Restorative Applications.

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Superior quality two way feature conferencing Mobile and Room ... Application: High quality desktop intuitive feature and cooperation. Business Advantage: ...
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Medicinal Applications

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Applications Telepresence for enterprises, instruction, government, therapeutic High Definition two way video conferencing – Mobile and Room Desktop High Definition two way video conferencing Multimedia incorporations, meeting room computerization IP video spilling and video on interest CEO and Town Hall webcasting, Rich Media Training IP Surveillance with movement discovery and investigation Distance Learning and Remote Field Trips Consulting and Solution Design

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Popular Applications for IP Video - Medical Clinical Assessment (Patient/Doctor) - Capture, Delivery & Archive HD Video Conferencing Between Doctors (Telemedicine) Guest Medical Specialists Webcast over the Internet Bedside On-interest Playback of Recovery Procedures Patient/Room Monitoring During Recovery Training – Doctors, Medical Students, Compliance Cable TV Distribution to Patient and Break Rooms Digital Conversion of VCR/DVDs with On-Demand Playback Priority Alerts to Communicate With Law Enforcement Surveillance of Hallways, Buildings, Parking Lots, and so forth. Video Trunking: Moving Video Between Medical Facilities Digital Signage – Visual Information Broadcast, Advertising

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Class: Streaming Video Distribution Vertical: Medical, Education (Medical Schools) Application: Clinical aptitudes and recreation preparing, testing and appraisal Business Advantage: Effectively oversee clinical abilities preparing/testing and evaluation, enhance developmental learning, convey proceeding with instruction and remediation ROI: Reduce preparing expenses and increment maintenance, enhance understudy quiet specialist record keeping, propelled reporting and factual examination Clinical Assessment

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Class: High Definition Interactive Video Conferencing Vertical: Medical Application: Provide remote master sentiments and procedural direction Business Advantage: Medical experts can counsel with each other dispensing with the requirement for travel; specialists can watch and guide restorative methodology remotely through top quality video over the US or around the globe ROI: Reduces immoderate transportation and assists reaction time Medical Specialist Consultations

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Class: Streaming Video Distribution Vertical: Medical Application: Deliver rich media preparing to staff at different areas Business Advantage: More continuous and auspicious appropriation of preparing material, conveyance live over the LAN and Internet at the same time, client consents to get to material, track viewership/use and finish testing capacities ROI: Reduce pointless travel costs, give on-interest replay, update new faculty all the more rapidly, exchange/offer strength resources Procedure Capture, Delivery & Playback

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Class: Video Surveillance Vertical: Medical Application: Monitor patients from brought together station or remotely Business Advantage: Enhance understanding security and prosperity, give snappier reaction to mishaps (falls, therapeutic crises, and so forth.) and give video records to guarantee administrative consistence ROI: Reduce false-caution tolerant registration and enhance wellbeing Patient Monitoring

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Class: Streaming Video Distribution Vertical: Medical Application: Distribute IP-based CATV to desktop PCs and set-top boxes in patient rooms Business Advantage: Single united system to bolster, gives TIVO like usefulness to VOD playback, tracks viewership/utilization, give patients recuperation strategy recordings ROI: Eliminate separate simple CCTV upkeep/bolster expenses and better guideline for patient recuperation strategies Cable TV Distribution (IPTV)

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Class: Video Surveillance Vertical: Medical Application: Provide a more secure environment Business Advantage: Enhance individual security, anticipate illicit exercises (robbery, vandalism), screen secure ranges, lessen crisis response times and increment general remediation adequacy ROI: Reduce expense of burglary and vandalism, diminish requirement for staff Building, Parking and Campus Surveillance

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Class: Streaming Video Distribution Vertical: Medical Application: VHS tape transformation to computerized media and dissemination Business Advantage: Elimination of lost or harmed medicinal tape resources, enhanced access to resources with on-interest seeing, decrease in work process complexities, less demanding incorporation into therapeutic preparing educational modules ROI: Eliminate superfluous tape transport administration and expense of lost tapes, decrease authoritative expenses connected with tape checkout, enhance general use in resource speculation VHS Tape Digitizing and Distribution

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Class: High Definition Interactive Video Conferencing Vertical: Medical Application: Provide an existence like meeting background without requirement for travel Business Advantage: Medical faculty can lead eye to eye business or with patients while sharing archives, spreadsheets, drawings and different things; enhances recurrence of cooperation ROI: Reduces exorbitant transportation, inn and dinner, advances "become environmentally friendly" development, decreases downtime/increments accessible beneficial work hours, availability with nearby restorative workplaces High Definition Telepresence/Telemedicine

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Class: Streaming Video Distribution Vertical: Medical Application: Deliver medicinal training over the Internet to occupants Business Advantage: Increases open familiarity with specific sicknesses, diminish spread of mistaken data, advancement of administrations ROI: Maximize publicizing dollars through advancement of therapeutic administrations accessible, kill neighborhood CATV dispersion costs Public Communication – Medical Webcasting

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Class: Desktop Collaboration Vertical: Medical Application: High quality desktop intelligent video and joint effort Business Advantage: Doctors/Patients imparting all the more every now and again, more viable coordinated effort, less "forward and backward" time, sharing reports, spreadsheets, drawings and illustrations ROI: Reduces unreasonable transportation, lodging and feast, advances "make strides toward environmental friendliness" development, decreases downtime/increments accessible gainful work hours Desktop Video Collaboration

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Class: Streaming Video Distribution with Digital Signage Vertical: Medical Application: Instant circulation of data to screens Business Advantage: Targeted correspondence with dispersion to lounges, gateways, persistent rooms and high activity regions utilizing live and put away video gushing, RSS channels, notice loads up and other rich media ROI: Increase efficiency through enhanced correspondence, lessen inaccurate data stream, advance makers item specials Digital Signage Communication

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