Rules for Getting Texas Confirmation.

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Accreditation exams are managed in October, December, February, April and June. ... based and PC regulated accreditation examinations. Contact ...
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Rules for Obtaining Texas Certification (For Professionals without-of-State Teaching Credentials)

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Guidelines for Obtaining Texas Certification Purpose Application Process Glossary & Resources

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Purpose 1. Give holders of out-of-state-qualifications a diagram of the procedure for acquiring Texas accreditation 2. Set up state and locale prerequisites and timetables for acquiring Texas confirmation 3. Address questions about starting the accreditation procedure in Texas 4. Give asset and contact data with respect to Texas accreditation

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Application Process Overview Out-of-State Certification Satisfy state (and college, if relevant) necessities and get showing qualifications from state outside of Texas.

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A legitimate out-of-state showing endorsement is required.

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Application Process (con\'t.) Before looking for a position in LISD, complete SBEC\'s Review of Credentials and apply for a one-year endorsement from SBEC.

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Copies of transcripts, showing qualifications, and other required records ought to be sent to SBEC at the earliest opportunity.

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The SBEC Review of Credentials (ROC) will bring about an instruction plan that distinguishes the exams required for Texas accreditation.

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Application for affirmation, accommodation of fingerprints as a part of the personal investigation, and installment of every single required charge are fundamental before a one year nonrenewable testament will be issued. This procedure will start once the Review of Credentials has been finished.

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Application Process Overview (con\'t.) Testing: Establishing Eligibility for a Texas Standard Certificate Certified candidates waiting of-state accreditations must finish all prerequisites in the confirmation arrangement arranged by SBEC with a specific end goal to set up qualification for the Texas Standard Certificate. The essential prerequisites are to take a pass the proper affirmation examination, finish a criminal record verification, and pay every single required expense.

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A rundown of affirmed examinations can be gotten from SBEC. Confirmation of breezing through the chose tests is required as a part of the ROC procedure.

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Registration for an exam preceding getting the SBEC arrangement is dependably at the instructor\'s own particular danger .

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Certification exams are directed in October, December, February, April and June.

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Results are discharged three to four weeks after test organization.

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Online testing is accessible for a few exams on a restricted premise.

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Applying for Texas Standard Certification A 5 year renewable Texas standard affirmation is accessible after passing the suitable accreditation exam(s).

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You should apply for a Texas Standard Teaching Certificate.

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Important Reminders You should hold a current out-of-state showing accreditation before you can apply for a showing declaration in Texas. Lewisville ISD will consider just out-of-state candidates with a substantial Texas qualification. The Texas one year showing declaration will cover one and only school year, and is non-renewable.

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Important Reminders (con\'t.) LISD educators are required to enroll for the proper affirmation exam at the most punctual organization date. The SBEC Plan will show the required affirmation exams that ought to be taken to acquire Texas accreditation.

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Important Reminders (con\'t.) After passing the prescribed exams, it is important to apply for the Texas 5 year renewable Standard Certificate.

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Checklist for Obtaining Certification in view of Credentials from Outside Texas Create a record with SBEC Submit qualifications to SBEC for survey Follow rules of SBEC affirmation arrangement Apply to SBEC for one-year nonrenewable authentication Request/Complete unique mark materials from SBEC Note: Digital fingerprinting is required .

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Pay all expenses connected with fingerprinting and affirmation Register for proper accreditation exam(s) Apply and submit charges for Texas Standard Certificate after passing confirmation exam(s)

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Glossary and Resources State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC) Texas Education Agency (TEA) Local Education Agency (LEA) TExES/ExCET Texas Teacher Certification (Types) Educational Testing Service (ETS) Certification Officer NBLC "Very Qualified" Application Process Review of Credentials (ROC) Digital Finger Printing FAST Program

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S tate B oard of E ducator C ertification (SBEC) State office accused of the power and obligation to survey qualifications and guarantee instructors to instruct in the condition of Texas. Phone: 1-888-863-5880 for Information and Support.

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Texas Education Agency The Texas Education Agency can be reached at the accompanying: 1701 North Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78701 (512) 462-9734

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Educational Testing Service Agency in charge of organization of paper-based and PC regulated confirmation examinations. Contact for test dates, areas, and enlistment data at 1-866-902-5922 or For nitty gritty headings to online enrollment, click on the accompanying: State Testing Process **[link to power point goes here]

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Digital Finger Printing FAST Program Since October 1,2003 new candidates for instructor qualifications have been required to submit fingerprints to SBEC so that a national historical verification can be directed by the FBI. On June 7, 2006 TEA approved the execution of Fingerprint Applicant Services of Texas (FAST) to encourage this necessity. At the point when a teacher makes application to SBEC, he/she will be sent data in regards to the FAST choice alongside a FAST pass that will permit the utilization of the DPS seller (Identix) for fingerprinting purposes. LISD emphatically urges candidates to the locale to make utilization of the DPS seller.

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