Roadpricing from a Portable Telco Viewpoint.

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Switch portable association on when required. Switch versatile association off ... Try not to anticipate that Mobile Telcos will lead the pack in actualizing roadpricing frameworks ...
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Roadpricing from a Mobile Telco Perspective Paul A.J. Tilanus KPN Valley The Netherlands IMPRINT Europe Seminar 23 & 24 October 2002

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Mobile Telco\'s enthusiasm for Roadpricing The principle explanations behind a Mobile Telco, all in all, to take part Subscription expenses Synergy with Mobile In-Car Services Call and session incomes

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Depends on the configuration of the Roadpricing framework Subscription Fees Subscription charges spread Mobility Management Billing To lower membership expenses from a Mobile Telco Intelligent application ready to Switch portable association on when required Switch versatile association off asap Wholesale charging

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on load up unit carport versatile correspondence charging CRM & promoting organization different costs 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Call and session Revenues Roadpricing frameworks normally create no portable movement with an awful topographical dispersion

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Real-time course organizer Parking Where is the closest … (Yellow pages) Monitor the driver\'s conduct Mobile In-Car Services There are numerous conceivable MICS For the driver of an auto For the proprietor of an auto The MICS most astounding on the lists of things to get Many MICS require the position of the auto

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Synergy with Mobile In-Car Services A Roadpricing framework is appealing to a Mobile Telco on the off chance that It depends on the geological area of the auto The area is available by different applications An open (industry) standard interface is utilized Note that the enthusiasm of the Mobile Telco is aberrant A Service Provider offers the MICS The MICS produces versatile activity The Mobile Telco may offer extra administrations to the Service Provider (e.g. charging)

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Conclusions Roadpricing frameworks produce minimal paid activity and perhaps unpaid burden on the versatile system Synergy of MICS and roadpricing conceivable with an open, standard interface to the area of the auto The enthusiasm of a Mobile Telco is backhanded D o not anticipate that Mobile Telcos will lead the pack in executing roadpricing frameworks Expect from Mobile Telcos ability to take an interest A Mobile Telco would be a decent MICS entryway supplier

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