ROLLOVERS AGAIN ? Yes: 10 in 1 month!.

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Excellent S-example: veered to one side, pulled left (overcorrecting) and after that pulled right again and rolled. ... Travelers are additionally stack: they change the auto's security. ...
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ROLLOVERS AGAIN ? Yes: 10 in 1 month!

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Here they are: 21/Oct LTI Graded Mitsubishi 4WD DC-PU 26/Oct FAC Graded Toyota Hilux 4WD DC-PU 30/Oct LTI/Ptd Blacktop Toyota Prado 4WD 9/Nov LTI Blacktop Mitsubishi 4WD DC-PU 16/Nov LTI Graded Toyota Hilux 4WD DC-PU 18/Nov FAC Blacktop Toyota Hilux 4WD DC-PU 19/Nov FAC Graded Toyota Prado 4WD 20/Nov Dead Blacktop Toyota Prado 4WD 23/Nov No inj. Graded Isuzu 4WD DC-PU 24/Nov FAC Graded Isuzu 4WD DC-PU DC-PU: D ouble C stomach muscle P yuck U p

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"Having a ton of fun" on reviewed street 21/Oct LTI Rollover !!

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26/Oct FAC Straight reviewed street Yibal Rollover !! Veered to one side. Pulled hard to the privilege & moved: exemplary S design.

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Straight blacktop Fahud-Nahada Veered off to the privilege Overcorrected, moved 4x Classic S design NO rollover bar 30/Oct LTI maybe a Permanent Total Disability ?? Rollover !!

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Veered off to one side. Pulled left however over-redressed & moved 3x. Great S design. 9/Nov: LTI Straight Blacktop close Fahud: NIGHT Rollover !!

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Straight Graded street Bahja Rollover !! Exemplary S-design: veered to one side, pulled left (overcorrecting) and after that pulled right again and rolled. 16/Nov LTI

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Straight Blacktop Nimr to Rima Rollover !! Not thinking Trying to slaughter a fly! Overcorrecting: S design 18/Nov FAC

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Burst right back tire Car pulled left Lost control and moved Straight reviewed street QA-Fahud Rollover !! 19/Nov FAC

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20/Nov Fatality & LTI Blacktop street Fahud-Nizwa Rollover !! Auto moved comfortable velocity. Driver over revised and got into a S design: Rolled & Flipped.

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Driver attempted to dodge a few potholes in the poor street: pulled left then right. S-bend design! Straight evaluated street Thumrait-Marmul Rollover !! 23/Nov No Injury

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Junction Marmul-Thuleilat Driver maneuvered into intersection at too fast. Moved off the street. Rollover !! 24/Nov No Injury

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Common elements of these rollovers: Speed (80 km/hr can be too quick !!) All are 4 WD high C entre o f G ravity autos 8 on straight streets 8 exemplary "S" bends: driver loses fixation and veers gradually left or right wrong guiding response: pulls hard left/right wrong braking response: brakes while controlling 4 on blacktop streets at rapid 1 tire victory, 1 intersection/speed

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4WD are incredible autos: They are solid (we think) They can go anyplace (just about) You (nearly) never get stuck You sit high (great perspective) They are effective & feel great (macho?) They are agreeable They can convey a considerable measure of burden and individuals BUT… … .

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But 4WD: Have a high CoG: this implies they are more touchy to rollovers. They don\'t brake that well: they are substantial. They don\'t control and corner that well: they are substantial and high. They give an incorrect feeling that all is well with the world: driver feels safe at any pace. They are intense and can go quick: much too quick for their taking care of capacity.

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Low CoG Rollovers & C entre o f G ravity High CoG Would you drive these autos in the same way when taking a corner or curve ??? Obviously NOT !!! 4WD High CoG auto: modify your driving & speed.

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When driving a 4WD: Adjust your driving style. Blend of: Speed Steering: no sudden alters of course Braking: begin braking prior, keep more separation Keep substantial burdens as low as could be expected under the circumstances: NOT on the rooftop! High loads make the auto more flimsy. Keep loads adjusted to the inside/center. Travelers are likewise stack: they change the steadiness of the auto.

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The great "S" bend rollover: Mistake 1: lost focus auto moves gradually to one side (or left) Mistake 2: pull hard left could move here as of now Roll? Botch 3: pull hard right Roll!! Botch 4: braking & turning in the meantime

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The exemplary "S" bend rollover: How to stay away from it !!! Botch: lost fixation auto moves gradually to one side (or left) Good re-activity: Roll-out into the desert. Try not to pull your controlling wheel. Hold it tight and straight with 2 hands. Brake gradually to full STOP. Try not to freeze.

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How to secure yourself against rollover? Utilize a 2-WD rather than a 4-WD if conceivable. In the event that you drive a 4-WD: conform your driving. Never make savage modification in your controlling & you\'re braking, you should dodge an uncontrolled slide. Ensure a 4-WD has a move bar !!!!! Wear your safety belts !!!!! Your BELT can Save your LIFE

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