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Standard Support for Server 2003 closures in July 2010. Moving far from x86 to x64 ... server. We might want to decommission these unsupported spaces as a major aspect of this task ...
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Review Introduction Upgrade Paths Why are we overhauling? NT4 Domains Test Domain for UTas AD Current Production AD 2003 New Production AD 2008 Changes Reference Articles Questions/Comments? Dynamic Directory Upgrade Project Information Session

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Active Directory Upgrade Introduction Project is being keep running as indicated by PMM@UTas Project Manager is Paul Fahey, ITR Newnham Technical Lead is Tristan Roberts, ITR Hobart Timeline Consultation & equipment acquisition November 2009 Testing December 2009 Production overhaul January 2010 Review (counting further meeting with Computing Support Staff ) February 2010

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Active Directory Upgrade Paths Server 2008 R2 Was our favored choice Brings some expanded usefulness more than 2008 Unfortunately as well "new" to have adequate merchant support – yet May return to in 12 months We will utilize the 2008 R2 pattern expansions Server 2008 Not upheld by Novell dirXML Loader v2.01 Novell is to be killed by end of November 2009 Another of Paul Fahey\'s ventures Supported by different sellers of ITR applications, eg: Microsoft (ISA Proxy, SQL Server, Exchange 2007 & 2010 and so forth and so on) CommVault (Backup & Archive) Sun Identity Manager 8.1 BlackBerry McAfee ePO TRIM Radiator

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Active Directory Upgrade Why are we redesigning? Microsoft Support Mainstream Support for Server 2003 closures in July 2010 Moving far from x86 to x64 working frameworks Currently we have a blend of 32 and 64 bit working frameworks 64 bit permits us the adaptability of adequately using more noteworthy than 4gb RAM Introducing physical area controllers for CCC, NHM & SBY Dell PowerEdge R300, 4 center/8gb RAM Sandy Bay server situated at Engineering for physical security and website strength Additional elements Server Core DCs Read Only DCs Others that depend on practical level of the space

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Active Directory Upgrade NT4 Domains CENTRAL Still utilized for some SAMBA confirmation (Tasman P: drives) ITS_ADMIN Starnet Notes BlackBerry server We might want to decommission these unsupported areas as a major aspect of this task

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Active Directory Upgrade Test Domain for UTas AD Configuration Root area of ad.test (2 DCs – NHM & SBY) Child space of (3 DCs – NHM & 2 SBY) Applications Microsoft Exchange 2007 SP2 & Exchange 2010 Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2 Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 CommVault 8.0 SP2 Novell dirXML VMWare

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Active Directory Upgrade Current Production AD 2003

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Active Directory Upgrade New Production AD 2008

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Active Directory Upgrade Changes Schema changes Required before any 2008 server can be elevated to DC We will utilize 2008 R2 pattern augmentations for redesign adaptability later Large number changes from 2003 to 2008, just minor changes from 2008 to 2008 R2 Domain utilitarian level Can just be raised once the sum total of what DCs have been moved up to 2008 Enables DFS replication for SYSVOL Enables fine grained secret word arrangements Enables last intuitive logon data Enables Advanced Encryption Services support for Kerberos Forest useful level Can just be raised once the sum total of what DCs have been updated & the Domain useful level raised No extra components

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Active Directory Upgrade Reference Articles Microsoft - Sun IDM 8.1 - BlackBerry Exchange Server (computing required number of NSPI associations) - McAfee - TRIM - Radiator - CommVault -

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Active Directory Upgrade Questions/Comments?

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