Restorative Educational program.

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Therapeutic Educational module "Victor Darling ? " College of Prescription and Drug store Timi ? oara, Romania 4 th Meeting on Educational programs Change, Zagreb, Croatia, 2005 Structure of the College Workforce of Pharmaceutical General Solution 6 years Balneo-physiokinetotherapy 3 years Nursing 3 years
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Restorative CURRICULA "Victor Babe ş " University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timi ş oara, Romania 4 th Conference on Curriculum Reform, Zagreb, Croatia, 2005

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Structure of the University Faculty of Medicine General Medicine 6 years Balneo-physiokinetotherapy 3 years Nursing 3 years Faculty of Dental Medicine Long term thinks about 6 years Short term 3 years (specialist) Faculty of Pharmacy Long term 5 years

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General standards According to the particular laws concentrated on the learning procedure in Romania Synchronization to some degree with educational module of other customary therapeutic colleges from the nation Compulsory controls: just about the same Optional and elective: contrasts Significant contrasts in the quantity of hours Autonomy of the University: permits the development and/or adjustment of the educational module, without the obstruction of Ministry of Education Strategy: concentrated on long haul contemplates when all is said in done prescription, dental medication, and drug store 15 weeks/semester

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Type of educational program Linear ("exemplary") Some modules confined to the inner solution Average hours/week: 27-34.5 Compulsory courses Optional/elective courses Practice: lab/healing center Exam Practical: mandatory and eliminatory Theoretical: oral or composed (subjects/numerous decision questions) Hospital rehearse: 20 working days amid the late spring, 8 hours/day – 160 h

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first year

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first year - comments Modification of educational module in the secondary school Changes in the confirmation necessities Recently presented general science general science No discretionary or elective in the primary year To be presented in 2006-2007 emergency treatment

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second year Elective: Immunomorphology (30/30, C), Philosophy (15/30, C), Foreign dialect (0/60, C)

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third year

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third year

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fourth year

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fourth year To be presented in the educational program: clinical and imagistic life structures (2007) as discretionary course

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fifth year

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fifth year To be presented: Pathology in therapeutic practice (2006) and Medical biotechnologies (2007) as elective

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sixth year

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sixth year To be presented: Ecology and surrounding pharmaceutical (2008) Elective: No License: the same framework in all medicinal colleges of the nation composed paper presentation of an examination venture Graduation

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What to do now? Fleeting technique: To present some clinical applications even in the initial two years Clinical applications in fundamental restorative controls are emphatically urged To decrease the quantity of hours in orders that are over the European normal To build the quantity of hours in orders that are beneath the normal To expand the offer of discretionary/elective courses To put the premise for the main module: neurosciences (incorporates advancement, life structures, histology, pathology, physiology, neurology, neurosurgery) – 5 th

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See You in Timisoara, May, 2006

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