Richard A. Engelhardt Provincial Counsel for Society in Asia and the Pacific UNESCO.

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Houses, institutional or religious structures, gardens, scaffolds and different sorts ... quality control of proper building, artisan, and protection strategies; ...
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World Heritage Management: A quality/based Approach UNITAR/UDRI Training Workshop for India Mumbai, India, 18-21 August 2005 Best Practices of Heritage Conservation in India Case Studies from the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation Richard A. Engelhardt Regional Advisor for Culture in Asia and the Pacific UNESCO

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Objectives of the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards To perceive endeavors of people and associations inside the private area in effectively restoring and saving working of legacy quality in Asia-Pacific locale. To advance preservation of the Asia-Pacific district\'s fabricated legacy by empowering inclusion of the private part. To advocate the way of life of protection through utilization of proper preservation procedures and methodologies. To catalyze extra ventures inside the group, by giving due acknowledgment to best practice illustrations.

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Conditions for Entry Houses, institutional or religious structures, patio nurseries, spans and different sorts of structures are all qualified. No less than 50 years of age. Reclamation finished inside the previous 10 years and structures more likely than not been in feasible use for no less than one year. Rebuilding must be the consequence of private activity or an open/private organization.

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 Australia, including - Antarctica  Cambodia  China  India  Indonesia  Japan  Kazakhstan  Korea  Lao PDR  Malaysia  Mongolia  Nepal  Pakistan  Philippines  Iran  Singapore  Sri Lanka  Thailand  Uzbekistan  Viet Nam Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards Entries

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Heritage Awards Project Types Heritage Awards Project Types Public Institutions Educational Institutions Memorials Places of Worship Commercial Establishments Commercial Establishments Industrial Buildings Residential Buildings Cultural Facilities Office Buildings Palace Complexes Hospitality Facilities: Hotels Historic Structures Cultural Landscapes Urban Quarters Historic Towns

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Selection Criteria a. the enunciation of the structure " s legacy values with a specific end goal to pass on the soul of spot through the conseivation work ; b. appropriate use or adjustment of the structure ; c. the elucidation of the social, social , chronicled and compositional importance of the structure(s) in the conseivation work ; d. the comprehension of the specialized issues of preservation/reclamation in translating the structure " s hugeness ; e. the use and quality control of suitable building , artisan, and protection strategies ; f. the utilization of proper materials ; Cont. >>

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Selection Criteria g. how well any additional components or innovative specialized arrangements regard the character and natural spatial nature of the structure (s); h. the way in which the procedure and the last item add to the encompassing environment and the nearby group\'s social and authentic continuum; i. the impact of the undertaking on protection practice and strategy locally, broadly, territorially or globally; j. the progressing financial reasonability and importance of the task, and procurement for its future use and upkeep; k. the specialized consistency, intricacy and affectability of the venture approach.

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Winning Entries exhibit a mix of specialized brilliance , group based improvement and best practice in the utilization of legacy assets Set benchmark principles of specialized perfection Chinese mosaic porcelain works ( Chien Nien ) Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion Penang, Malaysia

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Winning Entries show a blend of specialized fabulousness, group based advancement and best practice in the utilization of legacy assets Foster nearby group association, limit building, advancement Villagers prepared in reclamation, support, and other vocation aptitudes Krishan Temple Kishankot, Punjab, India

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Winning Entries show a mix of specialized incredibleness, group based advancement and best practice in the utilization of legacy assets Revive makes abilities and accommodate future upkeep Revival of recolored glass craftsmanship University of Mumbai Library Mumbai, India

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Winning Entries exhibit a mix of specialized magnificence, group based advancement and best practice in the utilization of legacy assets Catalyze rebuilding and preservation endeavors in encompassing group Xijin Ferry Project resuscitated a vast local location for future reclamation Jiangsu Province, Zhenjiang, China

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Heritage Awards Winners Ceremonies Hung Shing Old Temple , Hong Kong SAR, China 11 March 2001 Ceremony, Outstanding Project Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion , Penang Malaysia 6 January 2001 Ceremony, Most Excellent Project King Law Ka Shuk , Hong Kong SAR, China 17 March 2002 Ceremony, Award of Merit Krishan Temple , India 23 March 2002 Ceremony, Award of Distinction

