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4 Brown, Jessica M. An investigation of memory in senior subjects through scrapbooking and collection of memoirs. 2006 Manuscript/HONORS PAPER: B76 ...
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Respects Paper 1 Bramlage, Dusti K. To control the obscurity : six parts of a dream fiction novel 2007 Manuscript/H ONORS PAPER: B74 2 Bruther, Ashley N. A science experience for at-danger youth of the Lilly Boys and Girls Club 2007 Manuscript  / HONORS PAPER: B78 3 Haines, Stephanie M. Multicultural understandings of pictures of fruitfulness in craftsmanship 2007 Manuscript  / HONORS PAPER: H34 4 Brown, Jessica M. An investigation of memory in senior subjects through scrapbooking and personal history 2006 Manuscript  / HONORS PAPER: B76 5 Michel, Corrine K. A near examination of the mental greatness of Late Archaic and Mississippian populaces 2006 Manuscript/ HONORS PAPER: M51

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Honors Paper 11. Branscum, Mary. Finding the Suzuki technique 2004 Thesis  / HONORS PAPER: B75 12 . Kostus, Natalia. Imagery in workmanship 2004 Thesis/ HONORS PAPER: K77 13 . Anderson, Hope. An investigation of the music of Ellen Taaffe Zwilich 2004 Thesis/H ONORS PAPER: A5347 14 . Alexander, Jamia R. "Choose this day whom you will serve..." : a investigation of the contentions between Israelite sanctuary cu 2004 Thesis  / HONORS PAPER: A44 15 Milleman, Hilary D. An existence in the day of a congregation : a microhistory of London\'s Westminster Cathedral/2004 Thesis  / HONORS PAPER: M53 16 . Sanders, Virginia. Nothing happened here/  2003 Thesis/ HONORS PAPER: S22 17 . Murray, Abigail L. Topsail Island, North Carolina : a contextual analysis in shoreline disintegration and hard adjustment/2003 Thesis  / HONORS PAPER: M87 1 8 . Yoder, April. Verse of observer in works of Alegriá, Cardenal, Dalton, Jara and Neruda/  2003 Thesis University of Indianapolis / HONORS PAPER: Y63 19 . Stoffel, Ashley. The improvement of a tangible movement asset for a preschool classroom/  2003 Thesis  / HONORS PAPER: S86 University-of-Indianapolis( 1/0) 20 . Moore, Christopher R. A preparatory investigation of the ancient times of Carroll County, Indiana/  2 003 Thesis  / HONORS PAPER: M66

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6 Sovern, Michelle A. The Brontes : a power in affecting social change 2006 Manuscript  / HONORS PAPER: S672 7 Westrick, Mindy. A relative examination of two temporary jobs 2006 Manuscript  / HONORS PAPER: W445 8 Johnson, Benjmin K. Horserace, picture, and issue in daily paper scope of the 2004 presidential decision 2005 Thesis  / HONORS PAPER: J64 9 Kantner, Frances. A use of Campus Asset Mapping at the University of Indianapolis : gauging metro connect with 2005 Thesis  / HONORS PAPER: K36 10 George, Sarah R. The trust of Harry Potter 2005 Thesis/ HONORS PAPER: G46

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