohio, will break down the relative adequacy of educators who get accreditation through different courses

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Research Projects Using Statewide Longitudinal Data From Florida National Board Certification "The Effects of NBPTS-Certified Teachers on Student Achievement" (Harris and Sass (2007)) NBPTS confirmation gives a positive flag of instructor viability now and again, however the capacity of NBPTS affirmation to recognize fantastic educators shifts impressively crosswise over evaluations and subjects Results are delicate to the exam used to gauge understudy accomplishment No proof that the NBPTS procedure itself improves educator quality Little of no proof of positive overflows from NBPTS guaranteed instructors to non-NBPTS-ensured instructors

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Research Projects Using Statewide Longitudinal Data From Florida Teacher Labor Markets "A Longitudinal Analysis of Teacher Mobility: Intra-District Moves, Inter-District Moves and Departure Decisions" (Feng (2007)) Exit choices affected by instructor pay rates in respect to different occupations and the extent of minority understudies in their school Inter-region moves dictated by relative pay rates crosswise over areas and minority enlistment Intra-region development toward schools with higher understudy accomplishment and less minority understudies Minority educators\' employment choices less affected by minority understudy enlistment than those of their white partners

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Research Projects Using Statewide Longitudinal Data From Florida Accountability "School Accountability and Teacher Job Choice" (Feng, Figlio and Sass) Will explore the effect of school responsibility weights on instructors choices to move between schools or leave showing totally Will misuse the way that Florida changed the component for reviewing schools which lead a few schools to confront expanded responsibility weight and diminished the weight confronted by different schools

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Challenges to the Use of Statewide Longitudinal Data Achievement Tests and the Measurement of Student Achievement Gains Relatively minimal thought about the impacts of option appraisal measures on measured effects Test score scaling Validity of utilizing accomplishment tests to gauge intertemporal picks up in accomplishment Criterion-reference exams versus formative scale scores Norming scores by review and year Choice of test instrument Some confirmation that outcomes contrast crosswise over tests (Harris and Sass (2007)

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Challenges to the Use of Statewide Longitudinal Data Methodology How well do "semi exploratory" techniques control for determination predispositions? Late confirmation on esteem included models versus irregular task by Cantrell, Fullerton, Kane and Staiger (2007) Inconsistent Estimation Methods and Specification in "Esteem Added" Achievement Models Student and instructor impacts versus understudy and educator covariates Random versus settled impacts models Gain scores versus incomplete steadiness models Inclusion/rejection of Peer Effects

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Challenges to the Use of Statewide Longitudinal Data Use of Teacher Effects to Measure Teacher Quality Not much thought about between transient consistency of individual instructor impacts Koedel and Betts (2006) Little proof on affectability of educator impact appraisals to changes in model determination Use in arrangement inquire about versus use for responsibility and legitimacy pay

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The Future of Research Using Statewide Longitudinal Data Cross-State Analyses Due to absence of information, most statewide research so far has been restricted to Florida, North Carolina and Texas Many studies utilizing extensive urban school regions, for example, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles Data accessibility in different states will figure out whether past discoveries are strong crosswise over geographic zones Variability in viability of NBPTS-guaranteed instructor in Florida and in North Carolina found by Ladd, Sass and Harris (2007) May have the capacity to endeavor cross-state variety in strategy situations RAND contract school extend

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The Future of Research Using Statewide Longitudinal Data Linking Value-Added Measures to Qualitative Evidence Comparison of Teacher Observations to Value-Added Measures of Teacher Quality Rockoff, et al. Examination of Principal Evaluations of Teachers to Value-Added Measures Harris and Sass (2007) Matching Survey Evidence to Administrative Data

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