Road LAW-Walk 20, 2006.

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How about we Begin! Why do you think posses use graffiti, tattoos, and distinctive hues to distinguish them?. Road LAW-Walk 20, 2006. AGENDA~ - Articles Notes Group Signs-graffiti, tattoos, signs Webquest. Posse Turf. Packs are Turf situated
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Let’s Get Started! Why do you think posses use graffiti, tattoos, and distinctive hues to recognize them? Road LAW-March 20, 2006 AGENDA~ - Articles Notes Gang Signs-graffiti, tattoos, signs Webquest

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Gang Turf Gangs are Turf arranged Most posse crimes are the result of battles about turf, status and reprisal. Posse individuals graffiti their packs name or logo to recognize their turf While being in a group is not illicit, numerous things that groups do, for example, graffiting other’s property is unlawful

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Gang turf in Hollenbeck This guide subtle elements the turf guaranteed by Hollenbeck\'s 34 posses, which incorporate 6,756 individuals and partners, as indicated by the Los Angeles Police Department. Find every pack\'s turf by discovering the relating shading on the guide. Posses and Turfs

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How groups recognize themselves? Wear groups "colors“ Wear certain sorts or brands of attire Tattoos Imprinting posse marks on their bodies Certain sorts of hairdos Hand signals Graffiti-on dividers, roads, school, work, and other neighborhood areas

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GRAFITI Graffiti is the most widely recognized path for packs to impart their messages Organized graffiti is one of the first signs that road packs are grabbing hold in your neighborhood It is an astounding approach to track pack development, alliance, and in some cases even gives enrollment data Graffiti fills a few needs, all of which is comprehended by other "gangbangers," even individuals from adversary sets. Graffiti conveys numerous messages: challenges notices proclamations of deeds refined or going to happen. To battle against packs numerous neighborhood powers have systems to manage graffiti to show groups they won\'t go on without serious consequences. uproot or paint over after it is recorded and examined by the police.

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Examples of Graffiti This shows the pack\'s name asserting this domain, typically an area name. People is a reference to the Folk or Hoover Nation posse which is situated in Chicago however is appearing everywhere throughout the South. Now and again these posse individuals likewise are known as Shorty Folks, Shorties, and Black Gangster Disciples/BGD\'s.

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Examples of Graffiti This is the six-pointed star which is the Folks\' image. In this illustration, they have both gladly announced their connection and dissed (issued discourtesy) to the adversary Vice Lords by flipping around the stick handle (Vice Lords utilize the upright stick in their graffiti). The Folk Nation pitchfork is upright demonstrating admiration. The letters at the six purposes of the star are images of the Folk\'s ideas Nation: Life, Loyalty, Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding. This is considered posse "knowledge" and is just a little piece of what group individuals must realize. Truth be told, numerous posse sets have broad books, generally written by hand, of principles and regulations and group history. These guidelines must be remembered. Regularly, posses have set meeting dates and read from their "Book", and talk about group business. In an unusual kind of way, these gatherings look like crew or community gatherings. Numerous group individuals have recounted being "violated" for not knowing certain parts of their insight when called upon by a pack pioneer to discuss it.

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Examples of Graffiti This is a notice to Blood group individuals, adversaries of the Folks and the Crips. Lazy pigs is the "put down" word utilized by Crips and Folks (who have all the earmarks of being freely adjusting) to depict Blood group individuals. Notice that the B is crossed out. This is another "put down" and cautioning for Bloods to stay away. Genuine group individuals will dependably write in a style to dis opponent posses. 187 is a California\'s piece Penal Code number for Homicide and 211 is same for outfitted theft. In numerous posses, if individuals utilize the word Blood or Crip rather than the dis words, Slob and Crab, an infringement can be given.

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Examples of Graffiti East Coast speaks to LA group introduction. "Cuzz" is a term of charm utilized by Crips to address one another. Substituting dollar signs for the S\'s demonstrates that this pack is offering opiates. BK remains for Blood Killer. At times you will see CK which remains for Crip Killer. Road names, mark of craftsmen

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Examples of Graffiti Typical Vice Lord Graffiti- - The pyramid and eye of "Allah". The IVL remains for Insane Vice Lords, a Chicago bunch. CVL or Conservative Vice Lord graffiti is likewise in some cases seen. The attracting is said to speak to the antiquated pyramids and their dark manufacturers. Note the quantity of blocks in the pyramid- - 21. This has critical intending to a genuine People Nation part. Note the similitudes to some Muslim images. Not very many if any neighborhood posse individuals have any association at all to the Muslim confidence.

