Review on the Personal satisfaction of African Americans.

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Review on the Personal satisfaction of African Americans New Hanover Region 1970 – 2000 Dr. Leslie Hossfeld Office Human science and Criminal Equity UNCW Personal satisfaction Measures Salary Home Proprietorship Values Neediness Status End of Evaluation Results Newborn child Mortality High schooler Pregnancy
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Review on the Quality of Life of African Americans New Hanover County 1970 – 2000 Dr. Leslie Hossfeld Department Sociology and Criminal Justice UNCW

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Quality of Life Measures Income Home Ownership Values Poverty Status End of Grade Results Infant Mortality Teen Pregnancy Child Poverty

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Definitions of Measures Per Capita Income – Total cash per inhabitant of the region. - Census Percent of Population in Poverty-Based on persons in neediness logbook year before statistics. Registration Home Ownership Values – Average estimation of proprietor involved homes – Census

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Definitions Continued End of Grade Scores – State Department of Instruction Scores 2000 Infant Mortality – Number of newborn child passings per 1000 live births – State Center for Health Statistics Teen Pregnancy – Measure of pregnancy results (fetus removal, live conception, fetal demise) 15-19 years of age – State Center for Health Statistics Children in Poverty – Percent of related youngsters under 18 who are in destitution - Census

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Percent Population by Race

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Poverty, Income and Housing

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Mean Household Income

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Mean Household Income Gap

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Per Capita Income

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Per Capita Income Gap

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Housing Values

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Housing Value Gap

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Infant Mortality, Teen Pregnancy, Child Poverty and Education

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Infant Mortality Rates

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Infant Mortality

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Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy %

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Child Poverty

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End of Grade Tests

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For more data please contact Dr. Leslie Hossfeld Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice University of North Carolina Wilmington 910 962 78

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