Review Affirmative casual summons Negative casual orders Irregular casual negative orders Spelling changes .

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Preview Affirmative informal commands Negative informal commands Irregular informal negative commands Spelling changes. Repaso: Affirmative and negative informal commands. Affirmative informal commands.
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Review Affirmative casual charges Negative casual orders Irregular casual negative summons Spelling changes Repaso: Affirmative and negative casual orders

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Affirmative casual orders To shape most positive casual orders , drop the - s of the tú type of the verb. Connect guide protest pronouns to the end. drop - s for summon Tocas el piano muy bien. Tóca lo ahora, por support.

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Negative casual charges To shape the negative casual summon of most - ar verbs, drop the - o of the yo frame and include - es . - ar verb, change - o to - es No habl o inglés. No habl es en inglés.

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Negative casual summons For most - er and - ir verbs, drop the - o of the yo frame and include - as . Put the word no in front. Question pronouns pursue no and before the verb. - er verb, change - o to - as Com o pizza de almuerzo. No la com as todos los días. - ir verb, change - o to - as No salg o los viernes. No salg as wrongdoing mí.

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Irregular casual negative orders These verbs have unpredictable casual negative charges . dar no des ir no vayas ser no oceans

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Spelling changes Negative orders of verbs with infinitives finishing in - auto , - gar , and - zar have the accompanying spelling changes. change - c-to - qu-Tú to c as el piano muy bien. No lo to qu es ahora. change - g-to - gu-No lle gu es tarde hoy. Nunca lle g as a tiempo. change - z-to - c-Siempre empie z as tarde. No empie c es tarde.

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