Robin C. Vanderpool , DrPH , CHES Senior Exploration Facilitator NCI's Disease Data Administration – Mid South Locale TN.

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Robin C. Vanderpool , DrPH , CHES Senior Exploration Organizer NCI's Malignancy Data Administration – Mid South District TN CCC Summit 2009 Specialists Prescribe National Reconnaissance Program Changes in wellbeing data environment Utilization crosswise over channels and sources broadly
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Robin C. Vanderpool , DrPH , CHES Senior Research Coordinator NCI’s Cancer Information Service – Mid South Region TN CCC Summit 2009

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Experts Recommend National Surveillance Program Changes in wellbeing data environment Usage crosswise over channels and sources broadly Combine channel utilization with learning, states of mind, practices Build a proof base for organizers, chairmen, communicators, professionals, and arrangement producers Cancer Risk Communication: What We Know and What We Need to Learn - NCI Monograph, No. 25, 1999.

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Purpose of HINTS

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Extraordinary Opportunity

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Knowledge, Attitudes, Behavior Investments in Cancer Communication New Communication Environment Why HINTS

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Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview Random Digit Dial (RDD) Supplemented with electronic (2005) and mail (2007) adaptations to help build reaction rates National likelihood test of general grown-up populace (18+) Conducted in both English and Spanish Repeated consistently to track patterns Survey Methods

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Instruments (2003, 2005, 2007)

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En Espaã±ol

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HINTS 2 Database SAS, SPSS HINTS 1 Database SAS, SPSS Download Data HINTS 3 Database SAS, SPSS

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Technical Specifications Sampling Plan Full Instrument Final Report Weighting Instructions

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Review & Contribute to Research

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HINTS Web Site 35+ Publications 50+ Posters 25+ Presentations Published Research

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January 20-21, 2005 St. Pete’s Beach, Florida (Richard Moser, Organizer) May 4-5, 2007 Pasadena, California (Lila Rutten , Organizer) September 24-25, 2009 Silver Spring, MD HINTS Professional Conferences

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HINTS 2003 Media Use Information Seeking Risk Perceptions Cancer Knowledge Patient-Provider Communication Research From the Baseline Editors: Bradford Hesse, Richard Moser, Lila Rutten, Gary Kreps

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HINTS Questions

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Review Data Online

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Review Data Online

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Review Data Online

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Brief 1: Information Seeking Brief 2: Lifestyle & Behavior Brief 3: Screening Awareness Brief 4: Physical Activity Brief 5: HPV Brief 6: Sun Safety Brief 7: Progress in Communication Brief 8: Providers and the Internet Brief 9: Public Confusion Brief 10: Cancer Survivors Brief 11: Tobacco Related Knowledge Brief 12: Hispanics’ Information Cancer Seeking Experiences HINTS Briefs

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HINTS 2003 and 2005 Data Report Rutten LF, Moser RP, Beckjord EB, Hesse BW, Croyle RT. (2007) Cancer Communication: Health Information National Trends Survey. Washington, D.C.: National Cancer Institute.

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Map 2 Regional Estimates of Internet Use for Health Information (2005) Map 1 Regional Estimates of Internet Use for Health Information (2003 Regional Estimates

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Regional Estimates Map 4 Knowledge of Mammography Screening Frequency (2003) Map 3 Knowledge of Age at Which to Begin Mammogram (2003)

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Map 8 Regional Estimates of Awareness of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) (2005)

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Map 10 Regional Estimates of Knowledge of Smoking-Cancer Link (2003)

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Data Collection Program

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