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Dr. Elias Zerhouni 6-4-04.
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Bounce Soroosh – Dir. of Benefit Administration – Affinia Gp BA - Baylor U. (Ed/Com) MBA – U. of Colorado 1994-2000: Ben.Plan Admin-Clevite 2003-2004: Lead AAG\'s Prev. Scng. 2004: Dir. of Ben. Administrator.- Affinia 1

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Dr. Elias Zerhouni 6-4-04 "On your adventure through life, dependably impart your best thoughts to others – the greatest test you will face is not individuals taking them, but rather individuals opposing them !" 2

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Rude Awakening Cost Increases (versus nat\'l avg) Year finishing 6/01: +16% (versus 8%) Year finishing 6/02: +28% (versus 10.7%) Year finishing 6/03: +36% (versus 9.3%) 3

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Affinia\'s Journey to Health 2000-01-02: Rude Awakening 2003: Health Management isolate from Medical Plan 2004-05: Design incorporated arrangement & select sellers 2006: Integrate wellbeing administration with medicinal arrangement 4

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Paradigm Shift If we advance the strength of our kin, decrease wellbeing dangers & oversee endless conditions , we will lessen the monetary weight of sickness and inability both on our kin and our organization. 5

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2003-04 Prevention Program: Affinia Group USA just - Risk appraisal + preventive screening) @plants>50 - Follow-up hazard decrease program - Allen Plant: ailment mgmt program - Cost:$125/EE => ROI: 3:1 by yr 3 6

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2003 Prevention Program Held join gatherings for 4,688 individuals at 23 areas; 4,420 (94%) finished 28-address wellbeing hazard evaluation and got biometric screening. Sorted into HI, MED, or LOW hazard. Biometric Screening included tallness, weight, BMI, circulatory strain, add up to cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and (glucose). All members surveyed comes about with a wellbeing instructor. On the off chance that they had direct or high dangers, were welcomed into NextSteps, a telephone or mail-based wellbeing training program. 33% joined !! 7

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Results: Affinia USA

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Results with Conclusions Since 25%>age 50 & 65%>age 40, Since 33% are hey wellbeing hazard & 36% smoke, Expect above avg development rate (avg=8%) Conclusions: Strengthen accentuation on avoidance, smoking suspension, & sickness administration Keep some type of customer driven arrangement 9

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Long Term Solution Integrate anticipation program into the outline of the essential wellbeing arrangement A 2 nd outlook change ! 10

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Key Plan Design Changes $1,000 premium contrast for Covenant: EE & mate take an interest in hazard evaluation, screening, & where shown in malady mgmt program ↑ non specific use by giving WHI non specific card for contract/consistence with illness mgmt Pay costs for smoking discontinuance, & persuade smokers to stop by giving lower advantage for organization paid life 12

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Key Goals/Metrics Goal: amplify support rate in H/mgmt & D/mgmt programs Goal: relocate individuals in Hi & Med wellbeing hazard classes to Low hazard Goal: decrease development rate of t otal cost ( coordinate social insurance costs + aberrant STD, LTD, life, W/C) 13

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Disease Management 45% of individuals with constant conditions (diabetes, asthma, hypertension, and so forth) represent 78% of aggregate medicinal services costs So, connect ailment administration program with wellbeing mgmt 14

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Key Prevention Programs: Definity (HealthDialog) StayWell 6500 EE/sp: deliberate wellbeing hazard lessening programs – 47% of 99% in follow-up 500 individuals: effort to individuals with ceaseless conditions 15

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(B) 500 individuals (in most elevated hazard assemble - CAD, diabetes, asthma, hello chance pregnancy) are alluded to & get follow up fm Health Dialog (A) 6,000 individuals Receive StayWell HRA & biometric screening – and 500 get nearby referrals to Health Dialog &/or specialist (C) 07: Personal Health Record catches information from numerous sources (E) 07: Claims information fm Definity & medicate information fm Medco (D) Health Dialog gets all HRA & biometric information (fm StayWell) + claims/sedate information fm Definity & does prescient hazard demonstrating & development (may contact 500 individuals as of now ID\'d by StayWell referral) (F) StayWell targets greetings wellbeing hazard individuals for follow up hazard diminishment programs How do Providers Share Data? 16

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Preliminary Results Medical cases costs down from 2005 Prescription medication costs down from 2005 Total expenses (counting administrator) down from 2005 17

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Questions ? 18

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