Russian Spaceflight .

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Russian Spaceflight. Ben Worley. Russian Spaceflight. History of Spaceflight Soviet-U.S. Space Race Modern Russian Space Program. History of Spaceflight.
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Russian Spaceflight Ben Worley

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Russian Spaceflight History of Spaceflight Soviet-U.S. Space Race Modern Russian Space Program

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History of Spaceflight In 1879, Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky built up the essentials of advanced science. Researchers still utilize his "Rocket Equation" when outlining rockets. He is viewed as the father of space go for his spearheading of rocketry and his hypothetical portrayal of a man-made satellite.

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History of Spaceflight Following WW II and the obliteration of the Japanese urban areas of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the capability of rocketry as a weapon of war touched off research into the subject of rockets. Sergei Korolyov was the main architect of the Soviet R-7 Missile venture and initially proposed utilizing the weapon to put a satellite in space.

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The Space Race

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The Space Race 12 January 1955 Construction of Baikonur Cosmodrome 4 October 1957 Sputnik dispatch 3 November 1957 Sputnik 2 w/Laika 27 April 1958 Sputnik 3 propelled comes up short 15 May 1958 Backup Sputnik 3 propelled to some degree fruitful

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The Space Race

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The Space Race

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The Space Race 23 Sept-4 December 1958 E-1-1, E-1-2, and E-1-3 endeavored… yet fall flat. 2 January 1959 Luna 1 "Mechta" (Dream) 13 September 1959 Luna 2 hits the moon 4 October 1959 Luna 3 circles and photos the dim side of the moon

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The Space Race 12 April 1961 Vostok propelled and securely returns. Yuri Gagarin turns out to be first man in space and to circle the Earth. 6 August 1961 Vostok 2, Gherman Titov is first to spend the night and eat a supper in space. 11-12 August 1962 Vostok 3 & 4 propelled and go by each other. First time more than one individual was in space.

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The Space Race 16 June 1963 Vostok 6 is propelled and Valentina Tereshkova turns out to be first lady in space. 18 March 1965 Alexei Leonev turns out to be first man to glide in space.

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The Space Race 14 January 1969 Souyez 4 & 5 dock and cosmonauts switch ships. 10-17 November 1970 Luna 17 lands wanderer and gathers first TV picture of moon. 19 April 1971 Salyut 1 turns into the main space station. 17 July 1975 Apollo and Souyez dock making first universal space extend.

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Modern Spaceflight 19 February 1986 The Mir space station is propelled. 25 July 1984 Svetlana Savitskaya is first lady to stroll in space. 15 November 1988 The Buran transport is propelled unmanned and effectively comes back to Earth. 23 March 2001 The Mir space station wrecks in Earth\'s climate 10 years after its evaluated obliteration.

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Modern Spaceflight 10 December 1998 The International Space Station is started with the joining of the Zarya and Unity space cases. 26 July 2000 Zvezda module is added to the ISS. Today-Russian creativity has empowered its space program to get by in spite of tremendous reductions by the state.

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