Russian Auto Part Sellers Aggressive Systems inside of the «new» Economic situations.

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Russian Auto Part Merchants Focused Procedures inside of the «new» Economic situations Walk 2007 11 endeavors There are five ventures in the administration SOK-Car № 1 Organization in the Russian auto segment market
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Russian Auto Component Vendors Competitive Strategies inside of the «new⻠Market Conditions March 2007

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11 endeavors There are five undertakings in the administration SOK-AUTOMOTIVE № 1 Company in the Russian auto segment market 12 years of fast development because of M&A and compelling resource administration SOK-AUTOMOTIVE «Car Assembly⻠Division «Auto Components⻠Division OJSC «IzhAvto» SOK-AUTOMOTIVE Sales Revenue Trend, $ billion CJSC «Roslada» CJSC «VazInterServis» (car fabricate) 2

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«Auto Components⻠Division OJSC «SchetMash» Kursk CJSC «VAZINTERSERVIS» Togliatti OJSC «Zavod Avtosve⻠Kirzhach OJSC «OSVAR» Vyazniki Instrument Sets Trip Computer On-board Monitoring System Automobile Speed Sensors Environment Air Temperature Sensors Adsorbers Clutch plates and segments Steering rigging association Stabilizers Rear brake gatherings Pedal congregations Lamps: haze lights, inside, outside, light bunches Lamps: back lights, freedom lights, head lights, trunk lights, taxi lights, number plate lights Optical gatherings Lamps: head lights, spotlamps, back lights, haze head light gatherings, turn signals Lamps: back lights, number plate lights, back lights, turn signals CJSC «SKK» Samara OJSC «BelZAN» Belebey CJSC «PES SKK» Samara (JV with Delphi) CJSC «MOTOR SUPER» Togliatti Automotive industry links Heavy-obligation vehicle equipment Springs Vehicle wire saddles Air channels Heaters Plastic parts CJSC «Kinelagroplast» Kinel OJSC «SAZ» Syzran OJSC «Komplekt-LTD» Togliatti The ventures are overseen by SOK Group Air funnels Washer jugs and flood bottles Moldings Spot-confronting Electric window lift, window raiser Sun visors Die installations Screens Safety bars Front leg get together module Cooling get together module Radio apparatus board Fill piece get together OJSC «Dimitrovgrad Illumination Appliences Plant⻠OJSC «Dimitrovgrad Power Metallurgy Plant⻠OJSC «Dimitrovgrad Bearing Liners Plant⻠OJSC «Dimitrovgrad Radiator Plant⻠OJSC «Dimitrovgrad Valve Plant⻠3

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Year 2006 Lada Russian brands Foreign brands 8 , 7 % 4 6 % 5 4 % Other Russian brands 1 , 3 % New car business sector pattern (thousand pcs) Year 2000 Lada Foreign brands Russian brands 72, 4 % 5% 95% Other Russian brands 27, 6 % Source: RUSSIAN AUTO MARKET – 2006, «LADAONLINE» 4

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New car business sector pattern ($ billion) Market limit for new autos in the year 2006 is $28 billion. Source: RUSSIAN AUTO MARKET - 2006, «LADAONLINE» 5

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Sales figure for new cars (thousand pcs) The offer of new outside cars has expanded from 5 to 5 4 % (in money related terms, that is from $1,5 to $22 billion in the period 2000-2006) Focus Group The picked\'s limit vehicle center gathering will increment sevenfold by 2012 and will make $37 billion (at present, the portion\'s limit of the chose center gathering in addition to current models of LADA is approx. $8 billion) Technical arrangements utilized as a part of outlining and assembling the center gathering vehicles are at an abnormal state Russian-amassed remote cars Lada (figure) General level of necessities put to auto segment suppliers on the planet Source: RUSSIAN AUTO MARKET - 2006, «LADAONLINE», assessment by SOK-Automotive 6