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Asia Conserved Best Practices from the UNESCO Heritage Awards Collection of best practice contextual investigations from 2000-4 cycles of the Awards Co-distributed and/or appropriated through UNESCO Chair/Asian Academy system Written for general readership, including: specialized data for understudies registry data for sourcing materials, authorities for mortgage holders/experts Forthcoming production

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Project Awards 2000 Excellent Project JUDGES\' CITATION The recovery of the Chanwar Palkhiwalon-ki-haveli ruins in Amber shows that even seriously decayed notable structures can be spared, restored to close to their unique condition and given a drawn out life. The fruitful rebuilding demonstrates that utilizing nearby customary artisans and using neighborhood materials is both actually conceivable and monetarily down to earth. The enrollment of countless artisans bestowed a long haul financial effect on the group and helped a few expert skilled workers build up their own development firms having some expertise in noteworthy restoration. The high perceivability of this anticipate all through its redesign expanded open backing for the usage of a ground breaking strategy protection of the 800-year-old memorable town of Amber. Chanwar Palkhiwalon-ki-Haveli Rajasthan, India

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Project Awards 2000 Outstanding Project JUDGES\' CITATION Restoration of the Hotel de l\'Orient demonstrates that effective legacy protection does not require gigantic mediation or modifying. This moving task was finished with negligible mediation, done moderately modestly, and kept up the respectability of both the outside and the inside unique design. The consideration and consideration given to unique configuration components in the inside reclamation provides for the Hotel de l\'Orient commendable appeal and notable credibility. The expansion of two guestrooms and a staircase with a specific end goal to make the venture monetarily feasible outlines the innovative way to deal with the structure\'s versatile protection. Notwithstanding adding to the social upgrade of the group, the prominence of the lodging has underscored the legitimacy of the choice to restore the building as opposed to destroy it. Inn de l\'Orient Pondicherry, India

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Project Awards 2001 Awards of Distinction JUDGES\' CITATION The rebuilding of the memorable Krishan Temple in a multi-social town in the Punjab accepts the critical part that the protection of shared legacy has in producing group inclusion. The main part of the NGO, particularly in solidifying the endeavors of the neighborhood group, is especially excellent. The reclamation was drawn closer as a preservation venture, as well as a group fortifying try, exhibiting the achievement conceivable by protection installed in group. By re-presenting customary development methods and materials, and exchanging this specialized learning and thankfulness to the nearby villagers, the task conservators guaranteed the future maintainability of the sanctuary, and the proceeded with life of the working after rebuilding. Krishan Temple Punjab, India

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Project Awards 2001 Awards of Merit JUDGES\' CITATION The reclamation of DBS House shows how close joint effort between the corporate property proprietor and neighborhood protection specialists has brought about a praiseworthy versatile reuse venture that jam nearby legacy while obliging the necessities of a cutting edge business focus. A legacy of improper and sub-standard building augmentations exhibited a large group of basic and specialized difficulties, which have been determined with estimable imagination and limitation, regarding the respectability and nature of the first structure. The moderate methodology has permitted new mediations to remain nearby existing structures with equivalent uprightness. Showing others how its done, the rebuilding of DBS House has been impetus in instigating further protection endeavors in the Fort Precinct territory of Mumbai. DBS House Mumbai, India

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Project Awards 2001 Honorable Mention JUDGES\' CITATION The best in class rebuilding of the Library Building at the University of Mumbai displays model specialized achievement and returns one of the city\'s point of interest structures to its unique magnificence. Exemplary consideration regarding approach of rebuilding and genuineness of the new components are apparent in the careful protection venture. Reintroducing some underappreciated skills via preparing neighborhood specialists to fulfill a legitimately precise reclamation has restored these works of art for use in the group and in future protection ventures. Library Building University of Mumbai, India

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Project Awards 2002 Awards of Excellence JUDGES\' CITATION The aggressive vast scale reclamation of the surrendered 12

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