Review of Macintosh's Overviews/Information Sources.

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Redesign & Home Purchase Survey (RHPS) The RHPS is directed every year in February-March ... of redesign, remodel costs, explanations behind redesign, first time home purchasers, ...
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Diagram of MAC\'s Surveys/Data Sources Pierre A. Lanciault National Manager, Housing Market Surveys Market Analysis Center (CMHC) April 26, 2010 Duration: 30 minutes

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Presentation Summary Overview of the Market Analysis Center (MAC) MAC\'s Surveys in a Nutshell Starts & Completions Survey (SCS) and Market Absorption Survey (MAS) Rental Market Surveys (RMS) Other Surveys… Other Data Sources… Miscellaneous Questions and Answers

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Overview of MAC General portrayal Market Analysis Center (MAC) is in charge of gathering/dissecting information and dispersing the outcomes (to inner and outer customers). Macintosh has near 120 perpetual workers separated between the Regions and the National Office. Macintosh has three capacities: Surveys, Business/IT and Economic Analysis. Principle exercises Various lodging market studies Development of apparatuses and frameworks Publication of information, examinations and conjectures

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MAC\'s Surveys in a Nutshell Current studies Starts & Completions Survey (SCS) Market Absorption Survey (MAS) Rental Market Surveys (RMS) Seniors\' Housing Surveys (SHS) Secondary Rental Market Surveys: 3 segments Renovation & Home Purchase Survey (RHPS) Other reviews New Home Sale Survey (NHSS) - as a pilot - Conventional Lenders\' Survey (CLS) Different exceptional overviews (national or local) regularly as exploration undertakings

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Construction Surveys – 1 General portrayal – SCS and MAS Objective: Monitor exercises connected with new private developments Three stages : begin ("establishment"), consummation ("completed development") and retention ("possessed abiding") Categorization by lodging sort (e.g. single) and by proposed market (e.g. rental) Enumeration in individual or through contacts This is a registration , not an overview (no inspecting… aside from in country zones). Certain viewpoints are not secured: changes (e.g. condominiums), multi-reason structures, and so forth

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Construction Surveys – 2 Geographic scope All centres with 50,000+ tenants: enumeration metropolitan regions (CMAs) and registration agglomerations (CAs) Vast greater part of centres with 10,000 to 49,999 occupants (with a few special cases) Reserves are not secured (BC is an exemption). All the rest… country ranges (demonstrated by examining in five strata for the area general) Time scope 50,000+ occupants (and special cases): month to month 10,000 to 49,999 tenants and provincial: quarterly

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Construction Surveys – 3 Operational methodology Receipt of building licenses from the distinctive districts (through a concurrence with StatCan) Initial visit to confirm the nearness of an establishment Contact with manufacturers… information accumulation Monthly (or quarterly) visits to screen development stages (information redesign) Other qualities MAS is led in 50,000+ focuses (+ exemptions). Programmed culmination in focuses with 10,000 to 49,999 tenants Data, results and investigations are created for all focuses with 10,000 or more occupants.

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Rental Market Survey – 1 General portrayal – RMS Objective: Monitor the condition of the rental business sector in Canada twice every year (October and April) Statistics looked for: opportunity rates, accessibility rates and leases (additionally a few information on the universe) RMS covers every single private structure (lofts and column/town houses) with three or more unit . Portrayal by room sort and by structure size (e.g. 50 units +) Universe includes more than 170,000 structures. Around 40% of structures (70% of units) are incorporated into the example each October.

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Rental Market Survey – 2 Geographic scope and testing RMS covers all focuses with 10,000+ occupants (with a few special cases). Focuses with 10,000 to 49,999 tenants are identified ( 100% tested, aside from in Quebec ). Focuses with 50,000+ occupants are inspected in light of a stratification by geology and structure size (number of units). All structures with more than 50 units are listed ( 100% inspected ). The fundamental geographic unit is the enumeration tract. CMHC has characterized "rental zones" taking into account these evaluation tracts (for results dispersal).

