Respirator Use .

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The Big Question. Is the utilization of respirators required?Over-exposure?Company arrangement?. Survey of 1910.134 Required Use of Respirators. Program elements:Selection proceduresMedical EvaluationsFit testing strategies for tight-fitting respiratorsProper use methods - routine
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´╗┐Respirator Use Standard Overview Inspection Cleaning Storage Donning/Doffing Uses/Limitations

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The Big Question Is the utilization of respirators required? Over-presentation? Organization approach?

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Review of 1910.134 Required Use of Respirators Program components: Selection methods Medical Evaluations Fit testing methodology for tight-fitting respirators Proper utilize strategies - routine & crisis

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Review of 1910.134 Required Use (proceeded with) Procedures & plans for support Supplied air quality & amount Hazards Training - routine & crisis Respirator utilize preparing Program examining

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Review of 1910.134 Voluntary Use Medical assessments Maintenance, Cleaning, Storage Appendix D

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Review of 1910.134 Voluntary Use separating facepiece just Appendix D just: Read and Heed all guidelines Use endorsed respirators Properly chose Keep track of your respirator

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Dirt Cracks Tears Holes Distortion Broken parts Missing parts Elasticity Corrosion Valve test Inspection

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Anatomy of a half-veil respirator

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Anatomy of a half-cover respirator Cartridge/Filter Inhalation Valve Facepiece or Inlet Covering Inhalation Valve Seat Exhalation Valve Seat Exhalation Valve Head Strap Exhalation Valve Cover

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What do you think about respirator cleaning?

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Dismantle Wash Rinse Drain Sanitize Rinse Dry Reassemble Test Cleaning

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Dust Sunlight Damaging chemicals Heat Extreme icy Excessive dampness Storage

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Donning/Doffing Inspection Adjust straps, out Hook the base straps, cozy somewhat Seat facepiece Hook the top straps, cozy marginally Snug straps Perform client seal checks (+ and - )

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Uses/Limitations Never utilize an air cleansing respirator: in an OXYGEN inadequate climate; in an IDLH environment; for ABRASIVE BLASTING; for FIRE FIGHTING; which is not APPROVED for the contaminant of worry; with FACIAL HAIR.

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