Right to Read ALIS Annual Conference 2007 .

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Right to Read ALIS Annual Conference 2007. Ceri Jackson Policy and Communications Manager RNIB Cymru. RNIB Cymru. Over 40 staff in Wales Membership organisation Education Services Employment Services Bilingual Transcription Services Community Services. Prevalence of sight loss in Wales.
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Right to Read ALIS Annual Conference 2007 Ceri Jackson Policy and Communications Manager RNIB Cymru

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RNIB Cymru Over 40 staff in Wales Membership association Education Services Employment Services Bilingual Transcription Services Community Services

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Prevalence of sight misfortune in Wales 100,000 individuals with sight misfortune 21,000 enrolled 10,000 visually impaired 10,857 mostly located

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Young individuals with sight misfortune 1,278 somewhere around 0 and 19 (2004) 2005/6 1,440 HE understudies (first year) 11,544 FE understudies (16% matured somewhere around 16 and 18)

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Preferred perusing designs 59% sound 57% huge print 16% PC 5% braille

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Right to Read Campaign 96 % of all books, magazines and different distributions are not accessible in huge print, sound or braille 3 million individuals denied the privilege to peruse absence of responsibility from Government more co-operation required from all partners

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Right to Read research and battle reports Where\'s My Book 2002 Written Off 2004 Overdue 2003 A Closed Book 2002 DED Library Survey

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Right to Read crusade RNIB & Right to Read Alliance battling for a long time to build number of books in available organizations May 2007 Special Briefing on Textbook Access Developments Children\'s Lobby of Parliament

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Equal get to - open arrangement books distributed in the meantime as standard print Jacqueline Wilson\'s \'Featuring Tracy Beaker\' David Blunkett\'s \'The Blunkett Tapes\' \'Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince\' by JK Rowling Micheal Palin recorded and discharged his most recent book "Himalaya" as a RNIB Talking Book a month prior to the printed rendition

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Right to Read exercises Scotland Access for All venture http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2007/06/05081600/1 Proposed Pilot for a Centralized Textbook Service supported by DCSF Meeting with Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)

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Publishers Association Steering Group on Accessibility concentrate on course books for further and advanced education - streamlining the way toward getting elective configuration Techdis creating great practice direct TechDis building up a focal database where distributers can give key data on their option arrange administrations.

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RNIB Cymru needs Campaigning for new enactment in Wales Hosting Access to Information Roadshow sixth March Publish Mystery Shopping Report Awareness raising with all partners

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RNIB Cymru needs Build on associations to expand arrangement Develop bilingual pilot to exhibit opportune arrangement achievable Major extension of RNIB Cymru\'s bilingual translation administrations

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Access to educational modules materials Work with accomplices to discover answers for access to educational modules materials including access to electronic writings Meeting with key partners November Obtaining off rack course books, study demonstrates 100 % experienced troubles \'much of the time or \'regularly\' obtatining vast print course books 85% Braille experienced trouble getting braille course books

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Next strides Campaign for enactment Campaign for financing for interpretation Work in organization to create national translation assets Accessible Information Roadshow sixth March 2008

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Next strides Electronic Textbook Evaluation Focus 2008: Year of perusing Please sign the Right to Read Declaration

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eighth year of Combined Studies degree, favored configuration braille has bolster laborer for research needs printed versions ahead of time as must be photocopied, checked and brailled "I need to get the print duplicate from the library to get it replicated" What the understudies say...

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third year brain research understudy favored print arrange, arial point measure 20 utilizes CCTV Wants access to more books and diaries online so they can be adjusted "I want to be a dyslexic understudy" What the understudies say… .

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Thank you for listening Ceri Jackson 029 2044 9556 Ceri.jackson@rnib.org.uk www.rnib.org.uk

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