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Rental Market Survey – 3 Operational methodology Continuous overhauling of the RMS universe (proclaimed last on June 30 and December 31) Sample choice in August and February Establishment of a rundown of contacts (proprietors, property chiefs, directors, and so on.) Conduct of RMS (physical identification) amid the initial two weeks of October and April Comprehensive information quality control Statistical medications (e.g. weighting) Data investigation and formation of tables/reports Availability of definite results (for the most part around mid December and mid June)

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Rental Market Survey – 4 Other attributes A Rural RMS (RRMS) is led at regular intervals (pre-enumeration year) the nation over. Led upon solicitation from CMHC\'s Research Division Some areas conduct sporadic RRMS for inside purposes (primarily BC and Atlantic). All outcomes/information discharged must meet a stringent factual approval (CVs are distributed with the information). Accessibility rate might be viewed as risky in Quebec (due to "July first"). Quebec has, by a long shot, the biggest rental lodging stock in Canada (structure savvy).

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Other Surveys - 1 Seniors\' Housing Survey (SHS) The SHS targets private or non-benefit living arrangements Majority of occupants are 65+ year old Residences must give nearby supper arrangement. Substantial consideration must not be required. Living arrangements must have no less than 10 units. The SHS is an enumeration since February 2010 Survey information is acquired through a blend of phone, fax and email interviews with proprietors, directors and habitation executives. The overview gathers rents and opportunity rates by unit sort, and, other property data, for example, pleasantries, utilities, date opened, redesigns, and so forth

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Other Surveys - 2 Secondary Rental Market Surveys (3 segments) Condo Apartment Vacancy Survey A registration of all flat condominiums (a few special cases where a specimen of structures is enumerated*) Conducted in September in Montreal*, Quebec, Toronto*, Ottawa, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver* and Victoria Key data gathered: opportunity rates, rental rates (i.e. % of apartment suites ordinarily leased versus claimed) and condominium universe Data gathered at the structure level from property directors, townhouse sheets, and so on

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Other Surveys - 3 Secondary Rental Market Surveys (3 parts) Condo Apartment Rent Survey A phone review of apartment suite inhabitants who are leasing. Directed in October in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria and Vancouver The objective of this overview is to give appraisals of normal rents to condominium lofts. Some data are gathered on abiding and family attributes. Directed by an outside expert utilizing a CATI framework.

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Other Surveys - 4 Secondary Rental Market Surveys (3 segments) Household Rent Survey An arbitrary phone study of family unit inhabitants inside specific focuses. Information are gathered from just the individuals who are leasing. Led in September in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Quebec, Halifax, Abbotsford, St. John\'s, Kelowna, Victoria, Saskatoon, Regina and Barrie The objective of this review is to give assessments of normal rents, rental rates and the extent of the auxiliary rental business sector. Led by an outer advisor utilizing a CATI framework

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Other Surveys - 5 Renovation & Home Purchase Survey (RHPS) The RHPS is led every year in February-March by an outside expert utilizing a CATI framework. The RHPS is led in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver for all parts. The "genuine" Renovation part is led in five extra focuses: St. John\'s, Quebec, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Edmonton. The overview take a gander at the past and at the present timetable year (real information and aims). Information gathered: sorts of redesign, remodel costs, explanations behind redesign, first time home purchasers, purposes behind purchasing a house, and so forth

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Other Surveys - 6 New Home Sale Survey (NHSS) - as a pilot - The NHSS is directed in Saint John, Quebec, London, Guelph, Kitchener, Saskatoon, Calgary and Victoria on a month to month premise. The objective of this review is to gather new home deal data (value, date of offer, and so on.) at the exchange level. Stopped as of April 1, 2010… Conventional Lenders\' Survey Data on affirmed credits is gathered through a structure sent to significant banks and different moneylenders This study is directed solely from N.O. on a quarterly premise.

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Other Data Sources - 1 Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) Data accessible on a month to month premise: crude dollar volume, unit deals, new postings, normal costs, and so on. Geographic scope/levels: Canada, territories and nearby land sheets. Regularly balanced information is accessible for generally showcases. Meeting Board of Canada (CBoC) Forecasted financial information for the regions and the CMAs on a quarterly premise (reports and time arrangement) Data incorporates work power, GDP, net relocation, individual wage, and so on

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Other Data Sources - 2 Statistics Canada All evaluation information through the Research Division Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics (SLID) All limit documents (GIS): DA, CT, CSD, CA/CMA, region and Canada levels The latest road system record (SNF) Building Permits from the regions through a concurrence with Statistics Canada Geographic Information System (GIS) All structures (right around 2,000,000) from SCS/MAS since 1989 have been geocoded to a point. All structures (more than 170,000) from the RMS have been geocoded to a point.

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Miscellaneous Data openness MAC delivers and spreads a few a

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