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Aftermarket (cynical gauge) Aftermarket (idealistic conjecture) OEM (skeptical estimate) OEM (hopeful gauge) Auto segment market limit conjecture for the picked center gathering: Оð•ðœ + Aftermarket ($ million) The auto\'s limit segment market for the picked vehicle center gathering will increment by 26 to 34 times by the year 2012 and will make $15 to 20 billion (at present, the section\'s limit of the chose center gathering in addition to current models of LADA is approx. $10 billion) Foreign auto segment sellers are looking for chances to begin business in the Russian Federation Forecast for vehicles deals Russian Оð•ðœs show enthusiasm for the designing capability of outside auto segment merchants Optimistic conjecture – 50 % Pessimistic estimate – 30 % Level of confinement of Russian-gathered remote cars by 2012 Russia is on the eve of joining the WTO and a slow reduction of obligations on both prepared cars (obligations coming to 15% inside of 7 years) and the normal traditions levy on imported auto segments Source: RUSSIAN AUTO MARKET - 2006, «LADAONLINE», assessment by SOK-Automotive 7

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Auto segments business sector Trend Current state Domestic brands segment Stability of supply and request High rivalry between residential merchants Large measure of low-quality and fake items Cooperation of outside auto segment suppliers with Russian Оð•ðœs Increase in rivalry in the middle of household and remote auto segment sellers Russian-amassed remote car segment Rapid development popular combined with a deficiency of supply Competition between suppliers of unique and fake extra parts on the reseller\'s exchange Expansion of warehousing and administration framework Localization of auto segments to fit the sequential construction systems The Russian car business sector has entered the dynamic globalization stage 8

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today tomorrow Quality Foreign sellers Foreign sellers Domestic merchants Price Implementing European Domestic sellers Standards Integration of the Russian auto segment sellers into the world car industry Objectives: Supply of auto segments for viewpoint models of Russian Оð•ðœs (advancement of designing potential: Joint Ventures, making of outsourcing accomplices framework, creating building capacities on endeavors) Supply of auto segments for Russian-collected outside autos (â«establish the reputationâ» as a class 1 or 2 Supplier) Export supplies inside of specialization (study the prerequisites of the Global Client, benchmarking, reference for general generation improvement) Conditions of aggressive limit in the worldwide business sector: Client-situated example (constant contact, investigation of requests, complex arrangements) Deep specialization (understand the competitors’ items, quality, shop cost structure, issues and solid focuses to add to possess objectives and assignments) Competitive Capacity Matrix 9

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Strategy for the Russian auto segment seller improvement Global auto segment market World level of generation and supply association Innovative advances Business Transparency Compliance with Standards International Alliances Transition to IFRS Adjustment of corporate administration to universal necessities Building of straightforward legitimate structure ISO/TS 16949 Implementation Lean Production framework execution Introduction of logistics principles 10

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Basics for Russian auto segment vendors’ aggressive limit Long – term and easily running connections capacity with material Suppliers Convenient area referenced to the potential clients, infrastructural generation arranged offices capacity Optimal cost approach driving probability Technological, HR and speculation potential Logistical convoying conveyance plausibility administration capacity in districts Running business involvement with Russian «infrastructure problems⻠conditions (nonappearance of specific arbiters and outsourcings; strict business degree regulating so as to lead, characterized powers; strict recognition commitments between the accomplices, created proficient work force market and so forth.) 11

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Tasks under route Certification to consent to ISO/TOR 16949 necessities Certification to agree to ISO/TOR 16949 finished: CJSC «SKK» Jan 2005 CJSC «PES SKK» Jan 2005 CJSC «MOTOR-SUPER» May 2005 CJSC «Kinelagroplast» Aug 2006 CJSC «VAZINTERSERVIS» Nov 2006 PLC «Komplekt LTD» Jan 2007 OJSC «SchetMash» Feb 2007 Terms of affirmation to conform to ISO/TOR 16949: OJSC «OSVAR», OJSC «SAZ» Mar 2007 OJSC «BelZAN», OJSC «Zavod Avtosvet⻠Jul 2007 Preparation and inspecting of reports in consistence with IFRS All organizations of the «Auto Component⻠Division Nov 2007 12

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Tasks under way «Lean production⻠Program Introduction of Lean procedures in the customary exercises of ALL undertakings of the SOK-Automotive Division CEO Directors of Divisions Deputy Director General in Lean Production (procedure expert) Heads of Divisions Building maps of present and fancied worth c

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