Rethinking Clean Urban areas A Guide to An Extended Clean Urban areas Portfolio Shelley Launey February 9, 2004.

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Directed investigation of effects of option advances and held introductory partner dialogs - created starting portfolio suggestions ...
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Rethinking Clean Cities A Road Map to An Expanded Clean Cities Portfolio Shelley Launey February 9, 2004

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Why Are We Expanding the Clean Cities Portfolio? Broaden the accomplishment of Clean Cities in accomplishing more elevated amounts of petroleum uprooting Respond to expanded business sector interest for a more extensive innovation portfolio Create more adaptability for Coalitions to tailor answers for neighborhood needs Increase utilizing and organizations with other government, state and nearby, and industry programs Increase partner base

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Road Map Development Process Conducted investigation of effects of option advances and held beginning partner discoursed - created starting portfolio proposals Presented suggestions to David Garman Convened Road Mapping Workshop to recognize most encouraging business sector open doors, potential Clean Cities activities, and new association open doors Conducted further examination and partner exchange Prepared draft guide Final guide to be introduced at May Conference

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Road Map Principles Clean Cities can essentially lessen oil use in the close term and encourage hydrogen move Clean Cities is an exceedingly compelling arrangement program that is appropriate to quicken the extended portfolio Can serve as sending arm for DOE\'s transportation programs Clean Cities is situated to build up the vital organizations that will be best in achieving DOE\'s yearning petroleum dislodging objectives

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New Program Mission To propel the national, monetary and vitality security of the United States by supporting nearby choices to diminish the utilization of petroleum energizes in vehicles

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Clean Cities Has Dramatically Increased AFV Use

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Clean Cities Outpace Non Clean Cities Vehicle Purchases

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Domestic Production Actual Projected Heavy Vehicles Millions of Barrels every Day Light Trucks Cars US Energy Dependence is Driven By Transportation US Oil Use for Transportation Year Source: Transportation Energy Data Book: Edition 21 , DOE/ORNL-6966, September 2001, and EIA Annual Energy Outlook 2003 , January 2003

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Even with development throughout the following 20 years, AFVs alone won\'t significantly affect oil utilization

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What moves would we be able to make today to altogether abatement America\'s reliance on petroleum?

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Updated Portfolio of Technologies – A Technology Neutral Approach Expand utilization of mixes (e.g., B20, E10, HCNG) Accelerate offers of half breeds Promote educated purchaser decision on efficiency Encourage utilization of unmoving diminishment advances Increase utilization of option fills

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DRAFT National Market Estimate (Preliminary evaluation. Not for circulation.)

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Inputs Activities Milestones EERE Logic Model Benefits Estimates Outputs Interim Outcomes Final Outcomes Federal subsidizing Partner financing Employees Contractors Partners Facilities Knowledge from past exercises Research and Development Basic Applied Increased learning Research progresses Prototypes Demonstrations New and existing innovations with enhanced expense and/or execution Commercialization and business sector infiltration of cutting edge innovation Economic, natural, Security, and learning advantages (acknowledged & alternatives) Transforming economic situations Weatherization State & nearby gives Information spread Performance Paths Informed open Partnerships framed Enhanced business sector entrance of cutting edge advancements or practices Audits led Rulemaking sees, open hearings, investigation New codes & guidelines External Factors Economy Political needs Energy patterns Government directions and approaches Industry monetary execution Cost/execution of contending advances Energy costs Commodity costs Benefits related back to Budget

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DRAFT Estimate in Perspective (Preliminary assessment of portfolio advances. Not for conveyance.)

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DRAFT Estimate in Perspective (Preliminary assessment. Not for dissemination.)

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Dollar Benefits Associated with DRAFT National Market Estimate of Petroleum Reduction (Preliminary evaluation. Not for circulation. Try not to refer to, quote, or duplicate.) Based on AEO2003 world oil value, which midpoints $25/barrel.

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Defining New Clean Cities Activities Draft guide gives outline of advancements, business sector movement and boundaries, and conceivable activities Most keen on your contribution on what innovations and activities Coalitions will have the best petroleum diminishment affect This will give premise to setting program objectives and for configuration of national exercises to bolster Coalition activities Will talk about in more profundity this evening Coalitions will have adaptability to set innovation needs and tailor activities to nearby circumstances Instead of checking AFVs, we will track barrels of oil dislodged

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Potential AFV Actions Expand effort to armadas to advance AFV use Targeting travel, conveyance, schools, air terminals, and metropolitan armadas Provide enhanced data on life cycle advantages Continue to bolster foundation advancement, incorporating H2 move Partner with state and neighborhood governments to upgrade and uphold approaches and impetuses Promote utilization of AFVs for rough terrain applications

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Proposed Hybrids Actions Fleet effort to build half and halves use Transit, conveyance, waste administration, transports, air terminals Educate buyers about mixtures advantages, including life cycle advantages Promote united and institutionalized acquisitions OEM organizations to enhance comprehension of item accessibility and OEM showcasing plans Enhanced data on assessment motivating forces and financing sources Evaluate chances to fortify resale, renting, rental and different markets

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Proposed Blends Actions Partner with state and nearby governments to extend commands and motivators Model strategies, contextual investigations, preparing for state and neighborhood authorities, and so on. Enhanced data to clients on execution, costs, ecological effects Training for Coalitions on accessibility, execution, and effects of option mixes Develop model acquirement details for particular feedstock use

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Proposed Idle Reduction Actions Target whole deal trucking first and after that grow to different armadas Advancing the Choice occasions on unmoving decrease Information scattering and effort on unmoving lessening advancements and advantages Partner with DOT and EPA on transportation hallway programs SEP awards to fortify unmoving diminishment market infiltration Explore foundation of national and local objectives

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Proposed Fuel Economy Actions Compile data on mileage advantages for various clients Outreach to armadas on cost investment funds Partner with "Everything Adds Up" on government funded instruction exercises Motor Week scene on efficiency Explore deliberate naming and rating programs with EPA and others

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Road Map Next Steps Receive your contribution on innovation needs and activities Circulate draft guide to key partners for survey Establish particular project objectives and enhance sway gauges Prepare second draft by April Final rendition conveyed at Conference in May Begin usage in FY05

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One keep going thought on Reinventing Clean Cities " Everything that can be concocted, has been designed." Charles H. Duell U.S. Chief of Patents, 1899

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