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RIVERHEADS HIGH SCHOOL. Clothing regulation Policy 2009 - 2010. Timetable … New understudy clothing regulation takes impact on the first day of school August 20 , 2008“INDIAN GEAR”. Course of events . . . New understudy clothing regulation takes impact on the first day of school. The Philosophy . . .
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RIVERHEADS HIGH SCHOOL Dress Code Policy 2009 - 2010

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Timeline … New understudy clothing standard produces results on the principal day of school August 20 , 2008"INDIAN GEAR" Timeline . . . New understudy clothing standard produces results on the principal day of school.

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The Philosophy . . . All understudies are relied upon to dress in a way steady with the acknowledgment that they have a duty to cultivate a learning domain advancing wellbeing and security, regard and pride, and a positive respect for order and power.

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Shirts/Blouses Policy • Shirts/Blouses ought to be developed so that the highest point of the shoulder is secured. Sleeveless clothing with a completed edge might be worn if the piece of clothing goes to the shoulder edge and has a standard size armhole. • Spaghetti straps, tube tops, bridle tops, network tops, sheer tops, strapless tops, and risqué tops are unsatisfactory. Muscle shirts/tank tops are disallowed on guys unless worn with another shirt.

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Shirts/Blouses Policy Shirts/Blouses must NOT demonstrate wrong neck areas that uncover cleavage, low back lines, waists, or underpants. NO BARE SKIN is to be uncovered at the midsection, mid-section or midriff region. Neck areas can\'t be lower than the straight line from the highest point of the underarm crosswise over to the inverse underarm. All shirts, tops must be tucked in or cover base piece of clothing .

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Muscle shirts, tube tops, bridle tops and spaghetti straps are inadmissible .

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Shirts/best that uncover cleavage, are low profile, show waist, or are revealing are unsatisfactory .

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These are viewed as worthy:

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Dresses/Skirts/Skorts/Shorts Policy The shirt/pullover rules with respect to sleeves and neck areas likewise apply in this class. Length of dresses, skirts, skorts, (counting any opening) ought to be no shorter than the closures of the understudy\'s broadened fingertips when standing up straight ( The fingertip standard ).

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FINGERTIP RULE Length of dresses, skirts, skorts (counting any openings), ought to be no shorter than the closures of the understudy\'s amplified fingertips when standing up straight. Sew Line Fingertips

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Inappropriate Attire Hemline above amplified fingertips Exposed waist

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Shorts, dresses, and skirts must be longer than broadened fingertips These are not satisfactory.

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These are viewed as adequate:

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Pants/Jeans/Shorts/Skirts/Skorts/Sweatpants Policy Each of these pieces of attire might be worn at midriff level. No dress that will be worn as an UNDERGARMENT might be unmistakable while wearing jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, or warm up pants.

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Apparel must cover all underpants

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Other Unacceptable Apparel: Costumes, night robe or shoes. Stretch lycra , spandex or nylon tights, leotards, biker jeans or clothing worn as external pieces of clothing. Head wear (aside from religious reasons) to incorporate, however not constrained to, caps, hoods, wavecaps , sweatbands, bandannas, do-clothes, skull tops, surgical tops, scarves, baseball tops, picks, rakes, and brushes. Shades (solution required).

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Pajamas and shoes are not allowed to be worn in school.

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Tights worn alone are inadmissible.

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Jogging, biker and Spandex shorts are likewise inadmissible.

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Inappropriate Headgear Bandannas Surgical tops Scarves

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Inappropriate Headgear

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Hoodies are fine, be that as it may, understudies may NOT wear the hoods amid school hours.

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Sunglasses may not be worn on the face.

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proceeded with . . . Any piece of attire which shows disgusting words, pictures or plans, any article which passes on a sexually suggestive, profane, belittling or provocative comment, a master liquor message, a tobacco as well as medication related message, or is typical of packs or troublesome gatherings.

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Unacceptable Attire

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proceeded with . . . Shoes MUST be worn at all times. Athletic shoes MUST be worn for physical instruction classes, and shut toed shoes might be required for assurance in certain instructive settings. Body piercings may not be worn in classes where they are a security or execution issue. Things NOT SPECIFICALLY COVERED IN THE ABOVE POLICY MAY BE PROHIBITED AT THE DISCRETION OF THE ADMINISTRATION.

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Consequences: Students who damage arrangements of the clothing standard won\'t be permitted to go to class and will be given the chance to have a guardian/watchman convey fitting attire to class or get the understudy. School organization may give legitimate clothing on an advance premise, in the occasion the guardian/watchman can\'t be reached. Proceeded with infringement of the clothing regulation will subject the understudy to disciplinary activity as insubordination of school guidelines.

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