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Examples of Graffiti Vice Lord marker and hand sign, here and there drawn, now and again utilized as a hand signal. The five-pointed star is utilized by the Vice Lords and Bloods in the Little Rock range

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Examples of Graffiti Put down to equal BGD six-pointed star saying the five purposes of the Vice Lord star is 5 popping (shooting at) the BGD six-pointed star. It ought to be noticed that in a few cases, numbers will seem instead of letters in the drawings or graffiti of "bangers". Ordinarily, this is a genuinely simple code to break on the grounds that packs basically utilize the number which relates to the spot the letter falls in the letter set as in: .7.4 = B.G.D. = Black Gangster Disciple 12.12.12 = L.L.L. = Love, Life, Loyalty

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Gang Tattoos-BLOODS Lower left lower arm, the word "Crab" upside down. Crab being the lack of respect term for Crips. The "A" is supplanted by a 5 pointed star.

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Gang Tattoos-BLOODS Blood dress, take note of the red shoe bands in his right shoe and the Chicago Blackhawks shirt. In Minnesota most blood sets speak to one side since Vice Lords wear comparable hues and speak to one side.

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Gang Tattoos-BLOODS Blood attire, take note of the right trouser leg pulled up speaking to one side.

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Gang Tattoos-BLOODS RBD for Red Blood Dragons, left lower arm, early english script.

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Gang Tattoos-BLOODS RBD for Red Blood Dragons, left lower arm, with "Blood" underneath it.

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Gang Tattoos-BLOODS “Blood" on right hand.

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Gang Tattoos-CRIPS Right mid-section, "WS", West Side, for this situation a WS Tre-57 Crip. Left mid-section, epithet, "Jess-C-James". Crips might much of the time incorporate "C" in road names.

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Gang Tattoos-CRIPS Upper left arm, W/S RAC 120, West Side Raymond Avenue Crip, 120th St. Most Crips in Minnesota speak to one side as the Gangster Disciples speak to one side.

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Gang Tattoos-CRIPS Typical Crip hues. This Gangsta is Crippin "L.A. Style," significance he is speaking to one side. Note the right trouser leg moved up. Crips that speak to one side are Crippin Minnesota style.

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Gang Tattoos-CRIPS Oriental Loks are affliated with the Crips. Note the Old English Gothic script tattoos.

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Gang Tattoos-CRIPS Oriental Loks are affliated with the Crips. Note the Old English Gothic script tattoos

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Gang Tattoos-VICE LORDS AND PEOPLE Right mid-section, 5 pointed star with a number "5" in focus. Over the star the words, "All is one." Left mid-section, bunny head with epithet above.

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Gang Tattoos-VICE LORDS AND PEOPLE Close up of past picture.

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Gang Tattoos-VICE LORDS AND PEOPLE VL shaved into left eye forehead and a 5 point star under left eye.

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Gang Tattoos-VICE LORDS AND PEOPLE Street name and tattoo.

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Gang Tattoos-VICE LORDS AND PEOPLE Right hand, bunny head and Old English "COB." COB is a "People" partnered group like the Vice Lords.

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Gang Tattoos-VICE LORDS AND PEOPLE Right wrist, "COB".

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Gang Tattoos-GANGSTER DISCIPLES & FOLKS Right upper arm, 6 pointed star with pitchfork up to one side and stick down to one side.

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Gang Tattoos-GANGSTER DISCIPLES & FOLKS Upper right arm, 6 pointed star with pitchforks up and sticks down. Vast "G" in the middle, numbers relate to letters in the letter set.

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Gang Tattoos-GANGSTER DISCIPLES & FOLKS Til Da World Blo", with pitchfork up

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Gang Tattoos-GANGSTER DISCIPLES & FOLKS Street name "J-bone" with a 6 for GD.

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Gang Tattoos-GANGSTER DISCIPLES & FOLKS Tattoo from a GD. Skull with a top cap to lack of respect Vice Lords.

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Gang Tattoos-GANGSTER DISCIPLES & FOLKS Right lower arm, huge GD with pitchfork up and cross down, "people".

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Gang Tattoos Ankle, grin now/cry later. A couple of theater confronts that help demonstrate an attitude basic with numerous pack individuals. (The tattoo itself may not so much be pack related.) These 3 dabs are a typical group tattoo discovered anyplace on the body. That is to say, "My Crazy Life."

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Gang Signs The “Primo” Sign Power Number One Victory

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Gang Signs Piru Sign: “Blood” Kitchen Crip Crips: “Cousin” Bounty Hunters

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Gang Signs Bishop Brims Mafia Crips Athens Park

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Gang Signs “C”: Crips “C-C”: Compton Crip “U”: Underground Crip “H”

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Gang Tattoos-“E”: East “M”: Mafia Crip “0”: Number Zero “H”: Hoover Crip Black Stone

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Remnants of Gang Violence

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Webquest Time Take it away Mr. Crabtree!

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