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RUSSIA A nation of games fans Sports Advancement and Cooperation elements and impacts Government subsidizing Game particular schools Youthful competitors enrolled taking into account physical attributes and family foundation Less outlets for youth contrasted with other western countries
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RUSSIA A nation of games fans

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Sports Development and Participation elements and impacts Government financing Sport particular schools Young competitors enrolled in view of physical qualities and family foundation Fewer outlets for youth contrasted with other western countries Culture and history

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INTERESETING FACTS…. a Russia is a Federation\'s piece Internationale de Volleyball. Volleyball is the second most played game on the planet. The FIVB is the biggest games association on the planet with 218 National Federations enrolled. Russia commands the game of indoor volleyball and will see an ascent in participation of shoreline volleyball in the following 10 years.

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Basic Rules and Objectives of Play RULES 6 individuals for each side Maximum 3 contacts for every side No twofold contacts No conveys or lifts Block does not consider a hit No touching the net amid play No intersection the middle line with more than a foot KEY OBJECTIVES Pass, set and score Play guard versus the adversary Keep the ball off of the floor Win the best of 5 sets. Initial 4 sets are to 25 focuses. Fifth set to 15 focuses. You must win by two focuses.

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Russians in real life Men’s National Team Women’s National Team Junior Men’s and Women’s Teams Youth Men’s and Women’s Teams Super League World League Participation Grand Prix 8 Men’s Beach Volleyball Teams Youth Beach Development Program

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Olympic Games Discipline Event Med. Country Name/Team Tokyoâ  1964 volleyball Men Tokyoâ  1964 volleyball Women Mexicoâ  1968 volleyball Men Mexicoâ  1968 volleyball Women Munichâ  1972 volleyball Men Munichâ  1972 volleyball Women USSR Montrealâ  1976 volleyball Men Montrealâ  1976 volleyball Women Moscowâ  1980 volleyball Men Moscowâ  1980 volleyball Women USSR Seoulâ  1988 volleyball Men Seoulâ  1988 volleyball Women USSR Successes of the USSR at the Olympics since 1964 (it’s impelling)

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Olympic Games Olympic Games Discipline Event Med. Med. Country Nation Name/Team Name/Team Sydneyâ  2000 Barcelonaâ  1992 volleyball Women volleyball Men Sydneyâ  2000 volleyball Women UNIFIED TEAM ( EX USSR) RUSSIA Successes of the Russian Federation at the Olympics since 1992 Men: 3 times out of the 10 the National Team was not on the platform Women: 2 times out of the ten the National Team was not on the platform

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Serving at the World Championships and World League

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Passing off the Serve A gathering of Evguenia Artamonova (RUS)

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Setting up for an assault

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Hitting by the Bulgarian Block

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The normal stature of…. The normal stature of the women’s National Team 6’3” The tallest player on the group 6’7” The normal tallness on the men’s National Team 6’6” The tallest player on the group 7’0”

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~Blocking the Attack~

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Defense off a 150mile/hr spike

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Russia versus Bulgaria

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Women’s and Men’s National Team World Championships Men Women 1949 1952 1952 1956 1956 – Bronze 1960 1960 1962 - Silver 1962 1970 1966 – Bronze 1974 - Silver 1974 – Silver 1978 - Bronze 1982 1978 - Bronze 1986 – Silver 1990 1990 – Bronze 1994* - Bronze 2002* - ? 1998* - Bronze 2002* - Bronze (MEN: times not on platform – 3 out of the 14 Championships) (WOMEN: times not on platform - 3 out of the 14 Championships) Note: Yugoslavian men won Silver at the 1998 Worlds and Gold at the Sydney 2000 O

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